The big problem with Mercy


A tiny portion of the playerbase is not good enough sorry :confused:
You can have an opinion on the matter but don’t throw it around as fact.

The forum is full of whiners.
You don’t see the people happy because they don’t come here.


I dislike the current Mercy so much that I don’t play OW anymore after nearly 200 hours.

I just want her to be fun again.


Doesn’t necessarily matter what they want but rather what the game needs to fulfill in the particular role. Some of the characters were honestly designed to be accessible to players who perhaps don’t play FPS. From what I see, in the role of Mercy, she is supposed to be a simple support who can offer a basic and consistent aid, and move quickly between her team mates to help or escape.

The whole team revive element had this cool epic feel and I’m sure players who were initially attracted to this Mercy version at the start are nostalgic for it but it was probably only good during the no-limits era and balance. You know, when you could have 2 McCrees and 2 1.0 Roadhog hooks to stop her. Now, it was toned down for solely a tempo mechanic while giving her additional options to avoid enemies in the back line while helping more than one team mate, sounds okay to me. They may not like it, or find it boring (I did before & after) but if its satisfying the role when played then it should be alright.


I get that every character should have a ‘role’ but Mercy’s role has obviously expanded far beyond being a ‘easy to access beginner’s’ sort of role. the community wants more than that for her

Mercy is the most popular and controversial Overwatch ever. By a mile.

Lots of people don’t just play Mercy because they suck at everything else. Lots of people play Mercy because they LOVE Mercy.


Sure, they like the character I get that (maybe even obsess x_x). That doesn’t change what the character needs to fulfill in the game nor means they should be appeased if they want more out of the character.


Take a fricken look on the forums. On reddit. On the internet in general about Mercy.
Even plenty of pros disagree with Mercy’s direction.

Next thing you want me to prove the sky is blue.
I mean, I can do that, sure. It is a waste of my time however to prove the obvious.


Still a tiny minority regardless.
As said you don’t see people happy as they don’t post on forums/YouTube usually about how good a hero is.

Ps I also disagree with the rework just fyi. But a rework was needed, just not the one we got.



I am up for everything that will make Mercy fun to play again. whether it is mass rez, valk, mostly i want 60 hps back


You’re acting as if all Mercy mains are supposed to share the same opinion…

560 people, including, me seem to agree with this solution:


I played both and I prefer Valkyrie by alot.


Its “usually” etc etc


I also did, untill they took away her GA speed and nerf her healing to 50 hps. Now i want old mercy


“Silent majority” is a silly argument that holds no real ground. You could also argue that plenty of people disagree with the rework but don’t say so on social media or on the forums.

All you can assume is that the forum population of several thousand players, accurately represent the playerbase.
Similarly to how they can do a census IRL for political voting purposes with only a small group of people, and still predict the rough voting outcome.

The proportion at which there have been complaints about Mercy rework as compared to any other rework in the game thus far, shows you how crappy the rework was. How many people consider this a problem.


Hi sweetie.


As said I agree it’s a problem.
But a rework was needed, just not the one they went with.

Help someone stalker alert!



I dont think its that Mercy mains cant agree on a solution, I think its about offering different solutions that they think would work and make Mercy better in order to give more ideas and space to the community and devs.

Lets face it, when Mercy main asked for a revert after her rework made her broken as hell, they were told to shut up and that Mercy is much better now and she requires more skill by the community, until they started screaming for nerfs.

Mercy mains arent stupid or hive minds, nor do they want their hero OP, and they understand theres more than one way to go about it.


Boy, were they wrong about that XD.


I have no reason to think that whatsoever. There are so many variables.

Yes, the rework was poorly done. However, that does not mean a rework was not understandable. God knows oh so many of us would have loved to have avoided the Moth Meta…


I’m just glad we’re slowly coming to a consensus that current Mercy is an issue.

even if it did take a year of arguing and hating each other >_>