Sym's tickrate MIGHT NOT BE the problem | Then what is?

It’s probably just a symptom of turrets. People hear “doesnt miss” and that immediately imparts tons of value in an environment where there is lots of missing lol. There’s SOME truth to that, like I get why they toned down Torbs turrets on console, makes sense.

But I agree with you, the claim is probably heavily exaggerated.

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I was talking about 2.0
But alas, 2.0 is gone, so let’s focus on 3.0
I probably got carried away, but i still don’t think 2.0 could have worksd


getting full charge is fun, i think sym right now is fun.
She only needs something to be more consistent so that it’s less about that one moment of fun and a more homogenous experience.



I’ve said before (a painful amount of times actually…) that she lacks a proper gameplay loop. It’s like sending someone fishing without a pole. It’s like ok, you’re damage but you have to build a nest and make them come to you… “But why would they do that?” Dont worry, you’re a tank buster, you just gotta get in there and burn em down “but literally every other hero that does that has an escape button”. It just goes on and on.

With (I think) every hero besides Symm it’s obvious what you should be doing. Like Reaper, tele to a hidden location, get close, blam blam, UH OH! Wraith out. Makes sense. I have no idea what they intend Sym to do, and every answer I see is not supported properly by her kit.

Still, I love her… sigh

EDIT: Should also add that whatever she DOES do, someone else does better.

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Same think for Zarya. Youre literally doing half damage vs armor. Even at beam level 3 you’re doing only slightly over half the damage you would vs armor normally. So you’re better off hitting virtually anything else. You should right click the armor off first if at all possible.


Yep and if I catch it, I do. But sometimes you don’t see that a typically unarmored hero has armor now (thanks Brig).

Yea I feel really bad for symmetra mains, they have turned into torb before rework, just a tiny bit more useful :c

They could scale the number of turrets to the level of comp being played. If she had 6 turrets in bronze she could almost hold some objectives solo, so 3 is fine. But if you want her viable at the highest ranks then bump up her turrets as you move up.

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That doesnt sound right.

Thats kinda interesting actually. Not something Blizz typically does, but something I’ve been in favor of since Guild Wars 1. Having the skills function differently in PvE and PvP was great.

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Doesn’t Zarya have a bigger beam/hitbox?

Sym almost has Zarya’s original beam setup. Her gun orginally didn’t start doing damage. You had to hold the beam for half a second. Before it worked on the target.

I think her turrets are holding her primary back. That’s why they aren’t buffing it.

Yeah armor especially on repair pack that only slightly overheals (or if someone is getting stream or orb healed and is just barely staying over their natural armor) is really disorienting because the bar showing that armor is tiny. It doesn’t really matter for most heroes but some like Sym absolutely should be making different decisions based on the presence of armor. I wonder if they could do anything to make it more obvious.

If I were to make a first try change to Sym and see if she lands any better I’d probably do this:
-Faster tp. Allow it to be the ult counter it was hyped up to be.
-Ramp up timer stays for longer (maybe 3 seconds). Like you said getting to stage 2 or stage 3 is a process. Losing it in basically reload time is kinda overkill. I’d probably also have that timer refresh if you hit someone with an orb so you could still make the decision to right click mid fight.
-Maybe lower first level damage stage. I think 90 would be okay. That’s basically fresh Zarya beam and even with decent tracking it’s not much better than Moira grasp dps. 60 on a beam is complete potato

Dont turrets still have very low hp, sure you cant kill them with a thiccston easily or tracer from far away but you can kill all of them with a dynamite, a junk nade, or anything involving high dmg aoe. (Baguette/brogit as well)

What!?!? You mean it’s not actually dependant on the TIME damage is inflicted but on the amount?!

That’s so annoying, especially as the damage per tick is 3… which divides in two making 1.5 which is a non integer. The game acts really weird about non-integer damage, sometimes it rounds up, it has strange interactions with damage reduction.

Though using a 60dps beam on armour is pure masochism anyway.

Also, I presume it drops it all the ways down to 3 damage per tick regardless of if it was at 6 or 9 damage per tick.

One absolutely necessary QoL improvement is an audiovisual indicator of that 2 seconds as most players don’t even know what you know. Even if they did know (and we have to take what you say on faith, unless you can link to some testing) trying to track a 2 second duration in the middle of a chaotic fight is just too high a challenge for too small a reward.

I guess people could set up a metronome on 120 beats per minute and count out to 4 after every time they stop dealing damage but that kinda sucks… hard.

Symm’s beam is what everyone is going to try to use, it’s going to put them off so much that so much is going on that they can’t see. Just have a second counter underneath the crosshairs like Zarya’s energy, counting down from 2.0 in 0.1 of a second and the gun undergoes an audible / visual change when it resets to zero progress. Or a bar that goes down and instantly refills the second you do beam damage. Something… anything!

I’d have to agree, that’s the most reasonable thing I can think of too.

I always thought that she should do full damage against armor, but as a DoT. So it’s ALMOST as good as real damage, but healing could stop it. You could lore it off as I dunno… Symm melts the armor and it burns to the hero… which is pretty metal lol

Oh ya man, for the sake of calculation ticks are pellets(shotgun). So each one is a shot. Thats one of the reasons Hero’s like Hanzo are great. He does it all in ONE SHOT.

EDIT: IE Armor is applied 20x a second to her beam lol

Yes. Giving her beam some qol changes, and it would make the hero much more useful for most players.

Most people don’t read the wiki on every hero before playing them.