The Mercy rework did nothing good for the community

I dont care for your interpretations, I was fully aware of the strategy behind mercys saying something like that but still it didnt necessary felt pleasant, thats the situation I frequently experimented and Ive read the same sentiment from other people too,

You didnt, Im assuming youre defending that awful skill because the developers didnt have a good reason and you want that ridiculous thing back, reality is the skill got removed, tell me why.

It isn’t a problem if you interpreted it wrong.

Maybe stop assuming. Also, it got removed because of ”Hide n Res” and ”Disheartening to play against”. Both of which have already been refuted.


Heroes NEVER die!!! :wink:

Having crap healers ruins the game because everyone just tries to play team deathmatch and not heal.

Its not a problem of interpretation, this is not poetry 101, its a very fast paced game that have supports that are supposed to prevent death and keep you alive, Mercys looking forward for the team’s death wasnt intuitive at all and there were clear evidence of that being akward and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Refuted? where? I hope you dont mean the Reaper ult comparisons, thats As refuted as the flath earthers using google earth to prove it isnt round. Sure

I’m sorry but something you can’t interpret within seconds whilst the rest of us can is not my concern nor is it a problem.

I’ll give you an hour to read this.

I’ll buy this. Opinion somewhat changed regarding Moira.

Imo, she’s probably where they want her to be after this last nerf. Her mass res kinda sucked. It was always only undoing an ult, or a 1-2 man res mid-fight. Unless you sent your team to bait out ults/abilities, die, and get res’d. You were never able to use your ult to get ahead, just to negate a lead. It was awkward.

Current Mercy now has a lot of opportunity cost. Lucio, Ana, and Moira all have more ways to help their team as a main healer, and more control on how the game goes. But now, her kit goes flawlessly. You res someone that got picked off early. You move around, healing and damage boosting. It’s easy, and easy is no longer rewarded as much.

Worth it? I’m not sure. Going forward, it’ll be nice. She’s in a good spot but not OP. Her kit operates smoothly, but she has a skill cap. But the months of Mercy Hunter sucked for everyone but snipers. The cost is paid, so I’m not going to worry about it. I like where she’s at.

It added bunny hop, the only reason that I still play Mercy

Agreed. She needed tweaks, possibly a major ult rework while keeping rez in the ult slot where it belongs, but that was it.

Now she’s… I’m a healer main, and she’s the only one I won’t touch 95% of the time. And when I do, it’s only because I feel like something different for a round or two before I get too disgusted with her current state and go back to Ana, Lúcio, Moira, or Brigitte.

Pick and win rates aren’t everything, and if that’s all Blizzard has to justify their “successful rework” line then I fear for the future of this game.


Using mass rez to undo an ult is just trading one Q press for another. Red Mercy doing a 1-2 man rez to get man advantage actually gave you ult advantage against the enemy, since tempo rezzing required Mercy to burn her ult before the enemy did. If she tempo rezzed, she could no longer undo your Q presses afterwards.

I get how instarez felt bad to play against, but that was because there was no proactive counterplay. That could have been fixed by adding LoS/Cast time, so then you could stun/kill Mercy during the cast to stop her from rezzing.

If you’re talking about how rez now has a cast time when you say “opportunity cost”, the same could have been added to mass rez. Rez is actually more powerful now that it’s on a cooldown, because now even the worst Mercy players get rez every thirty seconds. It’s no longer tied to personal preformance.

Mercy actually used to have a much higher skill ceiling than people give her credit for. Tempo rezzing used to be really easy to screw up, because if you made the wrong judgement call you ended up feeding your own teammates to the enemy. And that’s on top of giving up the ability to reverse any enemy Q presses for the remainder of the fight. But if you got it right, you felt like a chessmaster and a hero.

Mercy has lost that chessmaster feeling. She now feels like a sidekick instead of a hero.

True, Mercy doesn’t take much mechanical skill. She never has. But that doesn’t mean that Mercy deserves to be excluded from having a high skill ceiling, because mechanical skill is far from the only thing to master in this game.

Oh how it feels like yesterday I enjoyed mercy in comp

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I agree with you. Mercy’s rework has changed people’s way about her and the game. I didn’t hate Mercy at first but I grew to hate her because of the devs and her community.

As an Ana player I felt that we all was given a big F-you when the Mercy rework came through. Hearing every excuse in the book of why they can’t buff Ana pissed me off while explaining that they want their characters to have weaknesses seem like a I lie when you saw so much they put into Mercy’s kit.

Then having Mercy players tell me “Ana doesn’t need a buff she’s fine.” was just adding on to the fuel of hate for Mercy. I had some Mercy players say Ana defends herself better than Mercy which we all know is a damn lie. Even Mercy can fight off people better than Ana with her pistol but she doesn’t have to.

Ana being so bad has left people thinking of Ana as a troll pick or equivalent to a torb pick. A support hero should NEVER be looked upon especially when people don’t like playing support as it is.

