The Forums Are Funny

I can’t count the amount of posts I’ve seen about power creep needing to be addressed, so Blizzard nerf the strongest heroes & there’s complaining about that now :joy:


Power creep is a meme.

And some of the complaints seem very exaggerated. These forums are a cesspool.

Was Orisa power crept? She was the same all through goats and no one cared


well, different people tend to have different opinions, so it’s not that surprising

a mob armed with pitchforks and torches doesn’t represent an entire town

She got some small buffs, then people found she was good and they gave her 96840986 nerfs.

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Orisa was too strong, yes. Forced 2-2-2 and balance changes have made Orisa the best tank

She was buffed at least a half-dozen times in a row over that time period. Moving while firing, spread, shield cd, shield while reloading, etc. If anything, Orisa should be the poster-child of power creep.

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Quite literally the definition.

Of course no one care, she had a static shield, but despite the big uptime, she had more movement penalty while shooting and GOATs was better, no one would complain about an inferior character if there’s something better.

Blizzard can’t win unfortunately.
Nerf popular heroes and the forums explode. Buff unpopular heroes and the forums explode.
Try to change things up and people will naturally be opposed to it as they don’t want change. They want what they play buffed and what they have issued with nerfed. Look at wow PvP as an example. Every minor change becomes the end of the world on the forums but every time they adapt and keep playing. Same thing applies here.

Fun fact:

There are, in fact, multiple groups of people with differing opinions, and it is entirely possible that the people cheering for nerfs to power creep (which, BTW, the devs have said they do not feel is an issue) and the people lamenting this seemingly-terrible PTR are not actually the same.

Hence, I really don’t see the point of this post.

Welcome to the overwatch forums. Would you like coffee or season ban?

Lets remember:

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