Syms balance from a high level sym main and how to fix her

That’s a pretty interesting read. Thanks for the suggestion.

These sound like good changes all around, I too miss the old Shield Generator and think it was terribly underrated by folks.

As a GM you have some voice right, can’t you ping some Blizz folks for attention?

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Sadly this just isnt the case. Blizz doesnt really seem to care since tons of high tier sym mains complain but nothing is done

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In my opinion ifnher beam is meant to give her cqc sincenher alt fire is best at mid range and terrible at short range, then her beam should:

Pierce enemies
Gain charge off enemies pierced
Have a 15% movement slow on enemies - this is to compensate for the ludicrous aim requirement of 60% to gain charge rate lowering her skill floor a bit because even pros would struggle with using her beam consistently.

Giver her 150’hp and 50 Shields
Let her beam return 10 shield hp per second.

What I don’t understand is why the devs would release Sym 3.0 UNDERPOWERED.

The community’s perception of her was already wood tier and was made only slightly better with the changes. Look at Hanzo’s rework. He was seen as mostly a throw pick before his rework and then all of a sudden he was OP and a whole meta was formed around him. He now is almost always welcomed on a team even after his nerfs. Why was this not done for Symmetra? Make her strong! Let her do reliable dps! Let the community change their mind on her and then bring her numbers in line…

Like I don’t get it… Give her 50 shields, increase her base damage on M1, increase the tick, increase M2 projectile speed for more reliability, decrease turret CD or let her store 4 turret charges (only allow 3 placed), decrease TP set up time and give TP some qol placement buffs.

THEN see where she stands after those changes. If she’s crazy op, adjust some numbers… Boom done.


People over hyped her so much when in reality shes still terrible


I think a lot of it was hope. Sym players wanted so bad for it to be good. Like you said, in reality it is terrible.

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I agree. We all hoped it would be enough

But to me it was painfully obvious that it wasnt going to be what we hoped for


Symmetra could really use some buffs. Her survivability needs to be buffed and she needs to actually do some dps


I was shocked when I first read it honestly

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My biggest issue with sym is that she if just a shell of what she was and a new hero she isnt like old sym at all with diff sounds and such


This should have been a thing along time ago

Yes plz

I think this would overload her kit as she would have too many things

I disagree, I think 2.0 was way more powerful/better. I’ve been maining Sym since launch and 2.0 was one of the best and fun parts about her. I personally think she’s needs a revert but that’s just me.


She was! People just needed to learn how to play her.


I think she got better on attack and worse on defence. She got less consistent but has higher potential

I think she’s better but only by a bit. If they gave her some number buffs to her beams charge rate, dps and her health she will good


Symm should get a shield Gen that gives 50Shields for 10 seconds as an alternate E ability. That would make her more effective in being able to deal damage. Also bringing back that support feel that everyone misses


She does need buffs but her kit would still be boring, her ult is useless (not to mention that EMP destroys it) and her teleporter is only good for getting up to higher places. Getting back into the fight with her old teleporter and blocking a rein or ult was so satisfying.

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I find her to be fun but in different ways

I could spend hours listing all the fun things about sym 2.0, and I can do the same with sym 3.0 but the things I say will be pretty different for both

I do miss shield Gen

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If you’re not using her beam then her kit is broken. Why is this difficult?


Yup I’m a doctor Fate main as well

I was thinking of changing my name to bayonetta tho