Tank Mains why and when we give up

I play Will Ramos, what makes you believe I did not give up before the match started?

Hard counter swaps on tank must be remedied or the game will lose too many people willing to play the role.

I see it as the biggest issue in the game currently.

Just played 5 quickplay matches. 4 of them has the enemy tank play Zarya. She’s not so popular that it’s normal to see that many. They look at your profile and see Dva and just decide they want the easy way to win and go Zarya despite having hardly any time on her.
It’s so simple and easy to do that you legitimately have people that hardly know how to play her playing her just because it takes any of the effort or thinking involved away.


yep I have a trillion hours on hammond but often I can switch to a tank I never play and perform even better on a hero I put zero effort into learning because it counters whatever they have. Really all it goes to show is how shallow this game really is.

When I start the game by playing a frontline army swiss knife like Ram and realize that they’re playing a heavy poke team so I go Ball. I then go Ball and constantly boop/pd/get picks in the backline, but while I’m engaging and keeping 2-3 players busy my team still finds ways to wipe to the enemy team. A while ago I just quit a match where I had 3 of the opponents on me since I was harassing their Widow and their DF+Junk just got a 4k instead. When the team is just that bad just because the matchmaking is so horrid, I just leave. There’s no point in playing the game because even if I managed to clutch the game and win, I’d just mald even worse

I’m not going to sit here and say I’ve been a fellow sister since day one, I largely played Support at first and then gave Tanking a try. But having played a lot of hours on Tank, I hope I can offer in my opinions.

When they stall at a point I’m trying to push only for me to take the blame for why any push failed. We can’t take a section of the map if everyone wants to just sit at a choke point for 4-5 minutes (I get waiting for the right moment, but if 2 minutes has passed and all you’re doing is poking at the enemy, we’re not getting anywhere fast friends.)

I’m someone who will swap if I’m having it rough (Supports not committed enough to keeping me up when I’m frontlining is one reason. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they need to be glued to me 24/7, but if I’m taking the brunt of the damage, more than one or two pips of healing would be nice while I’m taking like 300+ damage per second.). So if I start out picking D.Va or Orisa and I’m getting deleted by Sym, Mei, Zarya, or Winston, then I’m swapping. What makes it infuriating though, is figuring out that I’m not the problem (as no matter what tank I pick or how well I play, we keep getting stomped) yet I’m still the one getting blamed.

Oh of course, it’s not like the DPS have about 300% more choices that could fit an infinite number of situations a lot better than any Tank could. No, totally not.

My opinion? A lot of people say that DPS have the hardest job, but laying down threat assessment to ensure the enemy doesn’t try to push you out of a space? They have about 7 heroes alone that can do that without really doing much. Heck, Mei alone terrifies a lot of people to the point they have to coordinate baiting her abilities just to kill her. Getting kills is only hard if you’re not that great at the hero you picked imo.

1.The fact that they can’t survive while I’m flanking for at least 4 seconds.
2.The fact that when I take highground they start dying.
3.When a support kills x people. I left a kiriko behind me to focus on a ulting soldier with mercy pocket. While I look at the kill feed that kiriko killed both my dps.
4.“we need a shield”
5.“go kill phara” while she is pocketed and not one soul besides that poor baptiste(rare) tries to help me.

I’m a crazy :rabbit2: OTP. I can’t be reasoned with, f you and no i’m not going to change because “WEneEdAsHieLD”

There’s a few different things that really had me to the point of almost quitting tank in Overwatch 1. The main 2 boil down to this.

  1. Team mates who soft throw when you don’t play only Rein/Zarya every game, every map, every mode, and every comp. They soft throw if they see DVA/Ball or any other combo that’s not Rein/Zarya or Winston/DVA because they have been told “by the Youtube” that these tanks are “throw picks.” So when we inevitably lose, not because the tanks are bad, but because the others have given up at the start, they blame it on the tanks, the cycle continues.

  2. 2CP maps. Hanamura on attack especially. If I played Ball and touched point, getting the enemy to back up, your team WILL NOT WALK until they see that kill in the feed. It doesn’t matter what is happening in the game, DPS will NOT go through the choke until they sit there for 20 mins poking back and forth and see that kill. DPS also won’t pick any other hero to go over (Pharah or Echo) or around/through (Sombra, Genji, Tracer, Sym.)

A combo of these 2 things pushed me to my breaking point as a tank player.

This goes for any role but it’s a bit frustrating when people don’t know how to play the role that they’ve picked in comp.

The Dva/Winston/Doom that doesn’t know it’s their job to move the soldier off high ground

The Soldier/Ana that doesn’t know they should take advantage of the high ground now it’s been vacated

The Kiriko that doesn’t know she should TP to Doom rather than hope he stays alive when he’s out of LOS

The Tracer than doesn’t know they should follow up the dive rather than only going solo or that they should be contesting the other Tracer

The Sombra that doesn’t know they should coordinate their hack with the dive

It’s the matchmaking’s fault because I know these mistakes are normally rank dependent but it’s still frustrating

People can also use cover, I don’t see very much of that going on in OW, in fact peole tend to act like ants in this game. Once they leave a pheromone trail they keep going back to it over and over instead of trying different paths.

Yes. While OP keeps saying DPS’s job is to get kills, I see that as a lower rank understanding.

I see the DPS primary role that applies pressure and you can best do that from taking secondary angles, which a lot of DPS don’t do.

Picks can happen of course but the pressure creates opportunities for elims (just like an empowered punch, a boop from Wrecking Ball or a nade from Ana can) which anyone in the team can capitalize from.

Anyone waiting for kills from DPS is just asking to be carried by better players.

Okay now I see this differently because I have seen the later since healing nunbers can overcome a lot of dps.

