The Battle-Pass should give coins,

You get half a Battle-Pass worth of coins for completing every single weekly challenge for a season.

The Pass will also cost 1K credits, the same as a regular skin and most people will be forced into buying the new hero, else they waste 40 hours trying to grind.

This is a really poor monetisation model when looking at the long term.

  • Heroes shouldn’t be in the Battle-Pass, the main draw should be the Mythic Skins, not a P2W model.

  • You should earn enough coins from completing one Battle-Pass to buy the next, or at the very least reward players with a free Battle-Pass Ticket if they reach level 100 or something, IDK.

  • Give bonus rewards, such as exceptionally high coin drops for continuing to level-up past Level 80.


been posting this for weeks but what people said to me ?

‘’ blizzard need to make money why would they gave enough coins to get next BP for free ‘’


Because those people are idiots.

Yes, Blizzard needs to make money one way or another, but they chose to make money FROM EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!


Meanwhile nearly every other game does, and they still make a ton of money?

But just ignore those people who said that to you, they prob didn’t play another game with a BP before


i even made something like this to made my word clear but nooo they think billion dollar company need 5$ every 9 week to sustain the game


and be like every other F2P game with a BP?


Playing the game should earn coins. Frick this Battlepass bs. Make items unlockable instead of time gating everything behind BS grinds.

Bliz putting in a Battlepass is a sign that they don’t.


apex doesn’t, valorant doesn’t, cod doesn’t, csgo doesn’t and i’m pretty sure fortnite doesn’t do that either so what game are you referring to?

You get a Battle-Pass and a half worth of V-Bucks in Fortnite.

You could buy 3 more Battle-Passes with only 2 seasons of work.

In Overwatch 2, 2 seasons gets you 1 more.


cod mw 2019 still pulls in a butt load of money so what do you mean?

you have 1.7k community posts don’t act like you have anything better to do LOL

that became impossible as soon as they announced the F2P model.


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That’s not even from the BP though, that’s just them forcing you to play every day and complete quests


next thing they would said ‘’ well you only need to get BP that contain new hero ‘’

this is stupid most of people on this entire planet reason to buy BP is to get exclusive cosmetics that won’t return not Power well this before OW2 released

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Apex and fortnite both give you enough coins for the next bp


I want to spend 40 hours learning a hero, not 40 hours trying to UNLOCK them.

Fair enough, but completing every single weekly challenge giving you HALF a Battle-Pass is just pathetic.

Unless there’s Weekly, Daily, Role and Hero quests that can all be done easily and interchangeably, whilst not requiring a 24/7 grind, you just won’t make enough credits to unlock anything meaningful.

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" Apex Legends’ Battle Pass takes about 100 hours to complete with bonuses"
" between 5 and 7 weeks.Dec 19, 2021" fortnite
people like you conveniently leave out the fact that it takes up to WEEKS to completely level a battle pass up

Since when does csgo have a battlepass?

I think it’d be a great idea to give F2P players half a battlepass cost worth of credits per season of grinding, and battlepass purchasers half too, so people who buy the pass and complete it get the next one free, and people who don’t can still get a pass every other season.

Since he gave Bobby Nodick the idea.