Sym's tickrate MIGHT NOT BE the problem | Then what is?

First, i want preface it with this: i like sym 3.0 better than 2.0. While 2.0 was fun and it had that amazing barrier and shield gen, i ultimately think that that state was not healthy for her.
The way she was designed led the devs into a dead end.
No buffs? She’ll never be played in high ranks.
Buffs? She’ll become too oppressive at low ranks.

So, with that out of the way, why is the rework still considered the worst character in the game.
I started thinking about it, as i love symmetra.
And, believe it or not, i think the tickrate might not be the problem.
Because, believe it or not, she has the SAME tickrate as zarya.

Zarya does 20 ticks per second, doing from 4.75 to 9.5 damage per tick.
Symm does 20 ticks per second, doing 3-6-9 damage per tick.

So, what is the REAL problem with her beam? Because i think that if they fix that, sym will be in a much better spot, the rest will just be adding some qol.

Her problem is CONSISTENCY.

Her damage is too unreliable to be useful. Primary fire is unbelievably clunky to play with. It never seems to do the damage it should.
Which i think it’s not the tickrate itself, but the hitbox (not sure on that as i don’t have actual data), that makes the tickrate more punishing.

As it stands, the beam takes too long to get to a respectable damage. It takes 1.6 seconds of perfect tracking to get to 120 (when you actually start to do damage).
Let’s say you have a decent tracking and your precision is around 60%. That’s around 2,5 seconds to get to level 2.
And since the charge goes away fast (you lose one level every 2 seconds after 1.5 seconds of not hitting anything), you can assume Symmetra will always take AT LEAST two entire seconds before doing any damage.
Even charging it with a barrier, that’s 1.6 seconds before getting to 120 dps, 3.2 to get to 180.

She doesn’t have reliable damage. Secondary fire is actually quite good, i miss it piercing barriers (if she still had that she’d be scary vs goats), but it does what it’s supposed to do. The problem is that alone is not enough to cover for the lackluster primary fire.


  • Tickrate isn’t actually the problem. She has the same tickrate as zarya, with comparable damage per tick (9.5 vs 9 at max charge).
  • I think (pure speculation) that one of the problem might be the hitbox, that makes the tickrate feel more punishing.
  • The real problem is the time it takes to ramp up just to level 2. Even with good tracking and/or a barrier, we are looking at roughly 2 seconds before sym can start doing damage. That’s something like 14 out of 70 ammo expended just to start having decent dps.
  • Secondary fire is fine. I miss it not piercing barriers anymore, but that’s not what holds her back. I doubt she’d be played vs goats even if she did.

So, how would i go about fixing it?
One solution would be to just do away with ramp up mechanic entirely and give her a fixed dps. Don’t know how much, i think 180 might be too much, maybe 160?
Second solution, if ramp up must stay, would be to make it less essential. Let’s make it so the levels are something like 120-150-180, so that she can instantly start doing decent damage, instead of having to deal with an abysmal 60 dps for the first two seconds of each engagment.
Also, i’d lower the ramp up a slight bit, maybe to 1.5? This is my ocd speaking, i just can’t stand 1.6 lol. One second would be golden tho.

If we just did this, i think sym will be overall in a much better spot, just due to her improved consistency.

So, what else should need a look at?
I think tp could use a few qol, that don’t really change its power, but make it more reliable.
I’d give it a few extra meters in range, make it deploy slightly faster and make it so that it lasts indefinetely until a new tp is built or it gets destroyed. Baiscally what you did with sombra’s translocator.
Also, make it destroy railing when placed there. Thank you.

The turrets as well could use some change. I don’t think changing the hp is necessary, as they are not meant to be durable in the slightest and never have. They gave them 30hp so that just random pellets wouldn’t destroy them (looking at you dva).
What i would do, is either lower the cooldown a bit, or, better, give use more in storage. We will still only be able to put out 3 at a time, but it would be far easier to replace them as soon as the fight moves somewhere else.

On her survivability… i think they either make tp so fast it can be used as mobility, or they add 50 hp to either health or shields.
Not sure about the extra hp tho, i’d rather have faster tp if i had to choose.

Her ult is fine. The problem is that many player don’t really know how to properly shield-dance around it to avoid enemy fire, but used and placed correctly it basically forces the enemy team to split apart while your team has free range.
Maybe let your team see where the ult will pop up? Mei would benefit from something like this as well.


  • Primary fire: either remove ramp-up and give it fixed dps, or make the ramp up faster, with more damage on level 1 and lower gain per level (120-150-180 for example). This is the change i think is the most essential, as it makes her more consistent.
  • Secondary fire: it’s fine as it is.
  • Teleporter: give it more range, faster deploy time and infinite duration until replaced or destroyed.
  • Turrets: either lower cd or more turrets in your pocket for quick relocation. Still only 3 turret max deployed
  • Survivability: either add 50 hp or make tp deploy so fast it can act as mobility in a pinch.
  • Ultimate: it’s fine as it is, maybe let your team see the outline of where it’s gonna pop up.

Wow this was a longer topic than i expected.
Hope the tl;dr helps.

What do you think is her problem and how would you fix it?


Do you think symmetra should have a small autolock like moira? Less damage however.
As I main tracer I play her a lot in ffa, when I get behind a moira and get a few shots her damage tentacle doesnt extend behind her, she has to physically turn around to do the damage. Maybe symmetra could have the same type of soft lock? Not like old sym.


actually, moira doesn’t have autolock.
Hers is a beam with a bigger hitbox and the autolock is just a graphical effect.
Imagine having a big cylinder, but you only see one line locked to the center of her target.

Still, no, i don’t think softlock would be the solution. If the problem is the hitbox, then raise it, but anyway, make her damage more consistent.

