Tanks & Support need to l2p to swap


And your evidence of feeding is refusing to switch heroes, which Blizzard explicitly said is not reportable.


no, it’s you dying first :smiley: in every fight.


Playing poorly is explicitly stated as not reportable


it isn’T :smiley: there is a part where playing poorly and obviously throwing, and if it si, it needs to removed and reportable. As i always said, In game abuse isn’t banned at all, you can basically do everything you want in game, but as soon as you say one wrong word in chat.


It literally says so in the report description that you obviously never read. You are false reporting and moving goal posts trying to justify your false reporting.


not moving anything. It’s the truth, if this is the case, your allowed to throw… oh btw that can’t be the truth, as jeff said throwing isn’t allowed. There is a difference between playing bad and throwing, you dying first in every fight is throwing, not playing bad. You playing tracer when you can’t achieve anything with her, is throwing, not playing poorly.


Well personally my games just have get a lot better, dunno why you think like this.


Yes you are.

First you say leaving voice is throwing, then hero choice is throwing, then playing off meta is throwing, then dying first is throwing.

None of those are reportable by Blizzards definition. You are false reporting and admit willingness to be toxic in chat. You deserve to be banned.


if you can’t read, not my problem. I always said the last one is throwing.

no you :smiley: for thinking your the better person. I’m not false reporting, how often you repeat it, it won’t change. Never got banned for false reporting and I reported a lot of people, so blizz disagrees with you. Also i never got muted for calling out throwers, so blizz seems to disagree with that too. I only once got muted when I said Sym is mega OP in chat in CTF mode and said that this mode is crap.


I quoted you where you said otherwise before moving your goal posts.


still, reading not your strength or :smiley: Translating words into meanings is hard or.


Not getting caught for breaking the rule doesn’t mean you didn’t break the rules. You are false reporting, you just haven’t been properly punished for it. Its obvious Blizzard doesn’t take false reporting seriously, since you are still around.


You are not my coach and don’t get to tell me how to play.

None of the the things you have listed are throwing. Throwing is losing on purpose. Dying first, unless you are simply walking into the enemy, isn’t throwing. It’s playing bad.

Reporting people who are trying to win, even if they are doing it in a way you disagree with, is an abuse of the report system.


it is throwing, there is hard throwing and soft throwing, obviously you don’t know the difference.
Just cause your not doing by intention it’s not getting not throwing.


Throwing literally means doing it intentionally.

Reporting people for unintentional behavior is abusing the system.


Blizzard says otherwise.

For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose.


When someone doesn’t play a game [properly] purposely. It is mostly used in games such as [Overwatch] Or [Rainbow Six Siege].

Picking a wrong hero can be definded as playing not properly.


It’s not “gameplay sabotage” according to Blizzard’s standards. It’s ridiculous that the term “throw” is used to refer to an unintentional act. It makes the term meaningless used that way.

It’s crazy people still report for picking the wrong hero, as Blizzard is quite explicit about that not being reportable.


DVA is still the best counter for pharah, since dva can almost always be run in each setup or map.
When they have a pharmercy a widow is also good.
But do you want to have one of your dps swap to widow on a KOH map where a sniper is bad?

To counter something is not usually the task of only one role (maybe reaper is the only exception)


Blizzard makes the rules on what is and is not the proper way to play OW. Not you. Blizzard said many times that hero choice is not an indication of someone playing the game improperly.

So no, you are wrong and you are false reporting.