You have to be aware that all that chip damage you deal can be healed right up. Which only feeds supports ultimate charge.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why certain heros have their ultimates so often or so quick its because we are feeding into their ultinate charge.

Then you have to remember shooting a tank slows down your own team due to the ultimate charge reduction. Defensive abilities can be used as a distraction so yes certain players want you to mindlessly shoot at them.

Its not just about pressure, because anyone can do it. DPS have to deal meaingful damage that leads to an elimn or secures an elimn to avoid enemies from escape and only coming back to launch a riptire at the whole team out of nowhere.

So when I say “Kill things” no I don’t mean the basic definition of go out there and treat it like COD. I mean go out there and ENSURE SOMETHING DIES.

Now if you’re talking pressure in oreventing certain plays, okay great good! But if that enemy is lingering around, you’re then just leaving a potential threat alive that’ll just two tap a teammate. All because TTK is so oddly short on some heros and the othet half take forever.

So we are really just skimming over player potential and just assuming player stupidity?

I know this is still on topic, but I refuse to take strays from a DPS player who player his tanks/supports as DPS oriented options for their all role games.

An elimn is always more valuable then chip damage.

I’m not a DPS player. I’m simply a tank player that plays all roles at a level that what you generally say doesn’t work.

That being said, I think we are saying the same thing apart from this:

I think if your positioning allows, then yes. If that’s your role in the team comp then yes. If you are a Tracer in backline and a Soldier has been pressured into a corner, then yes. But as a tank, I get final blows. If a low Mercy flies high into the air, out of range of the DPS and the Ana can see her, it’s absolutely her job to finish her off.

But a lot of the time, it’s enough to keep the Ashe in cover or away from a dangerous position where she can’t peek and participate in the fight.

If she’s low, one of the following happens:

  • she peeks and she’s dead
  • she sits there spamming I need heals while a 4v5 is happening and the supports can’t turn around because that imbalance has caused the pressure to massively increase (ESPECIALLY if the enemy tank is good enough to recognize the opportunity and pushes)
  • she has to leave the dangerous position into a safer one and get a health pack
  • the support turns around to burn cooldowns, stop dealing damage or stop healing the tank

All of those things are good things and can lead to a situation for the first pick.

And to be clear, it should be obvious to any decent player than chip damage and pressure are not the same thing.

The first problem with lower rank DPS players that I see is that since the first scenario happens so much due to bad positioning and game sense (the Ashe peeks even though she’s low and dies), they think that’s what they should ALWAYS be trying to. Pressure from lower rank players on other roles that don’t understand the game and their role doesn’t help this.

The second problem is that lower rank TEAMS don’t understand the value of positional advantage. They fight the wrong fight.

The tank doesn’t understand that if you get your pocket Ashe onto the high ground, you probably win over time.

The Ashe may not recognize that the tank has cleared the space specifically for them.

The Mercy may not realize the Ashe is now on the high ground overlooking the whole fight and should be hard pocketing him and not healing the tank, who isn’t the win condition anymore.

So, when the Ashe is on that high ground, with a Mercy pocket after you’ve knocked everyone onto the floor - YES IT’S THEIR JOB TO GET KILLS.

But you make it out to be a blanket situation when it’s not.

What is all this crazed drivel?

Overwatch is not that complicated. Its also not as simplified as you explained during that stray bullet.

Tea. What are you doing?

You are correct… in gold, it’s simple. That’s because everyone thinks like you there.

But you actually don’t know what high ranked play is like.

In any competition, it gets more nuanced, the higher the skill levels. And given Overwatch is a game of synergies in a team environment, it’s probably prudent for you to assume that you don’t understand rather than it being drivel.

If it’s too complicated, I can try and dumb it down.

These over dramatic calls are why you all give up easily

You should never give up as a tank. When things go bad, you turn things around-you are the inspiration. You strengthen your teams mental.

I’m a Rein main on tank, and if we’re 20-90 down do I give up? Do I hell. I keep making the callouts, I keep shotcalling. If I have that shatter ready, I drop that bad boy, flatten the enemy team (if I can) then we wipe the floor with them and turn that game around from a loss to a win. You go in there, you keep trying and be a GIGACHAD.

If you’re a tank player, and you give up, what message do you send? I have paper thin mental, I can’t lead my team. You get your a$$ in there and do your best, win or lose. Because if you can inspire your team to a win from a certain loss, how do you think you or your team will feel? You never give up-it only takes one mistake from the enemy team, just one.

Yeah we all have those team mates who are douche bags, who throw, flame or whine etc, but I see them as a challenge. Because it makes the game a 4v5, as it’s obvious those players aren’t working as a team. And if you rise to that challenge and win? And it is possible. Screw the douchebags. You report them. You move on, and prove to them who the better person is.

Now get your a$$ back in there, and lead your team to a win.

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Bro did I hurt you? Honestly though man. Come on fess uo what was it I did that you seem to livid?

You seem to think every time someone gives you advice that they are angry.

If you don’t want the advice, that’s ok.

I hope it’s ok that I also correct you where I think that what you are saying will teach new players bad habits that will make them hardstuck.

No its frustrating trying to teach or ask something for insight and get somone who just refuses or makes it difficult to learn.

You don’t teach people by beating them over the head with a ruler screaming “No!”.

Life Grip.

Because I’m having fun and whilst a swap would solve another problem, it would unsolve another. Also I’d have less fun on the other tank.

You repeatedly told them this was their duty on other threads.

You’re right but they’ll never accept it. A dozen people over a dozen threads have said the same thing and been insulted for it.

You also don’t teach people by letting them hold onto misconceptions and never correcting them. People start getting firmer with you because you literally never accept anyone’s advice.