The Forums are Extra Toxic

(InB4 “but the forums are always toxic”)
Seriously, what happened? No one trusts Blizzard anymore, every hero is a mistake that shouldn’t have been added to the game, the positive forum gods are turning all cynical, and popcorn Moira is a dying meme.

You’d think the OWL vibes would be flowing strong after the season final but nope, no one’s hearing that noise (not that I care about OWL either). Where’s the summer games hype though? No ones looking forward to that new social feature coming 'round either.

We come here because we love Overwatch, even if you’re just here to complain about balance, why does everyone have to be at each others’ throat all the time? Why does every discussion have to force the same case over and over again?

I started on these forums when Neo Hanzo made his deput, and even then they haven’t been this toxic. I don’t even know how that’s possible. We can do better than this.


Do as I have and move to reddit. I sometimes become interested in the discussion on her but if I want actual arguments and not just people screeching for this nerf and that buff, then I use the many subreddits for OW


Because they lie, manipulate, and abuse our trust. Blizzard is a company that abuses their power and fandom, and who use use trickery and behavioral conditioning to deceive us.


quit distracting me from complaining!


They took a risk for a charity, took heat for it, and helped a lot of cancer patients.


whenever I make a post I get attacked no matter what and I am wrong and what I posted was wrong and im always the worst.

People just suck on these forums



THERE is the problem

Not many people care about it(I’m 1 of them) yet blizzard treats it like top priority as if their entire playerbase cared about it.


Accept peeps to disagree with you if you have an audience of any significant magnitude. You need to reach the peeps that think you’re wrong, they are the ones you must convince, otherwise there’s no point, is there?

:boom: I’d care if it had more Junkrat :boom:


I think a lot of it comes from people feeling ignored.

Feedback given from the PTR seems to not be taken into consideration, questions asked about oddities in the game are passed over, and in general it feels like changes are made in a vacuum.

When people aren’t being heard they get louder.


Same honestly


But the devs do use are feedback sometimes. I’ve been saying that Mercy’s healing ought to be lowered to 50 for months, and the devs seem to have heard me :man_shrugging:


Welp, no one’s commented in 5 minutes, guess this positivity spring is already dry.


I agree 100% with this.

July 10th, 2008. Look it up

And while you’re add it also check out how they intentionally placed players against enemies with better loot so they’ll be tempted to pay money. (COD)

I mean, it’s actually been worse (I don’t know how) a few times before…
As @VRaptor said, I think it’s just because the Overwatch devs aren’t really that transparent with what they do, and if they’ve tried certain things in the dev build that the fans wanted. I honestly think that the Overwatch devs should have a weekly or monthly livestream like the warframe devs to be a bit more clear with what they have been doing with the game.

Untill then, have a bubble dva


I’m genuinely trying to look that stuff up but I think I’m going to need more than a date. Could you give me a hint, please?

The day Activision bought out Blizzard

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Welcome to the Overwatch Forums.
What can I get you? Moira’s famous popcorn? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Upvotes for song. But forums is not toxic. Forums are gud fun chiki chaka da best bro.

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