Syms balance from a high level sym main and how to fix her

It’s really annoying as a Sym main because other heroes get reworks or tweaked and are not forgotten about. Look at Sombra. Huge changes. Nerf. Then more huge changes. Sym? Nah.


Well sym got two huge changes

But they don’t do anything

Sym gets changes that suck

Other heroes get changes that are great until they need them

Both things are dumb and sad


Is this what you are referring to?


Tell that to bastion ;(

had no idea Bastion was underpowered.

Good number of players consider he is.

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I wanna talk to the guy who was like “You know what a no-mobility, no-shield-ability 200 HP character needs to be good at? Meleeing tanks!” because that’s what they’re basically asking Symmetra to do these days. Her dumb charge up gun takes so long to get any kind of damage it’s only valuable in the clusterf*ck end fights where everyone is freaking out and not paying attention to you while they kill the characters who can dish out reliable damage, but don’t worry honey, they’ll be coming for you soon because their team had healers that were providing use and your team had a Symmetra and she was desperately struggling to be viable but couldn’t due to a fundamentally broken kit. Sad trombone noise.


exactly. Before when she was Support her only Support was her ULT. Now she’s damage (this amalgamation of the defence and DPS category) The only defence she has is her ULT. If her Teleporter was faster at deploying then yeah, maybe I could see it being viable for survivability but in its current form you can’t anticipate danger and deploy it fast enough to save yourself from anything other than Meteor Strike or a RIP tyre.

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This is so true it hurts me

Well before she had her proton barrier so she could protect herself from immediate burst damage. That was as good as fade in terms of abilities that help you survive things, and on top of that you could extend it for your team mates. I used to be able to save my team from a Dva bomb or a Pharah Ult with my proton barrier, and now I can… Do nothing.

If Teleporter didn’t get destroyed every two seconds, or lasted more than the blink of an eye, it might actually be useful. If it didn’t take five years to build and use so that the enemy has long since killed you by the time the portal opens up, it might be a valid option for escape. As it is, it’s a barely functional ‘Haha I put Orisa up high, tee-hee!’ meme, which isn’t going to win you any games.

I mean, hell, her previous TP ultimate was basically Resurrection for 6 people! That’s amazing compared to 10 second wall of… wall. Even her ult utility is pulled into question because her old ult brought teammates back to a certain location and her new ult helps them survive team fights. Both are valid utility, but they are DIFFERENT and provide different quantifiable value.


i’d say losing 2.0 Photon Barrier was the worst thing to happen to her but that simply isn’t true.

I miss the wavy beam. I miss the piercing orbs. I miss the shield Gen. I miss the old TP. Torb mains should be very afraid.


Shield Gen was amazing

It gave symmetra constant and consistent value that made up for her lack of consistent value in her other aspects


It should’ve been shown on ally HUDs so they could play around it and protect it, and its shields provided should’ve been tracked so people could figure out how damn useful it was!


I miss being able to pick up the corpses of my foes and toss them off the map.

I miss being able to grab every single book in Volskaya starting point and run at the enemy with the whole wad blocking my visibility, and theirs.

I miss having 275 effective HP, and then having a Torb throw out an armor pack, and then having 350 effective HP.

I loved going into a fight with those 350 hp and then melting faces with my beam powered up, laughing maniacally as I did so.

Now all I get to do is chuckle when I drop a TP bomb behind Zenyatta, and watch him melt away.


It is not that Bastion is underpowered. It is that his power comes from not being mobile but staying in place. Which makes him critically weak to Hanzo with his OP Storm Arrow and Pharah with her rockets.

He is also picked apart by good Zenyatta, Widowmaker, McCree, Mei, and surprisingly Junkrat players who are good at pop-in-pop-out cover sniping. Considering that all of these heroes have at some point been meta over the last duration it makes Bastion ‘seem’ weak.

Next, in certain circumstances Reaper and Doomfist can also wreck a Bastion if surprise is on their side.

Then you have interactions such as Roadhog’s hook or Sombra’s hack that can make Bastion lose his stationary strong dps form, and Lucio and Brig boops which can send a non-stationary Bastion flying into pits.

So as I was saying, the problem isn’t Bastion’s damage output, it’s how vulnerable his output makes him. But this vulnerability is actually part of what makes him and Sym 3.0 such a great duo since she can apply the mobility for him. Even better if they can get a shield tank or two and a Sombra able to hack a closeby teleport 200 hp spawn (such as Lijiang’s Pagoda map).

I very rarely work with Bastion but I think I could help with some good plays with my wall and TP. Sym and Bastion sound like they’re very similar in that they need a team to work well.

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It is not so much that they need a team to work well since I have managed wins while hard carrying terrible teams. I’ve actually had a few 5 gold medal matches as Bastion without any shields or heals being given to me, and I had one game where I got 4 golds as Sym and won even while two teammates were deliberately standing around emoting instead of playing because they wanted to throw.

But, if the enemy skill is even remotely close to your own, a good team is much more necessary than say for a Hanzo, Tracer, Genji, Pharah, Soldier or pretty much any other dps. So I would put it that they both shine brighter in good teams but are hidden gems with the possibility to shine with the right care even in bad ones.


Symmetra and Bastion have incredible synergy and teamplay opportunities.

Putting a TP down allows him to be mobile without needing to transform, and turrets offer him protection from flankers looking to hit his critical spot. Symmetras ult allows Bastion to punish the enemy without fear of a head on attack. In most cases, he will kill whatever walks his way before they can kill him.

Meanwhile, while their attention is focused on Bastion, Symmetra is lobbing alt fire towards the person attempting to close. This distracts the enemy and the enemy has a choice, both of which are wrong. You can continue after the Bastion (who will use TP to increase range) or you can go after the Symmetra, which is going to allow the Bastion to fill you with lead.

As I said, those two synergize well with one another. The only detriment is a lack of shielding to prevent sniping attacks. A sniper can take out a teleporter relatively quickly, leaving Bastion with no escape mechanism, and easy pickings for the sniper, or any of the other teammates. Adding an Orisa to the mix is a huge boon to the entire group.

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The only problem is that requires a level of team communication not found in QP or even Comp. this would require a coach and practice to pull off.

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I wouldn’t go that far. Just talking with your team on voice comms is typically sufficient for pulling this strategy off.

I’ve done the teleporter/bastion thing many a time.

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