The Inspire "buff" is insulting

“Increasing the uptime” of Inspire by one second will not increase her healing output at all. Brigitte will always be refreshing inspire during a team fight anyway. Even if the hps was increased from 16 to 16.6666667, this doesn’t change anything either.

I think repair pack should have a reduced cooldown of 4 seconds, but would only heal for 100hp.

I also think the cooldown of shield bash should be reduced to 5 or 6 seconds now it has been heavily nerfed.


I think they added this useless buff to make the huge nerf seem not all too bad


You can say this buff is… uninspired.


I dont really have much of an opinion on the whole brig debacle but i gotta agree that the uptime buff is kinda “useless” when you consider that brig is almost always hitting someone


I don’t mind the nerfs to shield bash. The shield interaction needs fixing, however. This is similar to what happened when Moira’s healing was nerfed to not go through shields.


twenny characters

increaing the uptime increases the overall duration and maxed potential of her healing not 0.6 hps, a good brig will maxout 10k heals a game and now will be around 12k

I know her healing is good. I can out heal my other support when I play Brigitte.
I think repair pack should be more consistent. It would still have the same maximum healing potential with my proposed changes.

150/6 = 25

100/4 = 25

I will calculate her increased healing, assuming 100% inspire uptime and use an example of 4 minutes.

16 x 6 = 96 hps
96 x 240 = 23040 healing in 4 minutes.

After buff:
16.6666667 x 6 = 100 hps
100 x 240 = 24000 healing in 4 minutes

This is still a 4% increase. However, her overall healing would be increased by less than 4% because not all her healing comes from inspire.

when u did ur math did u add the max heals limit increase?

Considering how some OWL players are saying this is a buff to her overall… I think there’s more to it than one might realise.

Increasing a 200hp character’s health to 208hp would be a buff as well. Would it do anything? No.