Thanks for doin nothing vs smurfs

Oh, yeah, that’s a cool idea but its not possible to do now. I thought you meant it was something i could check not.

MMR is used for quick play which means that your 10-year-old teammate would not put you at any disadvantage - her skill level would be accounted for.

MMR is based on ingame stats (i suck at aiming with a controller) and winning/losing… and we lose a LOT.

You and your teammates each have separate MMR. Which means who you team up with shouldn’t really be a part of the conversation as your team mate should already be accounted for. Otherwise any smurf could just group up with someone who is bad at the game and get a free pass to smurf. In fact if you are losing a lot and your own MMR is going down because of your team mate wouldn’t that have made you even more of a smurf?

We can argue about whether you specifically as an individual have an advantage going from one platform to another - I would agree with Thrillho given that obviously aim is not the only skill in overwatch; knowledge of the map and angles and health pack locations and so on obviously do carry over.

Also MMR is based on a number of things including expectations.


In Overwatch, whether your MMR goes up or down is contingent on winning or losing. But there are a number of factors that determine how much that rating goes up or down. For example, what map you’re playing on and whether you were attacking or defending is factored in. We know the win rates on attack/defend on all of the maps and we normalize accordingly. Not all wins and losses are equal. We also look at your individual performance on each of the heroes you played during the match. Everyone has better and worse heroes and we have tons of data showing us what performance levels should be like on those heroes. We also look at your opponents and whether or not their matchmaking rating is higher or lower than yours. These are just a few of the things that are considered when determining how your skill should go up or down.

Lol then Sony would tell Blizzard to sell OW somewhere else. Sony allows online play without a subscription. Blizzard can’t tell Sony which people are considered legit or not. MS needs a credit card to get a 1 free month of live. Which is why there are no smurfs on Xbox.

Well, yeah, but being with my teammate means i lose more and i dont actually care as long as she’s having fun, so our MMR must be pretty damned low. While my teammate doesn’t mathematically affect my MMR, it does impact my win/lose ratio, so its indirect. Being a smurf requires you to be good, which i’m not. People only complain about smurfs when they carry games. I dont.

And yeah. i’ve done plenty of research into MMR systems including designing my own. Personally i’d prefer a flat win or lose system instead of all the extra stats rubbish, but that’s not gonna be a thing while smurfs exist.

Smurfs have never been a problem in any PVP game. They simply serve as a convenient excuse for those with a weak mentality


Overwatch the only game where people cry about smurfs instead of just trying to get better each game so they can, little by little, close the gap


Other things that minionbanana thinks are fact:

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One of the biggest PvP games ever has a smurf problem, and they put in measures to fix it.

[From site] Making a new account to dominate weaker players is known as ‘smurfing’ but from today, Valve is taking a much harder stance on the issue by banning any accounts that are found guilty.

Well done valve.


THere is nothing to be done with smurfs if your personal skill is issue.

Ok, but in this game really nothing has been done against.

The only things that blizzard is is making profiles private (pro smurs) and hide premade (pro smurfs).

About skill, does not matter: you play in a elo game, matchmaking have to match you with same elo skill.

I think ow community exaggerate elo meaning. For me all ranks are the ladder. So you start at the bottom and go upwards, that is the point of competitive mode. No one cares if you decide to not climb, either you hardstuck or smurf/deranker - these both are same for me. Ladder is for climbing, and if ppl can throw games in comp callnig their lack of skill as an excuse, so can do smurf with multiple reasons. That way if casuals have right to play COMPETITIVE mode casualy (ruining others games with their unwilling to learn the game and climb to gm) same casual way could be used by others, who you call smurfs. That’s my point which leads to obv logic, that only skill matters in the end and you decide if you are victim or that one who learned this game and have fun now playing it the way he like it. You want to fix YOUR smurf issue - climb, no other way. I did that, I beat smurfs, I wanted to be able to protect myself and friends who I play with. When my friends start complaining about smurfs, I say - play better it will fix your problem, also I call stuff which they made wrong during game, but they never learn, always complain. So, logic is clear, ppl who have “smurf issue” are hostages of own mindset and game approach, so deserved tbh.
THe difference between smurf and hardstuck, that smurf is actually climbing, but he want either repeat this process or play casualy. To be able to repeat, you have 2 options, spend money for new account, or derank to avoid spendings (I guess that is why it is against ToS at 1st place, not because “competitive integrity” cause there is no integrity for a long time, since brig made goats, which leads to role lock which leads to 15m q time which leads to unplayable game and 1st reason to smurf)

Look last Youroverwatch video about ranked issues.

