The perfect storm 2-3-2

I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement but 2-3-2 might be a perfect storm. I think 1-3-2 feels too spread out and chaotic. Maybe 2 tanks 3 dps and 2 supports would be a nice middle ground of teamwork and individual skill. I think 2 tanks are required no matter what. 2 tanks allows for easier team cohesion and with 3 dps you can still have a player or 2 “flanking” without leaving tanks and supports to fend for themselves. If it’s easy to implement maybe we can see it on the experimental card along with some dps nerfs instead of tank buffs. Dps nerfs and a slight buff to healers might level the intensity of adding that 3rd dps.


Jeff said previously that it would be pretty difficult and time-consuming since the game was designed around 6v6.

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232 aint gonna happen. Stop asking about it.

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  1. The servers couldn’t support it (that’s what I have heard).

  2. Just think of the potentially massive visual clutter of all those players using ults and how chaotic it could be.

Its not likely, but it technically could happen.

In my opinion it might be more of a realistic topic for OW2 to get the financial recourses.

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