The "flex" changes on the PTR

First off, See below for reference.

Now that we all know what I am talking about. I want to say first that this IS a welcome change. I am grateful that you are willing to give groups a little bit of leeway on what they run. This is a good thing that can only improve matchmaking.

However, I resent that you have demonstrated that you have zero clue what Flex actually means. This is not a flex system. This is a fill system. If you gave people the freedom to swap roles mid match then this would qualify. However, This is choosing your role(s) before the game and getting assigned one.

Pretty much just like solo queue.

Please consider allowing groups to at the very least do the following:

  • Allow players to choose their role AFTER they join a match.
  • Allow players to elect to swap roles mid match.

Edit: Clarification. The ability to swap would be under the same restrictions as what you can queue as per the ptr notes.

Please consider these as an option. Thanks.


Assuming we are talking about non comp, I just dont think they want ppl to swap roles mid game, and I guess only letting groups do that could give them an advantage. Allowing people in comp to do it just wouldnt make sense with how the separate role mmr works. Unless the ppl wanting to swap are like within 25sr of each other on the roles they picked vs want to swap to.


1 only if it is a six stack and 2 no. What if you were a GM tank but a diamonds dps? You swap to tank and get free sr.


They should allow 6 stacks to be able to switch between roles with each other


We are in fact talking about comp and quickplay both.

I see no problem in giving advantages to people who desire to organize. Advantage should be given to those who are willing to put the effort in.

As for SR restrictions on swapping., Typically people are within 500 SR in each of their roles and seeing as all involved would agree on a team to do so I see no problems here.

Fairness should be about equal opportunity. Not circumstance.

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500 Sr can be a very big difference. And people would totally abuse it. Most people play in ranks where you can be 1000 sr away and que with others. We could have people who are diamond on the roles they want to play, but low gold on others. And que into a low gold game, and swap to roles they are diamond on. Which completely defeats the purpose of role based mmr.


We already allow for people within 500 sr to group with each other…1000 even.

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And then it puts you in a game in the middle. a 2500 player and 3000 player que together, they get into a 2750 game.


Yes? So nothing has changed then?

how about a 4th flex SR…

In some ranks its 1000 apart. Say im 1500 on tank, and 2500 on dps. My friend is 1500 on dps and 2500 on tank. I que as tank, he ques as dps. We get into a 1500 game. Then we swap roles and are now 2 2500 players in a 1500 game. That is different from what people can do right now.


I would be all for it but I figured I’d try another route to something already proposed.

Then it wouldn’t allow them to swap? Just like the current “flex” system on ptr would not allow them to queue for that role…

Then how close do you want the sr to be to let ppl swap? The games are made where both teams mmr is very close. Allowing ppl to swap is going to change the teams mmr.

The same amount it allows people to group. Which would only change the MMR by a small amount even in the most extreme cases.

So that could be up to 1000 in many ranks, like my extreme case example of getting 2 2500 players into a 1500 game.

This is nice but Next: please let us know what map we’re going to be playing on.

Some maps I prefer dps and some maps I prefer to play support.

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Which would not be all that much honestly.

Just so you are aware, we are ALREADY seeing teams of these disparities being paired in current system. This would change nothing.

Only if they are smurfing and throwing games to be there. Allowing people to cheat the system more easily is a terrible idea imo.


What happens if someone is a 3400 dps but queues in group at 2800 tank then mid-game roles get swapped now you have a 3400 dps on the field?