"The last thing we want to do is overnerf [Brig]"

They could, but then you basically end up with something almost the same impact as GOATs.

Not to mention, with that level of speed and protection, there would never be a reason to use Dive.

So then the game has no variety…

Also would suck to go from GOATs, to DoubleBarrier, back to “Almost GOATS”.

Blizzard says a lot, you can’t really take their word 100% of the time.

Why are you even surprised that the balance is bad? It has been just 4 years already

No it actually doesn’t lol.

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Yep. They don’t want to overnerf her.

But, there are so many balance changes going on right now with other heroes that it’s too soon to give her a direct buff.

It’s easily the most favoured version that everyone wants back, since it still had all the things that Brig mains want, and makes more into the off healer role as is with Lucio and Zen.

Personally, she just needs to be good at what she is good at, and she was designed to counter Dive, not being a better Moira.


Exactly. Brigitte can’t really do what she does best since this rework just hinders at that fact. I absolutely hate the change to how Repair Pack heals, since it the original burst healing is what made it balanced in the first place.

There is a reason why I got a golden weapon for her then, and why I wasn’t playing her after the rework.

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I’m not saying whether Brig can be anti-dive still or not, but if a simple stun was all it took, then McCree would be anti-dive. And he is in a 1v1 situation, but beyond that certainly not.

No, Brig’s anti-dive capabilities were a combination of factors, between her own sturdiness, the armor she created, her stun, and her reliable damage.


similar to what they said about mercy.
“they’d keep watch on her”
took a yr for them to buff her casue apparently she was randomly “weak” after yar when nothing changed involving her :thinking:

imho devs dont care for supports much anymore (similar for barrier tanks)

they want a dps game afterall.

you mean how her entire existence was designed?

doesnt matter if she was op or not.

she was designed with a view in mind.
you cant gut that entirely to poitn she can not do her job.

imagine if rein had a shield that melted liek brigs.

he wouldnt be able to do the job that hes made to do.

thats brigs issue.

at point shes at you’d prolly be betetr deleting her and making 2 new heroes from her kit.
a healer and a tank with spcific parts of her kit on each.

The same Geoff who said that Brig will be more OP in role queue i mean?

Well, Brig is supposed to be a sturdy support character. She is still that, even if she isn’t as sturdy as she once was.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, a 450 effective health pool is rather sturdy for a support. I would be happy though if her hp got bumped back to 250 total or her shield cooldown bumped back down to 3 seconds.

Either of those changes would help Brig a lot.