I spent a lot of my time comparing myself with forum users who do not complain about the problem, they’re addressing it as a placebo (a placebo that is confirmed to date in many newspapers, in the same producers as Volve, Raiot and Blizz; although they look good as interested parties to give certain data on the incidence).

The hardstuck speech is for me not to be taken into consideration, we are not athletes of an anime in which with a compelling background music we grit our teeth and climb the summit, we are simple customers of a fruition service, who want to click the queue and find us in enjoyable matches: if in every match you find yourself with more than 50% of new accounts (regardless of whether they are smurf or not) the thing already stinks. The matchmaking of the elo is structured to not be able to filter the smurfs, which is why they are forbidden in chess. I add that a user on youtube published a descriptive study of his, albeit to the good (not because of the user but because of blizzard that makes this game exceptionally censored) and found that about 33% of the matches were sabotaged at the start because of these accounts (a downward estimate since it is easy to spot the big smurfs that put on a show, but those less distant from their elo who still manage to win games in a less obvious way may be more).

We are simple customers of an elo-regulated service, if you company sell me an elo-regulated service but first of all you allow smurfs to access it (which is not compatible with elo systems) and then you are aware that some lots are altered by this and you do nothing to intervene (perhaps making money from these smurf accounts) you are scamming the customer.

There is no evidence because:

  1. These companies do not have to provide evidence of the transparency of their matchmaking to date due to a legislative vacuum
  2. Certain data have never been leaked from any of these companies, even in an unofficial manner
  3. No consumer association has ever lifted a finger for us

There are clues to the existence of smurf:

  1. Yes, as already mentioned, many newspapers, users and the producers themselves have already expressed the problem for 10 years
  2. there is no data on the incidence, due to the companies.
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then, don’t click competitive mode if you go there to not compete/improve/learn game/tryhard/be athlete.
Match joy depends on how much difference is done by you.

You know content creators have their views and just preach to an echo chamber right?

It is no different to you only reading the comments of one person you agree with on here.

Just have fun playing with friends.

No, because there are terms of service, and we both play in a elo system. In a elo system there are strict rules that are what I described. You are defending a point that neither blizzard defend in their ToS, they simply unofficially tollerate or don’t fight.

If you think you want to compete, improve, learn a game you can do, but it’s not ranked the place to have custom kinds of training; the ranked in a elo system are simply made to make balanced matches with players of same elo (google elo)

if you can’t even think of a viable solution to a problem, how do you even know it’s a problem? i kid, smurfing is definitely a problem
semantics aside, can you make a thread for once that isn’t just whining about something?

Battlecattle you have been able to make precise estimates on the smurf phenomenon for weeks, but every time you are asked to provide us with this precise number (very low) and also to provide the sources from which you extrapolate it, with the same punctuality you change the subject , pay attention to us with other excuses etc.

If you wish to have credibility, at least as far as I’m concerned, as an interlocutor, pick up where we left off and provide tangible evidence of what you say (evidence that is not blizzard is good, impartial and infallible; because blizzard is the provider and beneficiary of the matchmaking and revenue).

I also come to meet you, my position that I have professed several times:
-the smurf phenomenon exists, admitted by kaplan also in 2019, admitted by riot in unflattering terms, admitted by valve, epic and many others, even the main youtube streamer has made yet another video about it recently (and let’s talk about someone who benefits from blizzard between invitations and more, we all know how it works)
-I don’t know how to give the incidence (so if I admit I don’t have this number you can’t accuse me of having to give it to you) because blizzard doesn’t spread the numbers, but even here it’s blizzard’s fault that prefers to hide everything

If you want to continue the conversation from the deadlock weeks ago, provide the numbers of your estimates.


Blizzard also said there were more anti-smurf features coming in the recent bliz/streamer AMA. If it wasnt a problem, they wouldnt need to develop those features.


You are saying there is a problem, but have never provided any proof.

once you do that I will be able to provide the data that I have that counters your point.

Atm, you are just shouting about nothing…

No one has ever said smurfs don’t exist, everyone agrees when found they should be banned.

No one has every told me how to find one, a fool-proof method that means my report is 100% accurate. Because I don’t want normal people being reported for doing nothing wrong.

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