The 'Black Girl' Hero & Apex Legends


I don’t have Blizzard’s data or analytics reports, but I’d wager that female black isn’t their primary player base.

but it is EAs?


The irony.



I’m just trying to know what you think. I can produce plenty of evidence, and quickly.

Nintendo says it’s a 50/50 split.

61% of women vs 57% of men aged 45-64 play video games.

42% of “gamers” are female.

Etc, etc. So, yes this idea of men, and white men as per the topic at hand, as a target demographic is objectively wrong. Now, if you want to sit there and spin yarns about me, then I suggest you do so. But when you get tired of it and want to come back to talk, know that the facts are not aligned with your assertion.

Have a great day!


The point is that it doesn’t matter.
Why is everyone making such an issue out of this? Is it a good thing that two characters are black females? Is it a bad thing?


That’s what I’m trying to ascertain. Why is it that “white male” is considered default. I’m not getting answers.


Either your dishonest, or short-sighted.
I never said gaming in general was primarily male. lol

You’re then going to use Nintendo games, and articles that take mobile games like candy crush into their data to talk about overwatch, and say, “let’s make all the characters black females then” hahah
You’re kidding me right?


WHITE MALE isn’t default.
You’re the first one who brought it up.


It’s so funny to see how people like to quantify how black is a hero (actually how black is a person IRL).

Seems that Pharah and Ana is not black enough just because they are from middle east. Maybe because people do not feel represented by middle east people? I don’t know.

How black a character has to be to check your representative list?


No, I didn’t just use Nintendo games. I provided two other examples. You may peruse them as well.

On the contrary, I just concluded a lengthy exchange with an individual who said that it was and it should continue to be so. Objectively, I am not the one that brought it up.

But to your point, the overwhelming number of protagonists in gaming are and have been white men. This goes all the way back to the beginning. When Nintendo decided to give Jumpman a personality and back story, they made him a white dude.


Pharah and Ana are not Black.


You used a Nintendo article which takes ALL games into account, including the many casual games. That does not apply to Overwatch even remotely.

You claimed, that I, myself, said white male was the primary demographic. Either you’re dishonest, or you’re just making bad arguments.

I don’t know what other people said, but you should not make it appear as if I said that.

Your argumentation is weak.


If you say so. And since you said so, it is no doubt objectively correct.

So, what is the primary demographic?


what’s with this forum’s obsession with a black girl specifically? I mean, i would love a black girl as well, but, like… there are quite a lot of non-american non-white heroes.
Pretty much every new hero since launch was female (except doomfist and hammond) and we have at least one hero for every country. We have four african heroes. We have indian, chinese, japanese, brazilian.

What is up with wanting specifically a black girl? What’s with this combo especially that needs to be introduced in the game asap?


Maybe in your country, because this is not the fact.
**Btw Egyptians are Arabs.
With yours argument we can agree that there is no black people in the world since black is not ethnicity or nationality.

So are you talking about colors, ethnicity or nationality? What exactly is black female? Blacks are only from southern africa?

You should google for Lisan Al Arab. Black people don’t like when someone (specially white people) say you’re not black.


I’m sorry for not seeing in Black and White. We’re all the same. Why does “race” matter?

Why do you assume I’m white? Black people also don’t like it when people claim to be black when they aren’t.


Dude, I’d give you a billion upvotes If I could. You sir win the Internet for the day.

Can you believe that’s the same dude who asked me if I’m sure my own FAMILY was Black? He really had the damn audacity to ask if I was sure my relatives were Black, if they had straight hair and her black hair. As well as light skin and blue eyes. Because apparently, Black people can’t look like that. Us Black folk can’t have olive and light fair skin, and various shades of eye color outside of the typical brown. We can’t have tiny noses, and thin lips. Nope. Those aren’t normal by their standards, and apparently others on these forums. :joy:

Boy, oh boy. I tell ya. If some of you who think that Ana and Pharah couldnt possibly be Black could look at me and m family, you’d lose your minds at what you’d see. I’m talking lighter skin than even Vanessa Williams, with no bleaching involved. Sky blue and or deep blue eyes, the whole nine.


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… I’ve seen some racist stuff in gaming. Seriously. I have. I thought I seen it all, and heard it all. But, I can now truly say that the Overwatch community is the FIRST to be so bold as to be racist on an forum. And to my face with it. Wow. Congratulations I guess. You did something I’ve never seen before.

N’ah, screw that. I have to screen shoot this. On both my phone and laptop. People are not going to believe wtf I just read.


I am not racist. You cannot label me as something I’m not. I’m just stating facts you refuse to acknowledge.


LOL what? What about my friends at school who had straight hair? What about a professor from Sudan? Doesn’t get more black than there.