Tank Mains why and when we give up

I am a tank main and my question to fellow brothers who hold the line with their shields, the sisters who raise their axes and cannons before the enemy, and finally fellow E-girls furry mech pilots doing…whatever only God knows what!

What makes you just give up on your own teammates or just makes you care less about tanking?

What are some of the reasons you refuse to swap to a more appropriate tank for the situation? Or what makes tanking just insanely infuriating?

Just recently got into some debates with some DPS mains who assume we have the sole purpose to counter swapp for every situation.

What say you fellow brothers and sisters in tanking?

Do we sit there taking every enemy shoot or do we run what we can to strongarm the enemy?

What say you fellow tanks?!


Situation dependent, but I never give up. When guiding my team seems to be like herding cats I go Roadhog and just do my best. My game at that point is to see if I can (continue to) out-stat my teammates or just frag out.

Unfortunately, this is generally true in 5v5 RQ. Make it work if you can make it work but if not the swap is your duty, imo.

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The horrid trend where you have support completely ignore the pillar of the team “the tank”.
That one Mercy that goes in just to pocket Pharah or that one Lucio that’s constantly rushing in alone thinking that is actually helpful.
Or your typical TikTok Moira that can’t mitigate damage/heal properly.
Tanks are in a weird position as of late.


One talk in the game means you are going to be getting targeted by at least 3-4 enemies all at once which makes you heavily dependent on your healers even more than before. The other option is to play safe and stay away but then you aren’t really tanking anything.


For me it’s people getting in front of tanks and trying to engage first. The whole point of tankign is to draw attention away from your team mates and to take damage and to take space.

I also get mad at people not pinging their ults so I know to give them more protection such as using DM on a casidy or Genji or even knowing I should save DM to save them.


i really don’t get it, it’s like 1/3 games is even a single healer paying attention to me. people keep going zen/lucio. zen/brig. lucio/mercy. then pocket dps all game.


It gets really old seeing DPS not kill anything and supports heal botting. Then there’s the situation where I feel like I have to counter pick. Then of course there’s only one. Such a fun role.


The most frustrating part of tanking is… there’s only 1 tank. So there’s no other tank that can potentially swap instead of you to deal with an issue.

This makes tank the hardest role to enjoy playing 1 hero.

The best part about playing tank.

Is if you like swapping constantly and are good at overwatch you can hard carry the entire game


I stop caring and play it like Deathmatch when the healers are only pocketing their dps boyfriends or only right clicking on moira or the dps is flanking and dying non stop not using the space I created.


It’s bad for the DPS too.

We had to hard carry a dpSupport yesterday.

Guy was mostly Zen… sometimes Bap. Thinks he is the star of the show, gets picked first almost every single team fight.

Tank had to go Ball/Hog just to survive. I only had Tracer/Mei to choose from.

Its actually really annoying. The guy didn’t even have healing orb on anyone 80% of the time.


That honestly works the best.

I’m just maining JQ and being 3rd DPS.


I give up when I see both DPS players doing their own thinking they are T10 and getting absolutely demolished before the fight even start and we have to wait just for them multiple times


Ana and zen make me want to quit.


The constant need to counter swap has really made tanking less enjoyable to me. I don’t mind swapping when something isn’t working out from time to time. But swapping multiple times in a match, because not just the other tank but the DPS swap to force you to swap also gets me sometimes.

Btw… What the heck do you pick when the enemy team goes Zarya and the DPS hard counter Winston?


It’s when someone starts playing the blame game in chat. It doesn’t matter if it’s aimed at me, a DPS or a support; it’s at that moment that I know someone’s tilted and are looking to tilt others. That’s a good mentality for losing.


When it comes down to getting into a losing match that I KNOW is a lost cause, I’ll switch to Doomfist and just have fun/practice.

If my team is getting spawn killed I usually switch to Orisa cause she’s good at pushing the enemy out.

When in doubt though I’ll often switch to Zarya to counter. As tanks we gotta know who to roll and when, it’s all about battle awareness.

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Most of the time i m more concerned with my own short comings with my tanking than what others are doing.


people not prioritising a tank killing target. And a mercy who is there to boost her 1 dps group mate. Latter is an instant leave for me, and the former I’ll give some time but if it keeps happening I’m out.

yep biggest problem in overwatch and unfortunately its by design. They want everyone swapping constantly, they release heroes just to counter other heroes. Most games if you stay on one hero you are throwing the game, this game is just not balanced and it’s not meant to be.


And yet they told us—promised us—it wasn’t going to be that way with how they were going to balance the game in OW2 and 5v5. Yet, as usual, what they say is not what they do. And why is that? Because unless you try really hard, it is hard to balance a game in this way, where most heroes are usable in most situations, and hard counters don’t exist. Clearly Team 4 is so strapped for cash, time, and resources, they just don’t care or simply are throwing their arms up on this and settling with seemingly random stat changes to stir up the meta, just because it is cheaper and easier for them to do. It’s a real shame how far this game has sunk.