The Mercy Nerf will do Absolutely Nothing

Did you guys see aria rose made another video?

Don’t care if people don’t like her videos, I find her very amusing ^.^


ehheheheh, i guess. time is the ultimate truth teller. :smiley:

That statement didn’t make much sense in context of this discussion. The fact remains, there is documented proof that Rez on Q works, and saying “that idea is stupid” is your own subjective opinion. Almost 500 likes? Sounds like a smart idea to me. :smirk:

I dont get it how does 1 megathread with a tiny fraction of the entire community prove his opinion is wrong? Lol

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If they can make it so that Ana/Moira healing would keep a hero alive about 6 times per game, where Mercy would not, then Rez is mostly cancelled out.

And also for every person who says “Rez is the problem” very few of them really want a weaker Rez.

Another Revert Mercy cultist/alt account with a level 8 smurf. Mass Rez was unhealthy for the game.

She was nerfed and the other supports have been buffed. If it doesn’t work, they will take more measures. In the mean time, stop spamming the forums with 123812039819023 “Mercy is dead” threads. She has been the most picked support for now 11 seasons.

Also I love it how there’s apparently some popular Mercy main called Aria Rose or some stuff preaching the Mercy gospel and we are bombarded with her videos. Fun is subjective, fun is not measurable and not relevant when talking about balance.

The fact remains that Resurrect is broken/OP and doesn’t belong in Overwatch it cannot be balanced without making the rest of the support cast a throw pick.

The main reason why Mercy got reworked is because Mass resurrect, then Blizzard made the stupid mistake of placing it as a normal skill believing “Well 1 resurrect is less OP than pulling 2-3 or even 5 at the same time”

From point A we moved to Point B.A and now you want to revert back to point A removing Valkyrie, not even your own devoted one trick player base makes sense.

When mass resurrect was a thing, your people complained about ;

Mercy is helpless
Mercy is a rez bot
Mercy cannot do anything by herself and gets focused all the game
My teammates are stupid, everyone is stupid they never protect us

Then Blizzard gave you Valk to kinda solve all those problems and gave you fully independence with your new ult and also still having resurrect tied to 30 seconds no matter what but now ;

Mercy is unfun
I don’t feel powerful
Bring back mass ress

Opinions aren’t wrong until people assume them as fact. If an opinion is given without data or proof, they shouldn’t be surprised when someone asks for the facts. The whole “This is my opinion, therefore I’m right.” Mentality often crumbles pretty quickly when you start asking them “how did you come to that conclusion, got any proof?”

Here’s an additional fact. We’ll be right back at square one with Mercy being a must pick, despite her 10 point decrease in her healing. A lot of people don’t pick Mercy primarily for “her healing”. But I suppose we’ll have to see in a few weeks how her ratings end up. I’m betting in the “Nothing changed” camp this time.

10 nerfs with no real results kind of makes for a good basis to go by.

If Mercy some how magically went down to 45 HPS she would be dumpster tier even with Res on CD.

Everyone would pick Ana, Moira even Lucio since they would heal a lot more during team fights.

She might still see play in lower ranks where mechanical skill is low but in higher ranks her pickrate would drop instantly.

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Doubtful. Do you have proof of this statement? Otherwise, that is purely opinion :smirk:

Everyone? Oh… That’s just another opinion…

Once again, that’s subjective. Do you have any data that proves this or is this just your guess as to what you think will happen?

Is a win rate below 50% something that they’re aiming for? Just asking, I honestly have no idea how people factor in a heroes win rate. I would imagine 50% would be ideal though?

unfortunately not many people see why Mercy is special. Sure she is strong, but other then that,she is the only pure support hero, she is actually the only pure team-player in a game that want to be a team game. Even Reinhardt who suppose to protect his team is only valid if he swings his hammer, charges in and cause enough trouble in the enemy team. Mercy is the only hero who is not concerned with the enemy team and only focus on her own team. This is for some people the reason why they play her. For some others the reason is she has res and the team want res. With this you always get a higher pick rate then usual, until she becomes a troll pick.

Do you have proof for anything you say? :rofl: Oh wait, it’s just an opinion.

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50% is ideal. If her win rate continues to fall they’re gonna have to do something.

Actually the January nerf that added cast time to Rez looked to have made her balanced for months. Her winrate was around 50%, her pick rate was about even with Moira’s and far from 100%. Then the meta changed and she became dominant again, but nowhere near as much as during last year after the rework when she was literally a must pick at every level.

Now she got another significant nerf while Ana got a decent buff so I expect her to remain non-dominant.

I feel like considering how reliable her kit is, it makes sense that her win rate would be higher than other heroes like, say, Widowmaker who require a ton of skill to capitalize with. I guess that’s not really something people consider when they complain about Mercy being OP?

Her winrate will probably go back up when her pickrate adjusts itself.

No… That’s still an opinion. Who would you be to dictate what does and doesn’t belong in Overwatch? I think it’s fair to say that neither you nor I are in any place to make such statements without giving our opinions. Not at all factual.

The main reason why Mercy got reworked was due to a combination of pro players saying “Hide and Res breaks the game”, The SR exploit, and the team giving Mercy invincibility instead of giving her LOS. Here’s a fact: Mercy 1.0 was a troll pick with mass res, and only became a must-pick when she was given invincibility. Before then, she wasn’t broken nor OP, so that statement is subjectively false.

Mass res Mercy has lower pickrates and win rates than Valk Mercy, even current Mercy with the current nerfs has a HIGHER pick / win rate than Mercy back in 1.0. So mechanically she made more sense to the game than now, by far. In fact, Valkyrie has been compared more accurately to a spectator camera than anything with actual impact - and to be honest, I’m inclined to agree with them there.

Also you’re projecting. I don’t own any “one trick player base”, you may want to check your bias there.

Once again, you are projecting your own personal feeling about “mercy one tricks” and it seems to weaken your argument. “Your people” is irrelevant to this discussion and only shows your bias, so I suggest you work on getting that prejudice against Mercy mains under control.

Here’s another fact, since you seem to know so much about these “One tricks Mercy mains”: Mercy mains largely didn’t want the rework to begin with. The rework was forced upon them against their will. If you looked back, a lot of mercy mains did NOT want a rework, and didn’t like the rework when it went live. This is a hard pill to swallow, so I assume that this is news to you. If you want more hard pills to swallow that tells the actual truth about Mercy (instead of rumors people told you), I suggest taking a look at my other thread:

Almost 500 likes and 3-4 pages worth of proof my guy. I suggest reading up. :smirk:

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No complaints, just wanted to say you have a very nice and reasoned way of speaking with people and kudos to you for that. I wish I had that much self restraint, but I’m too much of a jerkbutt by nature. Keep up the good work!

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A Thread with almost 500 likes proves you to be completely incorrect.

This just isnt how that works, another mercy main forgetting that this forum and that thread are overwhelmed by mercy mains, its called bias and the devs are aware of it, and thats why they dont pay attention to any mercy threads. Im with Sankaku multi rez should never return.