The Final Solution to the GOATS problem


Delette Brigitte.

The hashtags and the battlenet tags were correct.

No more discussions about balancing and all the rubbish that comes with it, just kill off Brig once and for all and never put in a hero like her again.


Offt. Poor word choice





Brig gets nerfed multiple times. Pickrate now subpar.


Brig gets nerfed. Winrate now same as others. Pickrate still bad.


Brig gets nerfed. Armor gets nerfed. Goats still exists. Pickrate garbage. Winrate average.


Looks at terrible stats

Seriously shut it now. Sorry Brigitte hurt your feelings, but enough is enough. This is beyond stupid, and I’m marking this as spam.


She’s just awful. Deleting her from the game would make so many people happy for multiple reasons. There’s no downside!


Maybe developers are in low elo like bronze and silver. Maybe that’s why they add low skill high reward heros like brig


GOATS go far beyond one hero, one comp or one kind of status. You’re just using it as an excuse to ask to delete her. (Which isn’t going to happen)
Just like “so many people” would be happy if she was deleted, a same or bigger amount would be sad/angry about it.
If your claim is the numerous posts against her, then remember that people easily post something that bothers them as a way of venting, but don’t feel the same appeal to post when something makes them happy because… They are content with it.


Without Brig there would be no GOATS.
All the other heroes in GOATS existed before Brig without GOATS being a thing.



I find this somewhat unlikely…


And even so you constantly see Sombra taking place of Brigitte for the GOATS variant. Interesting.

Believe what you want :slight_smile:


No, it’s not very interesting, because then it is not GOATS anymore.


Well then, let’s buff Sombra and boom! GOATS is over! Brigitte still there!


But how else am I going to fill a secondary/off-tank role, a secondary/off-heals role, and a mediocre-DPS role?


Triple tank triple heals already existed before brig with Moira…,she’s just better at it…

Lucio is as much to blame as brig…it is the ridiculous amount of healing that we can output now with our crop of healers…(recent healer buffs didn’t help)…and the fact that we have nothing that can counter it really

I invite you to take a look at BTC’s most recent video about GOATS…


Irrational hatred won’t fix the game. GOATs did not become dominant until the support patch. The biggest changes to GOATs during that was the Mercy nerf and the Lucio buff.

Lucio needs speedboost nerfed.


It isn’t the healing, it is the utility. If it were the healing the strongest variant would have been the one with the higher healing and 222 would have focused on higher damage rather than mobility, but the strongest 222 variant is full of heroes with low damage and lots of mobility.

Speedboost allows Reinhardt’s team to completely bypass the damage that should be shredding their shields and stressing their cooldowns.

Discord orb allows low damage heroes to kill fast enough that high damage heroes that aren’t one shotting have no place.

And on and on.


it Certainly doesn’t help (also supports by the way)…but at the end of the day the main issue is still that nothing dies…survivability is way too high in these comps…we have nothin to deal with that an so you just default to dong the same because it’s generally all you can do


The reason that survivability is so high is because they don’t have to take a lot of the damage in the first place.

If the tanks actually had to eat a lot of damage from Bastion, it would require all the highest healers to work.

It doesn’t because he doesn’t actually have to eat it, so there is nothing to be healed.

Lucio speedboost completely eliminates the zoning potential of the high damage heroes


True…but goats is a huge problem even when both teams are on top of each other and in confined spaces…better yet just watch how many of these grab bombs do nothing in these OWL matches…literally no movement and nothin happens

Goats is a lot of things…but the base question you have to ask is…what do I have that can attack a giant death ball that doesn’t die…nothing really…we don’t have the tos at the moment