The matchmaking was fixed they said

Really blizz???

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get used to it) feels fun , right?!? we are all having fun!?!


That looks about how my weeks been going.

I can only assume there arent enough players so they backfilling any one available.

That’s what it feels like.


That must be one of the super rare extreme isolated incidents where your team only had a 40% chance to win.

/s because some shills probably would say that unironically

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It’s sad, but I actually think OW2 is a lost cause. There is no fixing this. 5v5 is bad. 5v5 is impossible to create even matches for. Their MMR system is worse than ever. The devs have given no indication at all that they know what’s going on and have no plans to fix anything from what I’ve seen.

Disappointing, because they really had everything you’d need right there. Amazing concept and heroes. Ruined by the matchmaker, and I still believe this 5v5 with no off tank is horrible. Open Queue is actually fun because you can play off tank. It changes the game into something more strategic, imo. Otherwise it’s face-roll tank vs. tank.

I guess I’m just extremely disappointed because I WANT to like it, but it literally ruins my day any time I try and play it. I have no idea how that happened, when OW1 was so amazing at launch.


after seeing the gamemode and their comp it makes perfect sense to me


This happens to me every other game.

It feels like there is a hidden system that makes your teammates either extremely good or extremely bad.

The only way to climb is to be insane at certain heroes to carry your team to victory. This is what i had to do in the previous seasons. I carried hard with Roadhog, Reinhardt and Zarya all the way up to GM.

I just cba having to go hard carry in basically every other game. Something is severely wrong with the matchmaker.
If Blizzard haven’t fixed it by now they probably never will. The question is: What are they trying to achieve here? Do they want lower ranked players to stay at 40-50% winrate so that they keep playing or what?

Oh dear sweet crunchy Jesus.

That is… that is quite the mismatch there.

let me help wake you up. you could have the top 4 ow players, and you will still lose if the server is ***. or if your connection to the server is nerfed due to 20 daily match limit. matchmaker was never the core issue.

They said they’re fixing it Season 4. It’s not Season 4 yet.

Yes, just like they said incidents like this are highly uncommon and that they have observed significant improvements in matchmaking since their last fixes. They also said community feedback has been over all positive about the changes. So clearly based on their track record, we can definitely bank on season 4 changes to fix things.

Sometimes you just have the worse team.

I don’t think many people commenting actually looked at the game mode nor the team comps XD


3 dps vs 3 tanks, and your team had an ana that was presumably constnatly getting tank rolled, or at worst spending too much time trying to dps. They lost because they can’t pick a decently competitive composition in open queue. Good one.

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I assume the other team was on a losing streak and the algorithm used you to feed them a consolation win… and so the loop restarts again

this is what it looks like to me. Ana diff.

I mean that’s not the only part of the disparity but it’s a significant part of it.

Also the fact that the OPs team has comparable damage numbers to the winning team but next to no elims just means they’re farming the 3 tanks feeding ult charge to the enemy team while the other team is focusing on shooting what they know they can kill.

80-90% of my losses are DPS diffs…

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Couldnt be more right.