The OW2 Rio mission cinematic felt too short

The exact duration of the intro cinematic is:

2 minutes 21 seconds

The exact duration for the outro cinematic is LESS than a minute:

47 seconds.

Listen… i know it takes a lot of time and effort to make just one cinematic, but like come on guys… this is BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT we are talking about! they have many many talented artists and 3d modelers, they can do anything!

Idk how you feel but these cinematics are wayyy too short to be big and impactful on the story telling.

Both cinematics here combined are 3 minutes and 8 seconds long in this mission.

Just so you know, Storm Rising’s cutscenses were longer than this, with about 4 minutes and 34 seconds ( both intro and outro)

The cinematics must be longer than this if you want to attract people’s attention… come on blizz… you’re better than that, I know you can do better than that!

Some people might say: ‘well, how long do you want the cinematics to be?’

To that I have to say ATLEAST 5 minutes ( Intro and Outro combined)

Like atleast 2 minutes 30 secs Intro

And 2 minutes 30 secs Outro.

The Story Experience needs long cinematics for it to be big and awesome.

If the cinematics aren’t that long, I’m sorry but like this isn’t a true story mode.

Shooting robots every single mission with a few cinematics that don’t even last for a minute doesn’t seem like a lot of fun if you ask me.

Besides, the only reason you’d be buying this game is for the PvE content, for a ‘Story Experience’.

You will be getting all the new heroes and maps and cosmetics coming with the game, so you won’t have to buy OW2.

If you want people to buy this game, the Story Modes NEEDS to be mind blowing, it needs a lot of cinematics, interactions between the heroes, etc etc.

I might be prejudging them, maybe internally they have cinematics that are 5 or 6 minutes long, if that’s the case I am pretty happy.

So yeah, blizz, please,MORE cinematics thank you

Edit: I would like to thank Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan for replying to my post!! :smiley: sorry if my post was a bit harsh Jeff ;(


An average overwatch cinematic is 7-9 minutes long and takes anywhere from 5-6 months worth of development to make. Wed get 2-3 a year on average until recent.

An overwatch campaign is going to have likely several dozens of missions.

Do you want Overwatch 2 in 2050? Heck even Storm Rising took 6 months to make. And that was the worst Archives event out of the 3.


This is way too early to judge. As far as I know the game is only Alpha and that was just a small demo. Could very well change later.


I won’t accept anything less than MGS length and tier cinematics. Yes, load them up with philosophy and memes. Genji should be juggling omnics somewhere in OW2.

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I have no desire to sit thru 5 minutes of cinematics every time somebody in the group doesn’t hit skip. As much as I love Blizz cinematics I don’t want ones in game where my team mates dictate how long it takes to actually play the game.


It’s not 1999 mate, stories in video games are told during or through gameplay.

Cinematics are used for cover when you are loading a new level and leaving the old one - usually a visual for character leaving one place and going to another with “story” reasons.

You can have a long ending, sure, but intro? In an online game where PVE is sold based on replayability? Naaaah, forget about it


Genji (Deep voice): “The constant struggle between man and machine is pointless. Why must senseless blood and oil pave our streets? Our petty war only serves to mask the villainy of Talon, who seeks to destroy all.”

Winston: “Excuse me?”

Genji (Normal voice): “MADA MADA! I need healing!”

Winston: “That’s what I thought.”


Only OW2 owners will get the skin redesigns by the way, just letting you know

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no, i am talking about the cosmetic items for the new heroes, sojourn eco etc etc

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Both the introduction and outro that we showed at Blizzcon were not the final pieces. The planned introduction is a little bit longer. The planned outro (which is still in development and we were reviewing yesterday) is much longer and not intended to be a cliff hanger. Spoiler alert: Lucio doesn’t die. For Blizzcon, we could only final so many shots… so we did an abbreviated cliffhanger for the demo. The final piece is much longer and shows Lucio’s rescue as well as “more awesome story stuff” that sets up the next mission.

We appreciate the feedback and glad you’re asking for more and not less ;]


Glad to hear from Jeff himself. Keep up the amazing work, Blizzard, I’m loving the looks of Overwatch 2!


And here I thought lucio was dead :pensive: don’t scare me like this

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We appreciate your communication and are glad you give us more ;]



(also now this thread might blow up because of the ‘blizz’ icon next to it)


My only issue with all Blizzcon trailers is they are only in 1080p…

Are we in 2020 or still in 2008?

Jeff Kaplan!!! Thank you so so much for replying!!! I feel soooo honored!!! :DD

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Jeff, will every mission in Overwatch 2 have an intro and outro?


Quick shout out to the devs, we know you catch a lottttt of hate whenever you visit the forums, we appreciate you continuing to venture into the proverbial lions den.

With that said we really appreciate whenever a dev comes on here or through other mediums to interact with the community and I hope to see it more.

On a personal request note If you could hint at when the next dev update will be I’d be eternally grateful!


I know it’s a shot in the dark but are you planning to wait on Pharah changes until Overwatch 2 or something, she’s the abandoned neglected orphan child of your game for so long now :pleading_face:

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Wow ok that was a super uncalled for spoiler :sob: