Sym's tickrate MIGHT NOT BE the problem | Then what is?

I do a bit of the same, sorta serves the same purpose as Widows mine. I also like to have them out and in place with enough time for me to have all 3 back. Cause when it hits the fan tossing them randomly around the area is amazingly effective lol. Its confusing and a choice of what to shoot has to be made when you’re in a huge scuffle.

  1. Increase her beams range to 15M
  2. Remove teleporter and return Photon Barrier
  3. Return her Piercing Orbs

Everything else can stay. Symms kit has no need for mobility but she needs defense. Returning her Barrier allows her to mesh much better with tanks and supports. Increasing her beam actually allows her to fight at a more favorable distance. Piercing Orbs would return a unique ability the punished these tightly packed Tank heavy comps and Bunker comps.

Zarya/Symm would work so well with these changes.

Maybe they could add another function to her turrets. Basically a proximity warning alarm. Sym can see her turrets are engaging. But her team can’t. Unless right next to them.

I think that’s intentional. Like an element for the player to be vocal to their teammates. Like how venom mine and Opportunist work.

I’m pretty sure the Torb or Symm player getting the notification of their deployed items are there to encourage the player to call out something.

Especially because as Symm (if I’m using them for vision) It’s something I do from the grave or even walking back. If I have them out for vision and die, I just check to see ult charge of the person who killed me and quickly cancel the replay to notify my team from my sentry turrets.

Her turrets already do this.

They show exclamation points on their icons when they’re active and attacking.

This basically never happens. It’s why I wish abilities would be on characters, as HUD info. Where you can pick and choose what to see. Having these things be manual. For the sake of voice communication. Where this is one of the problems of this game, is a fault. Use Athena for additional functions.

Like they said. they’ve always done it.

I’ve been doing stuff like that since the 1hp sentry or the lvl1 turret, specifically to keep an eye out for flankers.

Just give it a shot, you’ll notice. The trick is to remember which area that sentry is covering to the current direction your character is facing.

On the note of turrets, icons, etc…

Has anyone else noticed the icons for the turrets have been buggy lately? Just yesterday I was playing, and my turret icons that usually rotate around the screen based on where they’re positioned was way off. I had to do a full 360 before they finally ‘snapped’ into their proper positions. It was weird, and it’s happened more than once.

Totally a personal preference here, but I’d prefer her defense to BE mobility. I think her blipping around with a quick teleporter makes more sense and would be a much more engaging playstyle than having more shields.

Just my pref though, either works.

No, but now imma look for it lol

I think it’s a combination of things that compound its unreliability.

Zarya I would argue is much easier to get charged. It’s not reliant on your aim, only on getting your bubbles shot. A decent Zarya can get to and stay at a good level of charge pretty consistently because enemies have to get kills and you turn that directly into charge.

Zarya also has much more survivability, which gives her more time to gather charge (and her method of doing so isn’t even risky like Symmetra’s).

Sym’s beam has so many factors that go into its charge compared to Zarya’s 1 factor: accuracy over time, distance from target, how long she can survive in range. All of this creates a higher risk for generally less damage payoff than Zarya gets from her charging mechanic.

This is because Sym can have multiple damage sources up at once (though sentries are also inherently unreliable). But the problem is that between primary and secondary, primary is pretty much never better than secondary in combination with sentries, so that excuse doesn’t justify the primary’s current state.


I think that’s a big part of it. Zarya WANTS to get hit. Symm is like “Oh God im gonna die”. Probably affects tracking unless the player is rather zen :stuck_out_tongue: So ya Zarya has no issue getting in position to use it, for Symm its a serious risk.


Yep, and enemies are very happy to fulfill Zarya’s wish, while no amount of wishing will get them to not shoot Sym.

I love Zarya’s design because it forces the enemy to hand her an advantage if they want to achieve their goals. Sym’s design needs them to not have goals in the first place…

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sure it can be fun but playing both Symm it didn’t take me very long to see how much USE I got out of the barrier.

Sniper? Face barrier!
Tanks shield is looking shabby? Relief barrier!
Bunker up ahead? Piercing Orb barrier!
Engaging a team fight? engage barrier!

I will admit her porter can be fun but it has little practical usage.

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Another downside of TP compared to Zarya’s utility or even Sym’s old barrier, is that it requires ally cooperation to get maximal value, while the rest require none. Making TP incredibly unreliable (I could have sworn they were trying to reduce that about her kit when they reworked her…)

Wait you mean her old barrier not the ult? Oh man I loved that thing. My engagement buddy. sniff

And that’s really the problem.

The kinda the prob overall, people make all these statements about what she can do, but very few of them can be done by her alone. Even barrier breaking, you cant just stand in front of a team and shoot barriers without a barrier of your own to hide behind lol.

And that’s not an issue, or wouldn’t be anyway if she was THAT MUCH BETTER than other, safer options that don’t require teamwork. Like Why not pick Hanzo and just dump StormArrows into it from relative safety and get all the other fun stuff Hanzo brings. If she absolutely demolished barriers then it makes sense. But she doesnt.

Storm Arrows are 420 in 2 seconds
Even at level 3 Symm cant do that to a barrier. She can do what she does for longer, but that’s longer that she has to stay alive while standing in front of an enemy team lol. (unless the barrier is protruding around a corner).

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Yeah. The one that moved forward. Pretty sure they took that animation and used it for her current turrets too. If you think about it. If they had kept it with her new Turrets she could actually protect them while on attack.

Barrier-turret-Orb-turret, something like that.

Also forgot the

Ult incoming? “Nope!! Barrier”

I miss not fearing D.Va Bombs

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Spite Beam


Wub-Wub Rod


Succification Ray