The cowboy change isn't made for you or for twitter

I wonder if they considered the fact that people will remind them of this even more so now since they are making the mistake of giving all the power to the person instead of empowering the hero himself. I am personally very disappointed in the developers for this, OW for me has been an inspiration to be better a person, but the message that they just sent is that their characters mean nothing, they stand for nothing and that the wrong actions of that person have more weight that the ideals of good and justice that McCree the hero of OW represents, shame on them.


Their employees will have to hear the name “Jesse McCree” from angry fans, as well as people who just want to get a reaction from them, for the foreseeable future, something they wouldn’t have had to deal with otherwise.

It also makes the victims of the assault in the minds of many fans no longer people to empathize with, but the people who shoved their bad work environment down players’ throats. This isn’t going to go away the way they want it to anymore, all because they brought the community into their problems this way.

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And yet, you’ve all decided that it’s fine to turn this into a multi-part saga that lasts for weeks if not months, rather than just making the change, explaining why, then moving on.

That’s not a player friendly choice. We shouldn’t be forced to live inside all this controversy, as fans, and forced into all this emotional labor, through no fault of our own, for however long it takes you guys to “rollout” the change.

You aren’t just making a polarizing change, your wallowing in that choice over an extended period, rather than ripping off the bandaid and getting it over with.

This isn’t our problem, as fans. We didn’t cause this. And this shouldn’t be something that takes place over many weeks/months. IMO, it shouldn’t have even been announced until the patch was up.

Maybe you guys don’t care if every OW forum is only full of discussion about this for months, but I don’t want to have to deal with that, and I don’t think we as fans deserve that.


balance sucks
owl sucks

who cares about a name?

Ideally the team shouldn’t have made the real life connection in the first place, with this or with things like the Zarya alien skin and from the statement that was put out it seems they’ve (you’ve) figured that out now and will stop that practice so that’s good.

The damage control you’re doing in hindsight is fine. It was ultimately Blizzards decision but I’m personally glad you’re going the way you are.

People who are for and against this both take valid stances but those stances are based in feelings and so neither trump the other. This was ultimately Blizzards decision to make.

Your feedback about the way we’ve chosen to roll this out is noted, understood, and something we can convey as we continue work on the rename rollout.

I understand not wanting to have frequent reminders of a difficult conversation. I’ll be sure to explain that sentiment.


So? Louder doesn´t mean right. Crowd will be always louder - specialy silly people tend to be louder (not implying that people against change are silly, no…I am trying to point out, that “louder” is not really a valid argument.

That minority has more important reason, than that majority.

Thanks. It´s sad, but people probably need to live through harrasment (as I did my self) to understand.



It’ s not.

I was beaten to within an inch of my life almost every single day of my childhood. Starved, neglected, abused mentally and physically by a man named David.

My first boyfriend’s name was David.

My uncle’s name is David. I don’t hyperventilate every time I get in the car with him or the phone rings and I see “David” pop up. I know seven other Davids. One of them even has the same last name. It’s just a name, it’s not the person.


Still waiting a reply about handicapping matchmaking patent.
Play fair, play nice; your silence does not help, we all know the thread has reached huge numbers and interest in many communities and observers.


Thanks, I genuinely appreciate that.


Ok, that´s you…don´t assume that every person with trauma reacts like you. I personaly hate to even hear the name of a man, who kidnapped me and harrased me. It makes me shiver of anxiety everytime I hear or see the same name. I can very much understand this thing.


Sounds like it’s already a personal vendetta… and has nothing to do with the devs

There will never be a reply because nobody cares about stupid conspiracy theories and why you think the matchmaker is out to get you.

Not to mention this is a wholly inappropriate place to try and garner attention to such a frivolous issue.


They already had to deal with hearing his name. But their interactions with fans are less than their day to day life. This makes their lives easier, a few snide remarks at cons and some aggravating posts on social media for a little while aside. That’s why they did it.

If you can no longer empathize with victims of harassment because a video game character is called a name you don’t like, then it was never really empathy anyway. It was pity.

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Say his name.

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His name has yet to be determined, Cowboy is a placeholder. Cowboy is his name for now.


If that were the case, then they would have changed McCree’s name a long time ago. It’s not a coincidence that they decided to make this move after this went public with the announcement of the lawsuit, when the abuse in question has been ongoing for years. To me, it seems obvious that this is a PR move first and foremost.

Sure they do.

  • Everyone is talking about it. Free press.
  • Projects an image of morality on behalf of the Overwatch Team.
  • Distracts from the recent headlines of Activision-Blizzard shredding court documents regarding this very case.
  • Even more press down the road when they finally decide to announce what his new name is (because for some strange reason, they’re announcing a future reveal for it rather than straight-up telling us :thinking:).

Nah, we know his name.


You know his old name. This game is their property and his name is whatever they say it is. I hope you’re not one of those types of people that go around saying artists should have full creative freedom to execute their visions. You can call him whatever you want, but shouldn’t expect THEM too to call him what you want.

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You have your points, and most may be valid. But I will tell you this, nobody should be reporting that the name is changing… without reporting on the lawsuit. If this was a true PR move to avoid mentioning of the lawsuit, they wouldn’t have announced it at all, until they were ready to say the name. Stockholders need to see action, and don’t care so much about the PR. This is for stockholders, not for the general public.