The Devs need to do some reverts


Honestly, there are some nerfs that simply weren’t needed. I wish the Devs would actually revert some changes. Here’s a basic list of what I can think of:

-600HP Barrier back
-Revert Rally Decay (since temporary armor is over shields now)

-400 Damage Pulse Bomb back

-60 hps beam back

-original slam range back

-Healing through shields back

Add more if you think of them


Revert Pharah to previous build that lasted for literally 2 years untouched.

I just wanna be able to kill with a max splash+direct hit again, and I wanna be able to chain splash to kill.

I’m tired af of having to divebomb every single target just to attempt a kill


Barrier piercing, maybe deduct half of damage for every barrier it passes, but we definitely need a barrier piercing hero back in the game


Revert the Junkrat Nerfs


Revert fan the hammer…


I agree with this, but maybe the CD revert of Shield Bash, since it lost a huge amount of its power


I really dont mind this one

Didnt they buffed her healing a while ago?

And CC removal of Slam, and the ult if they are not gonna rework it

Rather than a revert, she needs an ability that gives her utility




she is fine rn




Soldiers primary damage to 20


Why? Tracer is fine. She had one nerf in the entire history of Overwatch. It doesn’t need to be reverted. Pulse bomb is mainly used on supports or dps, not tanks.


I sort of agree , but its Blizzard, they havnt admitted Private profiles have ruined the game , so they will never accept that these changes were bad. Here is my take
Brig is fine as she is , still incredible in multi tank/multi support comps. Being niche in other comps isn’t a bad thing.
Tracer , I agree , sort of , she’s still great on maps which doesn’t force GOATS v GOATS
Mercy , she is fine imo and still is one if the better supports in comparison to moira for example ." Mercy isn’t bad , the meta is bad for mercy" is pretty accurate
Doomfist , I agree
Moira , I agree, but having a low skill floor would make her even more of a must pick in lower ranks , but this would still make her useless masters+


Power creep and healing creep?
What is that?


As a person who also mained Pharah, I would LOVE for Mercy to have her power restored (excluding Mass Resurrection). PharMercy in 2019? Yes please!


or, aim at them, that also works


This will likely cause issues at a minimum on the ladder on consoles and might make her take over the ladder on PC too.

60 healing feels much better than 50 but, I don’t think it’s balance with the reworked kit.


I want symmetra reverted to 2.0
since her rework, I have SO much less fun :frowning:


Revert Junk projectile
Revert Pharah rocket
Revert Boop
Revert Brig SB/Shield/Rally max
Revert Doom Slam
Revert Symmetra Orb
Revert Moira Orbs and shields


Brig buffs would make even more people quit


But I want them to keep the increased self knockback and lowered concussive blast cooldowns. New Pharah flies much better. The increased fire rated can GTFO, I want splash damage back.



People listen to this man, he knows what he is talking about


You skipped mccree’s revert with being able to right click everything in the game including tanks and instantly killing them.