Sym's tickrate MIGHT NOT BE the problem | Then what is?

Hang on sral i swear i saw you arguing with somebody else in long range symmetra post.
These forums confuse me and I main tracer

I propose 80 damage to solve ticktrate wirdness.

Assuming the 20/second tickrate stays (it absolutely must) then 80 dps is a damage per tick of 4 damage. This just removes so much ambiguity with armour so it reduces it from an integer (no decimal places) to another integer. Nice and simple. No weird rounding errors.

And the beam should move up in power based on number of ticks, not the damage numbers. That’s bad EITHER WAY. If symm gets damage boosted, she shouldn’t get to a higher damage faster, and she shouldn’t be slowed from getting to a higher level

Okay so the jump from 80dps to 120dps is kinda trivial, there’s no reason for the damage levels to take so long to go from one stage to the next. 2 Seconds was a long time, 1.8 seconds is still a long time. Just have it count 20 ticks to go from 80dps to 120dps. Not tied to damage at all, just as long as the ticks land damage, land 20 of them without a 2 second gap passing from 1 tick to the next.

Actually i just checked the wiki… it contradicts you.

The gamepedia wiki says it decays after 1.5 seconds… not 2 seconds. The 2 seconds is for every level AFTER that. It explicitly says the reload time will guarantee the level will go down by one. Presumably the 2.0 sec is the time to go to the next level below that.

And it says damage for a total of 1.6 seconds to go up a level… no mention of how the effective damage rate (reduced by armour or damage reduction) will increase that time. Not 1.8 seconds.

I don't know who to believe any more.

Until someone links to a youtube video or something proving exactly how the beam works… I can only conclude only the developers really know how Symmetra’s beam works.


This has been debunked many times, its not that slow.
If you turn around and use the TP the moment you hear the sound queue from Zarya, you escape. Did it many times.

The issue is the targeting, is damn awful, like Reapers. So many times you aim high ground and end up facing the wall.

Turrets need less CD when they are not deployed, like A LOT less. Besides that, you can ramp up damage with barriers, mei wall, tanks, mines, traps … all good.

The real problem with Symmetra is everything honestly.

  1. The tickrate on her primary. And the fact that it still needs charging despite having the need to aim.
  2. Her secondary is still slow and doesn’t pierce anymore. Also it often doesn’t hit properly.
  3. Her clunky slow teleporter that has limited usage.
  4. Her lack of mobility.
  5. Her lack of survivability.
  6. Her ultimate is useless.
  7. Her turrets are on huge cooldown.
  8. Her turrets are less in number and still get one-shot.

There’s no reason to pick Symmetra ever over any other DPS.

She needs to go back to support, get her proper support functions, get her shield generator back and teleporter the way they used to work before. Give her the ability to give shields to teammates.

I dunno to be honest. She needs serious help in multitude of ways.

She also needs a highlight showing her weapon and a victory pose showing her weapon. Otherwise having gold weapon is useless.

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It takes 1.6 seconds currently to go up a level.

As for damage, wouldn’t the last step also be a problem when you are against armor?

The beam already changes based on tics of damage done, not the ammount of damage done.

It goes down one level every 2 seconds. After not dealing damage for 1.5 seconds.
So it will go from lvl 3 to 2 in 3.5 seconds.

wait at this. Holy crap. a true area denial ultimate. Make it happen

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The problem is a lack of shields, especially in a Sniper/GOATS meta, which makes her die instantly. To anything. Everywhere. Fix that, and surprise surprise, her M1 can see use, she can M2 harder, she can ult more, etc etc etc…

Doesn’t matter what your kit can output if you can’t survive.

all damage heroes do this better than symm, and succ an orisa shield to break and run on her with full charge 180 MAX DAMAGE will be halved by armor.
A full charge symm at 180 dps go on an orisa, tickrate halve the damage on armor => 90 dps; Orisa have 200 armor(+200hp) => you need at least 2 seconds of 100% aim to just shred her armor

  • at short range ( <12meters)
  • with no health (200 hp)
  • with no instant escape (two seconds deploy + have to look away of the fight)

If we look at the same heroes who deals with this kind of setup (close range)

  • Reaper( 30% lifesteal, 250hp , shadow form)
  • Mei (iceblock+heal, 250hp, wall)
  • Doomfist (250hp, extreme mobility, passive shield to 400hp)
  • Brigitte (250hp, 500 shield, passive heal when melee)

Symmetra have to charge all her abilities

  • M1 (4 seconds of full aim to do same damage as soldier with headshots)
  • M2 (1 second of charge)
  • Turrets ( fly, stick+deploy (~2seconds)) 10 seconds CD
  • Teleporter ( 2 seconds deploy + look away(don’t BS us with Flickshoted TP))
  • Ultimate is not really instant (at least not as old E barrier)

