The game was better under Dive meta


Fight me, prove me wrong, and other such memes.

In all seriousness. I feel like the game was better when more dive heroes were viable. I didn’t play full proper dive all that often, I’ve mostly spent the game in Gold Rank maining D.Va and Orisa. While it may have become all consuming at top level, and in the OWL, and sure as Tracer and Genji could get annoying and tedious whatever your rank.

But, the game was better.

Things were more mobile, dive here was an option, we weren’t just spending matches stuck on chokes waiting for one or other Reinhardt to blink. We could end up in a fight anywhere, we used the full 3D space of the map.

For most of us, we could use Rein or Orisa and play that way, but we could also be more mobile and end up in engagements anywhere. One match could be very different from the next.

Now though, it doesn’t really matter what map or mode, you know what’s going to work; and that is Rein/Zarya. You can take a chance on something else on the premise that the other team will do something else - and you can get some nice matches like that - but too many matches revert to this default, and it’s getting old.


I do agree with you fully. The game just seemed overall more fun. Not only that, but things were much faster paced. It also doesn’t help, that back then? All of my friends and I still played the game daily.

Nowadays…? It’s just bad. Just all the way around bad, and none of us play. :man_shrugging:t5:


I think only 2 Tanks viable then was a problem, and only 3 tanks being viable now is a problem.


Dive meta as bad as it was, wasn’t a hated meta for most tiers. Because low tiers rarely experienced dive anyways.

And high tiers didn’t hate dive. They just were tired of playing dive all the time. They wanted diversity.

Now however, Any new meta that arrives is either triggering or annoying or cancer to deal with or full of oneshot mechanics and CC’s or braindead.


For the overwhelming majority of us, all the tanks bar Roadhog were viable for most of it. Hammond would have been a glorious addition.

Sure higher up, Winston/D.Va took over perhaps a little too much, but they required that skill and coordination.

Definitely a lot to be said for the pace.


It was kinda dumb when one could just DM for 4 seconds, while a nearly invincible Winston just roflstomped the enemy main healer.


This game definitely wasn’t better when Tracer, Genji, and Zenyatta were overpowered. There’s absolutely nothing good in having 4 heroes be overpowered and form a meta.


I’ll sooner go back to Beyblade meta than dive, at least that was fun compared to that meta.

Dive also isn’t exactly that complex to pull off, while we may not get the full lineup, parts of dive still made it quite easily to be done since it’s basically pick a target and focus on him (Which also similar to what GOAT does, only at a much slower pace.).


A slower paced game means heroes that cannot keep up with a fast paced offensive to defensive are capable of adding to the game

Edit: sorry don’t know how that quoted you.


Dive took a lot more skill and is more fun to watch. GOATs is a cluster F to watch.


That’s what I’m saying, bro. Dva, Winston, Lucio, Genji, Tracer, and Zen. The “good ole’ boys” squad. If Dive ever returned, I know for a fact me and my buddies would return to Overwatch again. :ok_hand:


SFS used roadhog to counter dive


I agree 100%. Dive took the most skill. It required the most coordination. It required the most individual performance. It’s the meta that really epitomized the essence of Overwatch.

It gets way too much hate.


roadhog was used in good effect by the SFS


And then Roadhog got nerfed into the ground so hard, he didn’t go above 1% pickrate for the next 5 months…



For pros, as every meta, Dive forced them to play mostly the same 6-8 chars. At least I found Dive much funnier to watch than goats (and funnier to play)

For the rest of us, Dive was an option but not a must. The pickrates were healthier while Dive comp (at least till mercymeta)


that was while he was “nerfed to the ground” that was in stage 3


Besides this not being nearly as big an issue on ladder, the later seasons of dive did have some decent map-based variation.


My problem with dive wasn’t so much about dive, but more the fact that Mercy was the meta healer for it. In tank meta, Ana is King and as a support player, I like to play high skilled heroes in comp. If we go back to dive, just know you’re also asking for Mercy meta to return.


Technically, Zen and Lucio were the original dive supports and stayed as such for quite awhile, Mercy didn’t see play outside of the occasional Pharmercy until the rework hit and even Ana saw more play then. But yeah, nowadays dive probably means Mercy and little to no Ana sadly.

In general, Blizzard still hasn’t managed to truly solve the problems that plague the Support category. And tbh, while the community always focuses on Ana and Mercy, there’s kinda been a constant elephant in the room with Zen too.