The Final Solution to the GOATS problem


Delete the game, then you’ll have nothing to complain about and be happy.


Because of bubbles, barriers, shields, defense matrix, etc. Not because of inspire/healing song/healing orb.


People looking for heroes to be deleted are not only selfish, but also stupid


What do you think would be more effective? Across the board nerfs to all the utility abilities (cause 1 alone seems silly)…or 1 or 2 heroes designed to attack those things (specifically healing is what I’m suggesting)…

Give people a reason to not clump up (outside of ults) and you’ll see it’s effectiveness plummet


You right I would be angry it didn’t happen sooner.


I haven’t watched every game, but I’ve only seen Seen Sombra sub for D.Va. Brig has been in every match I’ve seen. I’m not claiming that Brig is solely responsible for GOATS however. It’s more complex than just one character.


You are biased. [5 more chars]


Ultimate solution for perfect balance: Only have one hero. Everyone could play, uhm, I don’t know, maybe Soldier 76… it’s make the game perfectly balanced and a much more traditional shooter game than currently.


She’s got a higher pickrate than Tracer did during dive in OWL, and nobody here played where dive was relevant, Tracer’s stats have always been awful for nearly everyone. They basically deleted Tracer’s ultimate anyhow.

Good chance Brig has something else coming her way.


I mean there are some soft changes to dissuade this specific lineup like nerfing speedboost, discord orb, Reinhardt’s ult charge and shield health, Brigitte’s repair pack, Lucio’s ult charge, etc.

But beyond that I think a complete overhaul across the board needs to happen with damage and healing values.

The time to kill is too consistently low with burst damage heroes, which means you are forced to rely on some form of damage mitigation. You can either dodge the damage (dive) or soak the damage (tanks) but you can’t rely on the healers to save you really. This means healers largely live or die on their utility, rather than their heals. And their utility is pretty absurdly strong. Rez, speedboost, discord, nano, etc are insanely powerful.

The heroes left in the lurch, the ones supposed to protect us from comps like these have neither mobility or soaking capabilities, in exchange for high, consistent damage.

But why does high consistent damage matter when the low damage heroes can burst people down just as quickly and consistently or will win each time through attrition by just soaking the damage?

They aren’t worth attempting (and largely failing) to keep alive with practically pocket healing just to bring that to the table when they are easily bypassed by utility of healers?


Hey if you (they) can do that without rendering the characters useless outside of this specific comp…I’m all for it…

They tried attacking brigs utility and well now she’s essentially useless outside of goats


Yeah, that’s the tricky part.

But GOATs is just taking advantage of what I view as a fairly fundamental flaw in this game. I view it as the main reason that a large portion of the dps roster has failed to ever truly compete. The reason GOATs and Dive were so dominant. And the reason why Bunker has never been very successful.

I also see it as a reason why ultimates are way too much.


Valkyrie for everybody!!! :sweat_smile: (I agree with the ult statement)


Or they could try balancing some of the other heroes that are in goats aside from only focusing on one character.


Yeah, but people like the other GOATS heroes. People don’t like Brig.


I have other idea, If Dev truly want to destroy GOAT Comp

Buff the explosion radius of Tracer’s Pulse Bomb, Maybe a little bit solve this issue


There was nothing wrong with the old Pulse Bomb, it was a high risk high reward ability, whereas now it’s a high risk low reward one. Buffing the explosion radius would just make it an oppressive ability with less skill.

They should definitely put it back to where it was though.


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Another delete brig troll. Let’s ignore the fact that if devs add another aoe healer this would happen again.