She’s Overslow in an Overfast FPS, that’s her problem

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Boom. Hero is now at least 2x as strong as she currently is. That teleporter is one hell of an ability just waiting to break out and be useful.
Also your not fooling anyone spud. Why you always hiding behind them ana icons? Lol

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I really don’t know how one escapes with a TP when in Grav unless it’s like really really low ranks. It gets easily destroyed everytime I tried it cuz when you’re in a grav, chances are the entire enemy team is pouring in their dps towards you immediately

That’s gives me an idea. Why not allow Sym to use the interact button for another function, when not clicking on TP. Have the button act as a shortcut. You hit that. It activates TP. And sets the maximum distance your facing. So say you’re looking down. The TP will spawn, and the other end spawns above it. That will cut down the reaction time. Without changing the TP spawn speed.

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To preface and assist in the understanding of the Armor HP mechanic:

For any instance of damage over 5, the Armor reduces the damage by 5.
Example: Junkrat shoots, at 120 damage - armor penalty (5) total damage sustained is 115.

For instances involving damage below 5, damage is halved to prevent instance of 0 damage. So for Symmetra:
Beam (lvl1) does 3 damage per tick. With Armor penalty per tick that’s (generously rounded up) 2 damage a tick for 40 Dps level one.

For lvl2; 120 dps/20ticks=6 damage a tick. Armor penalty: 6 damage/2=3 damage a tick.
For lvl3; 180dps/20ticks=9 damage a tick.
Armor penalty: 9 damage/2=4 damage a tick.

So in a small way, Rally is a massive counter to Symmetra.


I’m talking about how the TIME to go up a step seems to increase based on whether your target still has armour or not.

The increase in damage rate seems to be tied to the damage inflicted, not the total time damage is inflicted.

It’s all such a confusing mess.

What?!? That’s not not clear at all.

The wiki explicitly says that the reload time (of 1.5 sec) will cause them Symmetra’s beam to go down 1 level.

I remember you, you’re supposedly the Symmetra expert and you’re clearly wrong about how her beam works.



You said it needed to start at 80, so each tick is 4.
Because of armor, 4/2 = 2.
It goes up a level to 120, each tick being 6.
6/2 = 3.
But at the last level it’s 180, each tick dealing 9.
9/2 = 4.5

It doesn’t.
It’s always the same time to go up a level, with boost, against armor, etc.
At least, that’s what it has done in my own tests.

The wiki, at least the one i read, sais the time between each tick of damage can be 1.5 seconds. After that 1.5 seconds of not hitting anything, it will start to decrease. At a rate of 1 level every 2 seconds.
So from the last bit of damage you deal at level 3, it will take 3.5 seconds to go down to lvl 2. Then only 2 seconds to reach lvl 1.
If not, you would go down a level by reloading, which would make it impossible to keep dealing damage with her.

I’m only starting how it works when i slow down the footage i record myself, and how that seems to be what the wiki states.

Well I guess it could be 200 then. IDK, it’s such a damn effort to get to that level it should have a large reward.

Can anyone prove it one way or another?

It’s the word of one anonymous person on the internet against the word of another anonymous person on the internet. Windows 10 has a standard feature to record gameplay, you probably have a youtube account where you can upload videos. You can set it so the video can only be found by the link you give out.

This doesn’t address what I said… you just repeated yourself. You just repeated how you interpreted what was said on the gamepedia wiki.

Which is exactly what the Wiki says. And you admonished people for not reading the wiki and going by what the wiki says.

Best way will be to put up a video where one person shoots at different targets in a custom game, where everyone can have more health.
That way they won’t die before you are certain.

I can’t find the part about the damage level going down after a reload.
I can only find this:
" After 1.5 seconds, if the beam is not hitting anything, it begins decaying at a rate of 1 level every 2.0 seconds.

  • The grace time is equal to Photon Projector’s reload time, so if Symmetra reloads, her weapon begins decaying immediately."

So a tricky style I’ve been trying to manage better (resource dependent)… I try using my turrets as an accent to the game.

We’re defending/waiting… I spread them out for vision.

There are flankers, I hold say 2 of them to respond to flankers showing up (use one for vision to know when one is showing up either by attacking or being destroyed) .

Long range poke, I fire one or two between Secondary Fire volley to kill or make them move away.

Going to use primary fire, I’ll teleport them behind the enemy to melt or distract while charging in.

This is kind of off topic of OP though. I guess what I wanted to illustrate is turrets are the most versatile part of her kit.

What ever it is, Sym what be change in a long while from now… so: 🤨 Part 3 and Finale: Time To Chill and Drop The Unfinished Hero: Sym (My Last Topic on the Matter; Ex-Sym Main) (Updated)