The only buff Mercy needs

I do see you on a lot of mercy posts. Anything Mercy related I can guarantee you’ll be there. You’re like the revert mercy girl but the opposite stance.
I’m assuming you play quite a lot of her right?

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I do indeed find it odd that my replies are at times seen as repetitive, yet the statements I am replying to are repetitions, but these are somehow not seen as such, or questioned as my replies are

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I don’t know whether the forum member in question has declared a gender, so I have no idea if the individual is a girl or not

I am a support main, and play Mercy a lot

Well, in my opinion, it’s a little different when you’re not making your own post man. You’re always responding to revertmercy. Like I said, it’d be different if it were the reverse but tbh I never see the reverse. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t seem to happen.

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I tend to reply to the posts of others.

I dont make many threads myself

I dont see repetition as being innately better or worse if it is made in the statement being replied to or the reply itself. I see those as the same. If you ask me over and over what is 2+2 I will answer 4 each time.

Because if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll find that there’s a lot of threads attempting to explain why people dislike Mercy’s current state.

And those are just 3 of my personal threads and the most upvoted thread on the entire discussion board. There’s been hundreds more. At this point, pretty much people understand why people say that or are being rather dense on purpose.

Megadodo’s position on the other hand is much less widely taken and much less widely explained.


The gender doesn’t really matter I just throw it onto things without concern.
I was just wondering to see if you had a stake in any of it since like her you’re so deep into the topic.
I really think she just needs the visual cue for her ult so people know what’s going on and can act on it better. So in that regard I don’t believe she is fine but that’s about it.

Plenty of folks agree that Mercy is fun to play, engaging, etc etc…I would consider this “widely taken”

Okay that last part at the end about 2+2=4 as it was yet another unneccary equivalency that you like to do.

In any matter, the difference is that one is a direct response to another and one is not. If you want to equate those two very different things, then you’re free to do so. However, I don’t see those to be the same. I see making an individual post, meant for anybody to see, regardless of the content, is quite dofferent than replying the same poster over and over with the same stuff.

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Ok the first bit of that comment is possibly an over exaggeration, but… we don’t know the numbers so neither of us can actually say whether the majority want Mercy changes.

However I can confidently state that I have never seen a thread even remotely as noteworthy as Titanium’s thread about why Mercy does not need changes.


I have no idea why some folks keep pushing the “mercy needs to be reverted to mass rez”, going on two years now. All I know is that they do

My interest in the topic is that I like Mercy in her current state…which is not what the folks in the Anti-Mercy faction want

I do not feel it was unnecessary at all.

It illustrates the point that if person A says “whats 2 plus 2” the answer from person B will (assuming honesty here) always be 2

My replies repeat things I have stated before because what I am replying to is things that have also been stated before

One wonders why one tires of the answer “2” but never seems to tire of the question “whats 2 plus 2”

One could also says each uses different words, one is stated by person A while another is stated by person B, and so forth. I don’t consider these differences to be the key to the question I posed, which comes back to how each have a certain quality that is questioned in one but not in the other

Personally, I see repetition being questioned, and while one can find repetition in both statements, one of the statements isnt being called into question for repetition while the other is. I find that puzzling, myself

I have never claimed either side holds a majority - in fact, I have clearly and unambiguously stated on multiple occasions that there is no valid data to back a claim of a majority on either side

I had thought Titanium wanted/wants changes for Mercy.

I will have to review the original post

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The only buff Mercy needs is a hug.

Titanium does indeed want changes for Mercy. What I’m saying is there have not been any large scale threads explaining why Mercy should not be changed like Titanium’s thread does for why she SHOULD be changed.


Ah yes, here we have you yet again presenting a false equivalency. You compared Reverts argument to being 2+2=2 while you, being all knowing, know that 2+2=4. Yet again, you misrepresent both arguments.

You’re whole “you’re right and I’m wrong” attitude is the reason why you get so many more responses questioning why you have to always do this. Everytime I read one of revert mercy’s post, I find something new in his/her/their reasoning. I even stated in a thread that I think Mercy is A-OK, and still was able to respect revert’s position and get new information from their side. I’m sorry, that’s just not the same for you. I also disagree with Revert but I can still respect their argument, which is something you’ve never done. You throw out these false equivalencies, and random terms that don’t matter. I can’t respect somebody’s argument, when they don’t respect mine.


This isn’t even a buff, more of quality of life change, and the way you describe it is more of QOL for those with a mercy on their team than the mercy themselves.

I just think it’s unfair that your first post in the thread is “she needs a lot more than that” and that didn’t receive any “care to explain why” or “are you going to keep repeating yourself?” (Matter of fact it received the 2nd most amount of likes in the whole thread)
But when megadodo states his opinion he gets called out.
And I feel many people agree with megadodo, mercy is the 6 most picked hero in the game. Why would people continuously pick a hero they find weak and boring?
(my main for instance has only 1/5th the pick-rate of mercy, yet how often do you see Mei is underpowered and boring posts?)

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To be fair, I wouldn’t have cared. If anyone had challenged me like that, I could easily reference those three threads I’ve written on that exact subject. I wouldn’t have needed to deflect and dance around the question like Megadodo has done so far.

Because Megadodo is constantly asserting that Mercy is fine with zero supporting arguments and I must admit, I have gotten a little sick of it.

Because humans are spectacularly good at min maxing fun out of games in an attempt to win or progress faster.

During Moth meta, a LOT of people picked and played as Mercy despite not liking her in the slightest.

The same sort of thing happens constantly even now. If your team has 0-1 tanks, and 4-5 DPS who are a mix of flankers, snipers, and ground based heroes… Mercy is your only option to try to glue that trainwreck of a team comp together. I have found myself in that position and still picking Mercy despite my views on her far more often than I’d like.


Mainly because their argument is “I think she’s fine because I have good matches with her”.

When people point out that they don’t feel as if they have much of an individual impact in a fight by pointing out how low her healing is that they cannot save or sustain an ally or that their only ‘use’ is making another teammate better by damage boosting which isn’t the same as THEM [the Mercy player] doing something; Megadodo responds with “But I do feel that I have individual impact” without going into why they feel like that. No examples as to why they feel that just “I feel like I’m impactful” and leave it at that.

Calling anyone who wants to make a change-be it to her ult to have more of an impact, to removing rez to provide her a proactive ability that she can use to help SAVE people rather than react and “fix” a mistake- as part of the Anti-Mercy group. While they themselves have opted for a rework on how her ult work-but saying that it’s a “compromise” to avoid being called a hypocrite. When it’s changing HOW the ult works (big chain little chain)-the VERY THING they said makes a person Anti-Mercy.

The thing is that, the guy wasn’t even a Mercy player until post rework. They were a Torb main. So them claiming that post-rework Mercy handles better than Pre-Rework Mercy looses it’s validity with me especially since they try to make it seem like they know just as much as Mercy mains who have played her since beta.