Thank you for console specific balance changes!


Thank you

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I figured it out. It’s true. :partying_face:

Hopefully the buff means less Moira on console. But it probably just means more ana/moira comps.

This is rather interesting, I didn’t think they were going to balance console vs. pc. I wonder how much more they are going to change in that case.

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Here are the updates for Console specific changes


I’ve never had a problem against Symmetra turrets on ps4 I don’t know why they nerfed them further.


Are these historic or new?

I always have trouble shooting the turrets in time before they kill me. On console, I have to slowly move the crosshairs over the turrets and often, by the time I destroy the turret, it’s already killed me.

I get around this by choosing Brigitte or Moira who don’t need to aim so much.

With this change, maybe I’ll try another hero to see if I can kill turrets in time.


Where are you seeing this?

No… **** this… as a Sym main on ps4 THIS is ******* trash…


console specific balance changes - YAY!

why on earth did you push the widow nerf to console then?? - BOO!

and the ana buff really wasn’t necessary - people just need to practice their aim. between this and the widow nerf you are reducing the advantage of having good aim on console – 2x BOO!

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So im not the only one?

Now that console specific balancing is on the table again… Can we finally talk about the Pharah in the room(showing her some real love on PC I mean)?


I literally give up playing Sym. Can I get a refund on my golden gun???

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I’m not really a fan of this. I don’t like the console versions now being “different” from the PC versions. It doesn’t do anyone any good when things are different when people try to make the transition from console to PC. I dunno - I just generally don’t like it being a different version. It plays right into the PC elitist argument that console players are some how lesser - which is horse crap


this isnt optimism this is bull ****! Sym Turrets are not hard to destroy, lliterally a single punch can take them out! there didnt need to be nerfed and they doesnt need to be Console differences!


I agree. I don’t notice a huge difference, console specific patches will ruin the game. I enjoy watching OWL and other top play and using their strategies and metas. All that console specific patches will do is make console a clown fiesta of a platform.

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Blizzard finally did something good. Console only changes are something that should have been part of the game since year 1 i thought they were never going to do this


now they just have to give reaper 200 health on console

oh wait, he’s dunking on every rank on PC too by w+m1ing