The OW2 Rio mission cinematic felt too short

Yes, Jeff confirmed that at Blizzcon: Overwatch what’s next? panel


Happy frog noises :frog:


I always assumed it wasn’t the final rendition, and that having too long of a cinematic (Depending on how many missions there were) would make it a little long to have to sit through.

I’m super happy with it either way as I always want some juicy cinematics, and would gladly have long ones.


Spliler alert: Lúcio doesn’t die neither in Endgame nor in Crisis of Infinite Earths.

Thank you for giving us more information about OW2. Im looking forward to play it.

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Just the fact of Zen being in one of them :smile:

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Can you buff D.Va more or give her a new passive? Thanks.

Will it be possible to enable unlocked FPS for the in game cutscenes?
I understand 24fps is meant to give a cinematic feel but it can be quite jarring going from say 144fps in gameplay to 24fps in the cutscenes


C’mon Jeff! Don’t spoil it for us!


yes. not all will be the same lengths or carry the same level of importance… but for now, the plan is yes, intro/outro for all story missions


Once again Jeff, thank you for the communication!


Has the team discussed allowing some player decisions during a mission that affect the storytelling (say, by changing certain aspects of the outro)?

Also - thanks for chiming in about Overwatch 2. I’m very excited about it, as are all the people I play with.

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Did you just spoil us the story?

This is outrageous, Its unfair!

how can you be the Developer and Spoil us?!

Relieved that Lucio does not die. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of Torbjorn as well. Maybe he could be like Mario and grow with power ups.

OW2 is a simple cashgrab… it should be a DLC at most.

Welp, as usualy with stuff like that the story is reworked and changed at least some in final product. Dont remember game that had exacly the same game demo and actual in game mission that i was cheaking :man_shrugging:

It’s literally a DLC. If you hate the number 2 so much, you can just put a piece of tape over it and be happy with your extensive PvE DLC.


Will we be seeing every character in the story missions instead of just the characters belonging to Talon/Overwatch? I would love to see some stuff dealing with Junkrat and Roadhog.

Im not gonna pay for a “dlc” as much as i would for a Tripple A game. But we saw what Actigreed did with Black Ops 4… was happy af for boycotting that sh*tty company for a decade already.

Is that not just Uprising?

I’ll have to take your word for it. I stopped playing COD a while back. Never really liked that series personally. :sweat_smile: