The Devs need to do some reverts


I would only revert the Fire rate. The rest seems fine to me.


Yes. Give Brig’s shield bash damage back while you’re at it too.



You serous?

Also, i dunno how, but you forgot Rat’s grenades


If you want Junkrats old grenades back, be willing to get a substantial Riptire nerf as compensation.

That’s my opinion on that.


My point is that medium/long range kills are extremely unlikely after Pharah’s rework.

You can no longer chain splash to get kills because of the splash boop nerf they gave her, enemies no longer fly in a predictable arc that lets you set up the next splash, they’re nearly instantly back on their feet in control and able to shoot back

you can no longer kill someone with a max splash plus a direct rocket. These are not things remedied by ‘getting gud and being better aim’ They literally got damage nerfed and thus if you try to kill people from any distance but right next to them you’ll most likely die or just feed their healers,

unless youre a god among gods and direct land every pharah rocket you ever shoot or something. I’m in the top 5% of all Pharah players for accuracy at 53% accuracy and I still only manage 30-40 direct rockets per match


RIP-tire is lame anyway, but its also the only thing he’s good for. If thats getting nerfed, Junkrat needs a kit that actually works, not this unfunny parody of Hanzo’s.

Either way, i wouldn’t miss it, my favorite ults are ones like Whole Hog.


“Plz make the broken, skillless hero I main broken and OP again.”

Sounds about right for the TC.


that is literally the worst idea to play pharah. aim at someone with the slowest moving projectile in the game. if you can see it you can side step it.


Symmetra: Orbs pierce barrier
Photon shield


Just revert everything while we’re at it. Let’s get unkillable Bastion and D.Va back in this. Give us the space bending Hook. Let Genji fly again.


How about we get launch mccree because why not


McWidow is worse than McReee in my opinion.


all of these plus the junk nerf should be reverted.


Your so right. They nerf one aspect than go and nerf it again but don’t revert the first nerf and the heroes die. Symm could use some form of a revert too.


#RevertDva (to before this previous patch or before “rework”, take your pick)
#RevertMercy (to before “rework”)


Which one? If you compare the original Mercy 2.0 to Nerfcy there’s no comparison







Revert Roadhog


#RevertMercy back to mass rez. there are so many small changes that people even here on the forums have suggested to make it fair (or at least appease) everyone.


Leaning no


I’m going to want evidence for 50 being insufficient in an otherwise favorable meta before going for this one, but I’m a lot more open to it than some of the others above

These need to happen.


Revert deflect and earthshatter hitbox, fite me

Revert hog damage to 3.0

Revert Ana damage to 80 and nano burst heal… or not. IDK, I swear I go back and forth on this every few hours

Revert 76 to 20/shot

One one hand I want scatter memes back, on the other Hanzo is fine