The 'Black Girl' Hero & Apex Legends


People who don’t consider themselves racists.
Constantly pay attention to skin color.

Irony. :rofl:


chinese is afr ican? lol ok


Yoooo, this thread is crazy. I truly can’t believe some of the stuff that I have seen here in this post. And on the damn Overwatch official forums too! Not even Reddit.


Let’s not pretend that Apex’s hero lineup wasn’t very carefully crafted to include as many races as possible.


They’re not black at all. Not even the OW team identifies them as black.

Trying to tell black people “Oh, so they’re not black enough for you” implies that black people should be grateful for any character this isn’t white or Asian, which does nothing but handwave away the vast amount of cultural differences between dark-skinned people on this planet and continues to boil Africa down into ignorant, meaningless homogeneity.

So long as we recognize the reality of how many games have been carefully crafted to either exclude racial minorities or include them in stereotypical, if not outright racist ways.


Orisa is from Africa though :stuck_out_tongue: So, techincally shes black. But yeah, Overwatch’s hero lineup was carfully crafted to include as many races as possible too. But here we are after 3 years and not having a black female character.


Dude… Just stop. Seriously. Hush. You’re not helping yourself or your case in the slightest. And really? The whole “I have Black friends! I’m not racist.” card? For real? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Who’s mans is this? No seriously, who’s buddy or brother is this? Can someone please come get ya boy? Please? Dude is out here bugging out.


This argument will continue being racist no matter how many times you all repeat it.


Who’s more racist?
Someone who always brings up race, or someone who never does?


Whichever person of those groups thinks white people are superior.


I’m not helping myself? You sound like a troll.


You know what is extremely racist? That we have a damn Black history month. That in and of itself is a damn disgrace to humanity. You know why? Because Black people’s history is world history. It’s even beyond America’s history. Yet, we (as a country) gave it the okay to relegate my damn ancestor’s history to a month!? AND THE SHORTEST DAMN MONTH OF THE YEAR!? How disrespectful can you really be? That’s why, when someone would say “Happy Black History Month” to me, I’d immediately interrupt them. Followed by explaining how ridiculous that sounds.

“Hey, Happy Black History Month! Are you celebra—“ STOP! No, I’m not celebrating that bs. America’s history is Black History. World history is Black histoey. Tell me something, would you like a White History Month? “Uh… No… Not really.” Do you think Asians want an Asian History Month? “No…” So, why is it okay for us to have a Black History Month? “You got a really good point… Damn, I never thought about that…”


I assure you that people can have straight hair and still be “black”, just as people can have very, very curly hair and still be “white”.


I never said they couldn’t. Read what I said before calling me racist.


We’re very off-topic, but I completely agree. I’m not black, I’m an old white Jewish guy. But Black History Month has always struck me as something of a back-handed acquiescence; something of a time when the powers that be say “okay, fine we’ll take the next 28 days to tacitly acknowledge ‘you people’”.


I’m certain that I haven’t used the term ‘racist’ once in this entire thread, and I definitely didn’t imply that you were one. Why are you so defensive about that specific item?


Because I’m not racist and it annoys me when people say things about me that aren’t true.


Again, I haven’t said that. It’s just very odd that you’re deflecting in a very specific way about something that hasn’t been said.


That’s how it feels… Seriously. It’s how it feels.

Although, here. Let me ask you something, comrade. Would you like a Jewish History Month? It doesn’t have to be February of course, and no it doesn’t have to be exclusively in Germany (isn’t it ironic that Black History Month is had in the same place that treated them so badly for decades?). I’m talking about in general. How would you feel about that? Or perhaps a White History Month. Would you like 1 of those? Just wondering is all.


No, and for the same reason. And it is why I don’t like it when politicians make obligatory trips to Holocaust museums, or think that supporting a far right political party in Israel is “what Jews want”, as if “Jews” are a monolith that all think and feel the same way, or are connected by some internal groupthink. I imagine you all are treated similarly.