Is comp worth it now?

What ranks if you don’t mind? I have mainly been in Plat except I got to Diamond this season.

Season 01 felt mostly roll or be rolled. S03 has felt more neck to neck with an occasional roll or be rolled.

Comp is as good as it’s been. We’re forum users, we won’t ever be happy.


I’d wait for season 4, which is just around the corner. There’s matchmaker and UI improvements slated for season 4 start, plus rank decay is being removed and SR will be set equal to your hidden MMR at season start.

Hopefully will lead to an improved comp experience. But it’s Blizzard, so don’t be surprised if problems crop up.


i’ve been playing comp since its better than “win 5 arcade games” for the weekly challenge. i still do them both tho since 5000 xp. almost 200

Also map pools are being removed. The map pool for S3 is disgusting.


I resonate with this so much. I’ll jump on QP to warm up after aim training and go into a match where either 1-2 people never join or leave in the middle of a fight or I join with 15 seconds left with the enemy team 10m from the last point. There’s a Genji keyboarding it up about how good they are in match chat then dying while typing. Supports are front lining and I’m just like “Why do I torture myself with this? I’m going to comp.”

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Now we just need options to filter what game modes we want to play and I will be a Happy Panda!! PAYLOAD FOR-E-VER

I doubt this willl ever be implemented for comp, but you can try to convince the dev for unrank and arcade since it is reasonable in those modes.

It’s still a mess.

As i wrote in the other thread:

Really depends on what you are expecting from comp. If it’s competitiveness then I feel like it’s still there and will never go away. If it’s 0 toxicity, leavers and throwers I’m afraid that also will never go away sadly.

For me personally it is still the same grindy nature as it was in ow1. But it was a bit more stable in ow1. I think online makes all the difference. And no, ow1 wasn’t any better, there were just more hyped ppl playing it.

Personally, I’m just trying to get all golden weapons for supports.

I find comp less stressful at the moment than I did in overwatch 1. Maybe there’s something about not being able to see the ranks anymore that tricks my anxiety brain into thinking it’s just quick play, and not having to see your number go down after every loss and the infrequent rank updates makes it a little more addicting. Comp right now is worth it if you think you’ll have a good time or you have friends to play with. I probably would have never started playing it again if I didn’t have one of my old teammates get back into the game recently. My advice is to not have any chats enabled and just do your thing, it’s the best way to play. If you can find someone nice to play with and communicate in discord or group voice.

Well, I think it’s better. I like the longer matches for payload / hybrid maps, and from my experience there are way less leaver than QP.

Definitely not for everyone, but I think it’s worth it.

Played diamond MMR for season 0, 1 and 2. I currently have damage in Master while I haven’t really played support this season while I basically played that for S 0, 1 and 2.

Comp has been good to me so far, outside of hand full of reportable behavoir. And complaints of playing aggressively as tank. (Because god know i’m the only one shooting the supports at times.)

If you want more balance matches, i think comp is ok. QP is all over the place and is made even worst if people leave games… My only problem with comps is maps with mirrored rounds i don’t like games that you don’t know where you stand till the end, I like to know if i am winning or losing in real time.

Comp stopped being worth it when people started demanding playing “meta” builds, starting in around season 3, of overwatch 1.

It has improved yes (speaking as a tank main), but it’s not quite there yet. Season 4 is going to be very interesting.

How many gold weapons do you want?
And also are you happy with your rank?