The big problem with Mercy


The largest problem with current Mercy.
The fact that Mercy mains themselves don’t agree on what should be done.

Some want valk, some don’t.
Some want single rez, some five man.
Some want more healing.
Some more damage.
New ults, old ults.
Ults changed, ults combined.

There is no single solution among the Mercy mains.


This is true. I put it down to the fact that Rez as an ability is extremely difficult to balance. How can you justify bringing a character back to life, completely negating an enemy’s hard work, without making it not worth the risk?


Its usually people who never played old mercy that like Valkyrie so much. Or they never play mercy and they find valkyrie more “fun” simply because it doesnt do anything when going up against it. Pretty sure a good solution people would agree on is to bring season 3 mercy back. She wouldnt have immunity on res which added more counterplay to it.


Make the target come back with limited health? Could that work?


It’s almost like Mercy mains aren’t a hive mind.

Weird. Almost like… they’re humans with different opinions. That’s a thought I can’t bear to think.


Which is the problem.
They have an opinion, but so do the people playing against Mercy, the developers, the people with a Mercy on their team.

If they want to change her, most people need to agree on something.


In theory, but then one could argue that you could use it to charge your ult even faster after you healed them, or that all of a sudden Rez is too weak. You see the issue here? In reality it would be better if it was never in the game, but since they put it in and made it an essential part of Mercy’s character, I think we’re stuck with it


Solution: ignore the ones asking for a revert, and listen to ones like me ^.^


It’s almost like opinions vary and no one Mercy main speaks for all the others. :thinking:


At the end of the day we are in the mercy of the devs. No DVa main asked for a rework last year and yet they reworked dva.


I love Mercy mains, we might all have different opinions but at least we are a passionate and rambunctious bunch who will stop at nothing to let Blizzard know how unhappy we are with Mercy’s current state.

at least there’s a tons of feedback and tons of possible solutions to help Blizz out…


What about the Mercy mains that are happy about current Mercy then?

But some would hate those.
It wouldn’t help, it would just give the mains a different problem.


I think the overall consensus among the vast majority of mercy mains is that this rework sucks.

Revert. Another rework. It doesn’t matter. But this iteration does not work.

The only ones who do say that Mercy works are people that either don’t play her, or don’t like playing with/against her in the first place.


Prove that the majority thinks it sucks?
Oh you can’t.

My opinion is that the rework does in fact suck but a rework needed to happen regardless (in a different direction)


lol, I don’t think I’ve met one yet


Those are the same ones who’ll be happy regardless because they just like the character :man_shrugging:


I’m a Mercy main, and I think she is fine, and I think she is fun to play. I have had other people try to tell me it’s a fact that she is not fun to play. You don’t see as many people speak out about enjoying their hero because the majority of players who come to these forums do so to complain, not compliment.


How many hours are needed to differentiate mercy player from main since I like post rework mercy


Obviously there’s never going to be a world-wide survey of every Mercy main. But it should be relatively obvious to anyone who pays attention to Overwatch that Mercy mains arn’t too happy about Mercy right now. You’re proof is everything you see before you and you arn’t going to get anything better than that.


No, but we almost all agree on these things.

  • Rez should be tied to ult and ult only
  • Rez should be earnable
  • Rez should feel good to use
  • Rez should have more counterplay

So, with these in mind, we could easily come up with something that most people would enjoy. Something fun and able to be balanced.