The game was better under Dive meta


Is it… Is it bad that I’m fine with this? Is it bad that I’m perfectly okay with a Mercy meta? :eyes:


No it wasn’t. During the “dive” meta every dive hero hard countered every support and subsequently no one wanted to play support. As a support main dive sucked and I’ll be glad if it NEVER returns.

During dive if you as a support were countered by a dive hero there wasn’t anything you could swap off to and still fulfill your role. That sucked because tanks and DPS had heroes they could swap to but not supports.

So no. Long stay dead the dive meta.


And people keep saying “most people never experienced true dive” but that’s irrelevant because the game still sucked for Supports even without true dive coordination. People still picked a lot of dive heroes at nearly all ranks because everyone wants to mirror the meta even if they can’t do it well. And just having those unstoppable dive heroes throwing themselves at you, coordination or no, was often enough to make every game miserable, because there still was no response to them.

It’s entirely hypocritical when tank and flanker players complain about the metas that make them miserable and call them cancer, but ignore that dive made Supports miserable.


No, the game was not better when only six heroes were viable.



So what’s the difference between then and now?


Counters. Back then supports had no counters to being dived. Now there is Brigitte and Moira. Nice, but there’s definitely a movement in play to water them down to being ineffective.

I say dive will be okay if and only if every role can counter.


Nearly all characters were viable then tho. The only ones that weren’t were our usual suspects: F-Tier squad, Roadhog, and Hanzo.


I found dive to be so much worse, team fights while better than GOATS still where boring because it was about which healer wasn’t protected, I found Winston boring to watch and play, a year and a half of anything gets stale really fast and I personally dislike playing against Tracer.

I understand why people like it more than GOATs but the real best meta was stage 4 OWL. GOATs wasn’t a thing which allowed dive and Reinheart 2-2-2 comps. There was so much variety in what was being played and Tracer had a counter which forced much smarter play from Tracer players.


Dive would be great if I played any dive heroes. I prefer metas where I can play my heroes without feeding hard.


You want Dive meta? Buff Mercy so she can enable the Dive heroes


Doesn’t bother me how we get back to it. But the game would be better for it.


Agreed. Dive was much more fun.


You know why dive seemed like more fun? Cause the game was still relatively new and everyone and their grandmother was still playing so you could actually climb.

Bringing back dive isn’t going to bring the “glory days” back.

I miss season 6 too when you could break into plat drunk stoned and watching a movie.

The game doesn’t suck cause of the meta. It sucks cause it’s old and the ladder is stale.


I’ve been waiting for years. Tell your family you love them. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hold back.

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I’m sure they’ll miss you. I’ll build you a monument in my Liberal Christian Minecraft server.


We don’t fully appreciate what we have until it’s gone.


If the game had had an enforced 2-2-2 system back then, including Brigitte as one of your 2 supports would have made it a viable Dive counter without making her extremely OP as she ended up being, basically because of the use of 3 support comps.


Depends–I think the game was better off under OG Dive that featured Lucio, as well as sometimes featuring Zarya and Ana, as well as a healthy mixture of DPS heroes.

Dive with must-pick Mercy and DVa? No. Your picks were pretty much static except for the second DPS slot, meaning you had about as much variability as GOATS has now with all its variations


If you arent gm you arent running goats. The meta doesnt affect anyone under masters, maybe diamond.


I absolutely 100% agree that the game was better during dive. The meta was so much more varied, and dive’s dominance is extremely over exaggerated. Looking back at the Jan 17, 2018 report, at GM Winston was at a whopping 40%. That is a far cry from Reinhardt’s current 70%. And, below GM it just gets even more skewed towards Rein.

Each tank pair has a significantly different play style, and now days we basically have only one that sees regular play.


cause who could farm nano fastest was totally a great time.

Beyblade is looked at with some major rose colored glasses considering how fast all ults charged at that time. Especially Mei.

You could start a fight with a mei ult and then have another one by the time the fight was over