The big problem with OW2 is its confusing release strategy

I recognized that among my friends basically everyone is confused about what Overwatch
2 is really meant to be. Lots of them who have played Overwatch in the past check out some new videos on youtube about its successor, but at first glance it just looks very, very similar to Overwatch with just some minor changes. Some of them even have the videos from 3 years back with the campaign and hero missions in their head and they see nothing of it on youtube, so they guess its been cancelled. The “early access” and “multiple betas” thing doesn’t make it much clearer on what the release strategy of Overwatch 2 really is.

Personally for me now its very clear where the OW 2 team wants to go since I’ve read the devs answers in the latest AMA and checked out the roadmap, however the usual casual player does not do this. He / she only checks out some youtube vids, sees that basically nothing has changed, has the latest Blizzard scams (like Diablo Immortal, Warcraft 3 Reforged etc.) still in his / her head and thinks about Overwatch 2 being just another thing to get money from the players with the least effort.

So in my opinion from a marketing perspective it would have been much better to wait until 2023 and then release the game with even more changes, more heroes and PvE content.

What do you think?

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Because that’s what it is.

Their communication is terrible. They release the beta and then don’t even try to help the people on reddit/forums experiencing tons of issues. They also hype things up: e.g. sym getting changes, turns out they were just nerfs


As far as I understood the devs, OW2 is just not finished and even though the “release” in october is not the release of OW2 but its “early access”. The full “release” of OW2 will be done next year, containing the full (paid) PvE content etc.

But as you see, even though I thought I’m clear about OW2 while writing these lines I still recognized I am a little confused too :smiley:

There will be no ‘full’ release of Overwatch 2 anymore. PvE is going to be in seasonal DLC rather than a one time game purchase like they originally said.

They are doing it just to get even more $$$


So you are telling me even if they completed the PvE content they will just release it seasonally to get more money from the players?

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We don’t know how (Or even if) they are monetising the PVE.

Pretty much. No more loot boxes, so you will probably have to BUY skins, or endure lame tactics like the new Brigg Twitch nonsense. Also, it’s called QUICK play, not lets drag out a match by playing it tiwice because that is how they do it on the Twitch Channel. Worse, we probably are going to have to PAY for the PVE content promised under season pass 2 and future updates. Going to milk us dry if possible.

They probably will have a larger initial release but not the full campaign

It was already confirmed PvE will be a standalone purchase. Then in one of the streams this year they said they are moving to seasonal PvE release instead.

Well, since Season Pass one costs money, i doubt seaon pass two will be free

Was it confirmed recently? Because if not, then it doesn’t necessarily mean much. Many of their plans have clearly changed over the years.

A few things:

  1. We don’t know if the PVE will be a part of the battle passes.
  2. It has been said that the passes for seasons 1-3 will cost 1000 virtual currency, which presumably isn’t free.
  3. Season 2 is in December, and the PVE won’t be out until next year.

Please reread what I said.

Don’t need to. I read it fine. Don’t see what’s wrong with my reply.

However, i think we agree that communication about what exactly OW2 is and how PvE content will be released etc. is still very opaque

I literally said previously they said PvE was a standalone purchase and then that they changed it and said it would then be multiple releases alongside seasonal content (which negates their initial statement). Then you reply asking if the first bit was confirmed when my post was literally detailing how it just changed.

Yep. There are a lot of questions about OW2 and not many answers.

I mentioned that we don’t know how the PVE is being monetised.

You then mentioned that it was originally confirmed to be monetised, and then mentioned that they are releasing it seasonally. In my opinion, the only way the latter could relate to what I said is if you were trying to imply that them originally claiming the PVE would be monetised as a standalone purchase meant that it would also be monetised in this new seasonal model.

Apologies for all the confusion.

Because that is what really happen.
Even the roadmap is just doing the same stuff like past years.

The pve will launch unfinished just like everything else. It is glorified archives missions which will get seasonal updates like the old archives did.

Is there any source for your point about the PvE relases?

Only about that it is going to be receiving seasoned content and the roadmap. It was mentioned in the pre recorded stream.

For the rest, it is based on assumption based on what they have shown (or more likely haven’t shown) so far.

Man I hate that. Like in lots of new tv series as soon as the story exciting you have to wait for another week to get to the next episode. Thats why I the most series I watch are already completed ones.

What happened to the old Blizzard only releasing stuff when its done, even if it took them years to complete?