The big problem with OW2 is its confusing release strategy

Hey there still could be the hero missions to tide us over between releases. We don’t know how it will all work yet.

They playerbase wanted new content

And I think thats the major problem. We don’t know.
Don’t get me wrong, communication is MUCH better now than it was the last 3 years, but still it could be improved.

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Oh for sure, I totally agree. That last event just left me with even more questions lol :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Yes, would be very nice if someone could ask the devs what the exact plans with PvE are, because its very opaque and there are different statements all over the forums / internet. :confused:

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That’s been heir MO for a long while now. If there is one thing they have spent some serious investment and research strategy on, it’s psychological marketing. The company really is genius at getting players to open their wallets. I’m 100% confident they know exactly what they are doing with the “release” of Overwatch 2. I expect them to drag it out as long as possible to milk the hype train for every last drop.

Hard nope. They already crossed the line with the wait time. Time to get real: PvE is not as much needed as PvP is for a competitive live service PvP game.

They just should have called it OW PvP 2.0 and call the PvE stuff OW2. Its that simple.

True, the OW 2 PvP stuff should have had another name actually.

The big problem is the missing player.

My problem is, unlike 99.999% of the world, i refuse to own a mobile device. I do not want one. I like my old fashioned land line phone for the rare occasions I use it. So now i got to go out and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to play this game?

Actually, they have stated the PvE WILL be part of a Battle Pass.


Previous post from the official OW FB page. Prettyh sure it was on twitter. Sorry, i just worked 12 hours and not feeling like do your homework right now. Look for it.