The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained


I seriously have no issue with people playing Mercy. I don’t get tilted when I see someone pick Mercy. I play her sometimes because sometimes shes really fun. What you play in this game makes no difference to me as long as you play it well, and even then it’s not that big of a deal.

I’ve yet to see anyone attack someone else for playing Mercy. I have only seen lashback on forums from the tons of spam threads that fill space every day.

Your insistence that people do hate you does not make it true.

I don’t hate you nor do I dislike you. I dislike the position you hold.


I do. As a support main it forces me to make a vital decision at the hero select screen: do I go second main healer to supplement for the crappy healing, thus losing a ton of utility; or do I go off healer and risk my team struggling for heals?

The former often ends up being the best choice, which is an issue when it comes to use of a main healer.


“I tried to be very transparent with the community that our focus wasn’t the seasonal events right now,” said Kaplan, noting that the team instead prioritized “other stuff” like new heroes, balance changes, overhauls, LFG, endorsements, and spectator mode.

At least Jeff confirmed that they are still working on Valkyrie. :slightly_smiling_face:


I see what you did there

Of course, he was talking about actual spectator mode, not Valkyrie :slight_smile:


Not to mention that but when they changed her healing, I don’t even understand why they didn’t decrease the amount it takes to get her ultimate and also why (I think anyway) they haven’y fixed her on-fire rate.


I wouldn’t say that Mercy players get all of the hate, but when it’s in a Mercy Thread talking about new ideas for her or saying what could change, there are really rude people; like they just say their opinion or fact that might be incorrect, then someone corrects them and they freak out.


Well, how do you feel about her healing?

I agree with you about her being fun, not as much for me anymore but that’s probably from the long break I’ve needed from this game, but she does feel weak in some aspects of her kit.


I do not mean to be rude, so I apologize in advance if this response comes off this way - but - I answered that question (as well) in the post you are responding to


nobody cares


about what?


Relevant topic, anyone have thoughts about this?


Mercy duh


So you come to a Mercy orientated topic to say that you don’t care.

Interesting. :thinking:


There are a large number of Mercy threads on these forums with thousands of replies collectively, which strongly suggests (to me) that a lot of folks care


I wouldn’t even bother giving that guy the attention honestly. :sunny:


Your entire post was:

…which doesn’t exactly express sarcasm. It certainly is mocking Mercy players, however.

Insulting a group of people in a rather monotone way isn’t a joke. Jokes are supposed to have humor and a bit of class to them.


I think your just being sensitive, it was a harmless joke copying what you said in the original post “mercy mains will never be happy”

and mockery cant be humorous? It probably isn’t funny when your the one being mocked…


I have said it.

Moral high ground? Maybe not.

But I certainly feel as though I have the practical high ground between you and I. I can at least contribute more to a discussion than:

…A restatement of a thesis that any informed person would recognize to be incorrect.


What you feel and what is known is different.







Six. There’s your answer.

The title narrows the scale down to only the people who are angry with the PTR changes to Valkyrie. I’m talking about why a certain group of people feel the way they feel. If you’re not in that group, then obviously, what is said in the OP doesn’t apply to you.

By speaking for those of us who aren’t fine with her?

That’s not how this works. Me exercising my ability to voice the concerns held by myself and many others does not impede your ability to voice your lack thereof.