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Agreed honestly, I mained zarya way before and her damage felt much more consistent…

Well, the thing with zarya is that her damage doesn’t fall down as fast and she has the health and survivability to stay in the fray long enough.
But that’s zarya, sym shouldn’t become zarya 2.0.
Sym needs something to help her getting results.
If we’d look just at “potential” and “numbers”, bastion would be the best dps in the game.

Maybe make her damage as consistent as zarya.
When I used max primary fire as sym it the health bar didnt feel like it went down.
Infact it felt like anas gun.

and that’s where i don’t know why it happens. I thought it was tickrate, but she has the same tickrate as zarya and almost the same damage.
So what is that makes it feel… so unreliable?

Her teleporter deploys WAY too slow. You can’t even teleport out of a Graviton in time it takes so long. The only way to truly do it is if you’re already expecting the Graviton to be launched at you. It should seriously deploy instantly.

The turrets should have smaller hitboxes, and should not be able to be destroyed midair. I also think we would benefit from one more turret.

I personally think her core issue isn’t her damage, it’s the weird inconsistencies with being able to make her kit work the way you want it to. Like a turret somehow clipping the edge of a box instead of going where you were aiming, or trying to use the teleporter to escape but it takes 2 seconds to deploy, and then you’re already dead.

And if we really want to get creative, I would like to see her Ultimate do minor AOE electric damage over time to any enemies that pass through it. It would make for a better zoning Ultimate.

It’s more of a performance issue, more so than damage potential.

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Not saying it’s wrong, but I think a ramping beam weapon is odd for a damage character. Works on a tank sure, but Symms contemporaries have instant high damage weapons to fulfill the role.

There’s a slew of way you can take this idea though, turrets, not really her purpose etc. Just pointing out it’s odd.

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ramp-up is a useless holdover from her previous kit.
But ramping up made sense on such a strong lock on, it was to avoid sym literally melting anything that came close.
But on a beam you have to aim is just a crutch that makes it clunky and unreliable.
That’s why i said “either remove it and give her fixed dps, or make it work in a way that makes the ramp up less essential to get meaningful damage”.

But yes, why play sym, when soldier does 190 dps upfront with a better range?

That actually was like that internally, but they said it was changed because it unfairly forced people to turn around with no counterplay. Doesn’t seem like much, but it actually is.


For her primary, a more visual change would be good.
Example the beam changes colours.
This will allow the sym to always know exactly how much damage she is going to be dealing.

The teleporter needs bug fixes, and should have a slightly lower cooldown.
Range isn’t really a problem.

Slightly lower cooldown on turrets.

Ultimate could use a team visual.


But the hitboxes are massive. If they can get destroyed in midair, they need 40hp instead of 30hp, and they need to travel faster as well.

One melee destroys them, since melee does 30 damage.

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Reminds me of when people tell me to play Sym to break barriers. Im like, there are so many better long range options for that lol.

Oh Symm, why cant I quit you?


I still want to know EXACTLY how her beam works.

For example, damage per tick goes from 3 damage per tick to 6 damage per tick after 1.8 seconds, supposedly, but what does that actually mean?

Lets say I deal damage with the beam for 1.75 seconds then after some period of time of dealing no damage I do a single tick of damage… does that mean I’m now doing 6 damage per tick? How long a gap resets?

Is there an invisible meter that builds up as I attack over 1.8 seconds of dealing damage and then, invisibly, steadily falls over 1.8 seconds? So if I did damage for 1.75 seconds, didn’t do damage for 0.75 seconds then I’d need to do damage for another 0.8 seconds to get to the higher damage per tick?

Or is it absolute? So An invisible counter builds up as I am attacking, adding up to 1.8 seconds, and the moment I stop attacking a 1.8 second timer starts which - when it reaches 1.8 sec - deletes all my progress. Or does it just move it down one damage level. So if I do just a single tick of damage within 1.8 sec then I can maintain my progress.

Or is it 1.8 sec, is it 2 seconds… is it 0.5 seconds. What is the “time” where the damage of the beam resets.


I’m not going to play a hero where there is so much going on hidden in the source code that apparently no one understands.

This is a major QoL problem for anyone even considering playing Symmetra, they don’t know what’s going to happen with her beam. It’s really hard to test, you have to have a very patient friend be willing to sit in a custom game being shot at for hours and still you may have no clue what is really going on.

Some of the fiercest Symettra defenders will not defend her beam except to say “just don’t use it”.

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There is something super rewarding with melting an Orisa barrier and then immediately coming at her with 190dps ready to use.


Pales in comparison to the joy of screaming HUZZAH and melting half a team when the Mei wall goes down lol.

I LOVE that they cant see through it… they know not, what horror awaits!


Yeah it’s super hilarious when they’re all cheeky on the other side of the wall, but then it drops, it’s like releasing an angry, unblinking lioness onto their faces.


Gotta be honest, for me at least armor fits here too. Like I play a lot of Symm and I still havent gotten used to the outcome being radically different depending on whether or not the opponent is armored. Could totally be my fault for not paying enough attention granted, but it IS disorienting.

Buffs? She’ll become too oppressive at low ranks.

People need to stop spreading this immediately, because its the biggest myth about Symmetra going.

Prove it, you say? Ok. Look at Junkrat. If the developers were at all concerned about certain heroes being OP at low rank, Junkrat would have been nerfed years ago. He has always been very popular in Bronze, and non-existant in higher ranks.

And its not only Junkrat. Other heroes are also like this … except Symmetra. Sym has always had a 1% pickrate or lower (so F-tier) at every rank since comp started.

So no, she won’t become too oppressive at low ranks, this is a completely unfounded meme and it needs to die.


2 seconds.

It doesn’t go down over time. As long as each tick is done within 2s of each other tick you will go up in damage.