The latest Mercy nerf is the most disgusting of all for me

Don’t worry. This argument doesn’t need to get any more valid than it already is.
And you know… After such a long time, sorry for a bit of irony in my posts.
Because the whole situation is anything but funny :neutral_face:.

There you go :

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A revert doesn’t HAVE to mean mass-rez coming back, it can just mean resurrect as an ABILITY & Valk going away :man_shrugging:

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Oh. That one.

I’ve already linked that one. However, that’s not new or “relevant” so Mercy’s act like it doesn’t exist.

i’d like an instant invulnerable single-man Resurrection as an ultimate with a charge rate similar to moira’s, with a defensive E ability that will add FINALLY some “spice” into mercy’s gameplay


50/50 really. Blizzard is really unpredictable. Take notice of the heals nerf.

2 things. Don’t label is as a revert because mass Resurrect with changes and an e ability is definitely not a revert. Secondly, the 2 reasons for the rework are basically moot now. Why? Disheartening to play against is incredibly subjective so I don’t see that as a reason (you may). “Hide n Res” would not be happening with the changes Titanium listed (which is what I want).

So move the ult like it used to be down to a single player and call it an ultimate?

That’s new. Let me think.

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But it does, though.

Like I said, this statement is six months old, so they may have changed their minds (especially now that their precious Seagull started complaining too), but the devs ignore the playerbase so much that this six months old statement is the ONLY thing we have. So, until they either announce a rework/revert or confirm that Mercy will stay like this, we’ll have to deal with it.


I’m simply disproving the idea that they have said that mass resurrect will not return. Don’t like that? Don’t bother replying. But right now you’re just lingering in the thread and in-directing to me which is incredibly childish and immature.


It will eventually. The current ult stacking meta is killing the game and we have no real counter to it (zen trance cant outheal 2 dps ults at once).

As I said above, if they want to revive the game they either have to bring a real counter to ult stacking or nerf the ults themselves. I doubt the latter will happen.
+seeing all these complaining will make them think of something to mercy fun at the very least.

The devs can’t be this stupid to leave the most loved hero in such a state, right :doubt: :thinking:


Yeah, a lot of people read this. Those are really nice posts.

I totally love that part where he explains the basis of their decisions. Everything is just:

  • We think
  • We do not see it like this

If I remember correctly, Jeff had this well scripted speech in one of the Dev updates where he was talking about 3 pillars of the development process and what not. What was it… Dev opinion, data and community, right?

It works a bit different though. Most of the data are secret, Dev opinion is the rule and we can shove our pillar wherever we want.

For real - if they want to have this approach, why not? It’s their game. Their company. But throwing these meaningful lies our way is just sad.


yup… thats kinda bs.

Assuming this forum is the “community” instead of pro’s, their play testing teams etc (in the dev’s eyes)
I can’t remember what they actually said though…

Oh yeah, right, I forgot. My bad. I just have these days where I feel too highly of myself :grimacing:.

This nerf just shows that Blizzard are obviously capable of reverting changes. If they could revert her healing, why not actually revert this entire mess of a rework… I know Mass Res was unbalanced but it could actually be a balanced ultimate with some changes such as line of sight requirement, cast time, ultimate charge rate nerf etc…


What would you lot say if they came out and said they tested mass res internally with LoS, cast time etc and still deemed it unhealthy for the game?

Those who hate the idea of reverts will pounce on them. :man_shrugging:

Well I’m pretty sure they didn’t test reworked Mercy before putting her on the PTR and live servers.
TL;DR: They don’t care.


Will there be more nerfs though? Her winrates have already plummeted. She has the lowest winrate in diamond AND masters (my two ranks) as of this week according to Overbuff. Any more nerfs will be overkill.

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Just saying, would you accept that or would you still argue?
Or they flat out came out and said she is not getting Mass Res back?