I hated sometimes watch streams where people begged not to play Ana and would rather have another DPS like seriously!? The devs have left Ana in such a bad state for so long that people forgot how to even work with Ana.

Sorry for you good and respectful Mercy mains out there but this had to happen to Mercy. She was good for far way too long without any of the other support getting a chance.

Dont be sorry, Like I said mercy commanding the team’s death in the past its not a problem of interpretation, we all knew the general idea and strategy behind it but its more about how the whole situation felt like for everyone else, including the enemies.

Its been a painful read, overall his claim is that mass ress was more engaging for the mercy to play which I can agree to but he makes a lot of other very debatable claims and waives them as facts like this:

There was a whole recent sniper meta around reworked Mercy, 60 hp x 6 or 30% dmg x 6 Valkyrie not tide swinging? get out of here please, just throwing this out there… there are MUCH MUCH worse ults out there but you dont see Mcree megathreads one after another about how high noon is utter crap and mostly used as a tactical reload.

Another interesting one:

He really speaks like charging mass rez was some difficult poetry, gliding skillfully in an extreme exercise of IQ and strategy, while sure maybe there was some of that to a degree In reality what I saw most mercys doing was holding left click for less than a minute, and even in that case every character in the game has to make a similar kind of investment, grind and decision making to gain their ults, I think the OP is just overly romanticized with the the revive ult and thats all about it really.

I also think this is bullzhit, Ive seen experienced mercy players like EveeA doing tricks that a lot of “mercy mains” wouldnt even know how to begin to repeat, like the mercy super jump that lets you gain easily high ground even if theres nothing to Guardian Angel up there, also the beam management is still super important and quite honest a lot of mercy’s arent that good at that, I still see some mercys holding healing beam on an ulting dps or dps being straight out abandoned while ulting more often than not, a lot of Decision making and skill learning is still there wheter the Op admits it or not. Id be curious to know wheter or not his expertise allowed him into a high skill rating but he has a hidden profile unsurprisingly.

Not a fan of this guy, doesnt go straight to the point, uses some passionate and unfounded arguments, mixed with some good ones which makes it a tough read for me.

This is just denial at this point…

Clearly didn’t and still don’t know.

The enemy team would’ve probably felt great seen as how intentionally letting your team die to res them and then get them wiped again is not a good strat, at all.

Feel free to reply to the thread yourself. Titanium May respond. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just hilarious. Bunny hoping is not something exclusive to pros and is extremely easy to pull of. Heck, it was even partially in the game before her dreaded rework.

How does this have anything to do with Valkyrie?

Focus fire cuts right through it. The players that really need healing aren’t receiving enough to survive, while the players that don’t need it receive no benefit.

But that’s already explained in the post. You would know that if you read the entire thing.

McCree’s ult actually has tide-swinging capacity. A few insta-kills in rapid succession will do that.

You’d see why Resurrect is unique in this way if you read the entire post.

Offensive ultimates like DragonBlade and Tactical Visor were bonuses to already very impactful kit. Aside from Resurrect, Mercy was mostly just a healing beam.

Interesting how you were holding pretty much the opposite position a few paragraphs up.

Because I haven’t played the game in a while because of the Mercy rework. If you want to see what my rank was in the last season I played, you can find it here.


Whole Mercy vs Ana has been a huge pain and the neck. The devs give Mercy an ult that negates ALL her weaknesses, but adamantly demand that Ana shouldn’t drop any of her numerous weaknesses? What kind of developer philosophy is that???

Both decisions have turned out to be not fun for either playerbase. One of the most common complaints about the rework is that Mercy players don’t like Valkyrie, because they don’t have fun when the game automates their job for them. Ana players don’t deserve to be punted around like they have been, and honestly deserve to be the best healer choice in the highest ranks.

I know that some Mercy players have been jerks and I don’t have the authority to apologize on behalf of the entire Mercy playerbase… but I’m going to do it anyways. We both just want our heroes to be fun and balanced, but it sadly hasn’t turned out that way. Ana’s been in the shadows for far too long, and Mercy has been hogging the meta spotlight for just as long.

I don’t want Mercy to be queen of the meta. I just want her to be fun and viable. Not op, not trash. Just… a fun character to play that people won’t yell at you over whether or not you picked her.


I do, I played with mercys and pulled many strategies in competitive all the way to masters and semi professionally with local teams from my country and being told how and when to die by your own team mate was still was something akward to deal with all the same, if you cant acknowledge some of that happening youre the one in denial to be honest.

Honestly Id love to see a poll and see, statistically, how many mercy players actually use this in battle. Id bet the results would be shocking.

The only healers that were crap were Lucio and Ana. Guess why, because Mercy provided better heals and utility than either of them.

Now that Mercy isn’t the end all be all of healers, characters like Lucio and Ana are viable again.
They both required buffs as well, because Mercy set the standard so high.