The 'Black Girl' Hero & Apex Legends


Simply, following up on the note sent from Jeff to a fan requesting a black female hero.

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Apex Legends has two off the bat with no mysterious circumstances or strings attached in an attempt to ‘shoehorn’ in diversity-- they simply exist.

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So, where’s Overwatch’s?


overwatch heroes have a bit more depth than 2 unique skills and skin colour


Pharah and Ana. Both are 2 absolutely beautiful Black queens. Well…, Pharah is at least. Ana would get it too, so long as it’s the Ana with the young skin. Not the standard Ana. :eyes:


Black women can’t just EXIST in media. There has to be a REASON.


A reason? Not necessarily.
One does not need a reason to make a hero of a certain skin color.

Sexuality and religion tends to be a touchy subject. But skin color?


I’m being really sarcastic. Sorry about that.

Granted, I don’t think there needs to be a reason for a character’s sexuality and religion either. It’s fiction.



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If it does not need a reason to make it than why people ask to make? If something does not have a reason to exist it means that this something is meaningless and useless and there is not reason to care about it. But people care, for some reason.


Ahh, I’m sorry!

It’s hard to understand sarcasm through text.
Sadly enough some people do think that, so I thought this may be the case.


I will say this, I think Junkertown queens as an Australian Aboriginal is the black female representation, but she is not out yet. Because she is and has been planned for a long time, this may well be why one is in not present, because they have opted for other characters they felt needed to be in for game play and not the silly need for “represent my sex/gender” check-boxing that people are obsessed with currently. SJW movements are a problem because they draw the lines more heavily like this, instead of attempting to erase them contributing in their own way to issues.


I think there’s a difference between not needing a reason to exist, and not needing to exist.

Some people like the representation. Whether that is correct, or not, is not up to us. But I don’t see the problem with them making one, IIRC they even stated they wanted to.


Overwatch has the most diverse hero and character selection. We have multiple heroes that aren’t, dare I say — white. At a certain point you have to ask if skin colour is more important than a character’s lore.

I say this as someone who is mixed.


They probably won’t even accept it as ‘black representation’ because an Aboriginal isn’t of Sub-Saharan origin and ‘It’s not the same’. Speaking of checking off boxes… sigh.


did you say forced diversity?
like with soldier?

would be perfect for this game then! :sunglasses:


Can you stop beating the dead horse?


What about Pharah and Ana? They dont count because they are from Egypt?


Good point - as if Asians weren’t “white” enough…


ok sure yeah black woman hero

but only if she fights with a cyborg falcon


You could simply just ask people what they think instead of assuming the worst of folks.

That would be an idea.


This just in: Overwatch is different from Apex Legends, thanks Kotaku, couldn’t have figured that out without you.