Syms balance from a high level sym main and how to fix her

I believe this is more due to muscle memory, and conforming to the limitations of placement rather than any improvements being made to the mechanics behind it. Simply said: We’ve gotten used to it being bugged, and know where not to place the teleporter to avoid its destruction.


I haven’t lol. I don’t remember most places where my TP got destroyed unless i placed it in front of a moving payload. Any places in particular that you can reference that instantly destroy it?

A general rule of thumb I go by: If it moves, avoid putting a teleporter near it, or on it, or where something will run it over.

Moving platforms can hold a teleporter pad, but unless the teleporter is directly centered on the platform, if a portion of it will intersect with something it will travel next to, over, or below it will destroy it. The same can be said with anything that moves.

Placing the teleporter near railings is difficult, but can be done without destroying the railing now, but sometimes the pad can fall off the railing to an unexpected location. I’ve actually had a teleporter slide off a railing, and off the edge of the map.

I want to say that there are other examples I’ve run into before as well, but I’m having difficulty remembering at the moment. If I can think of it, I’ll append this post.


Yes that makes total sense. Come to think of it, I don’t usually TP to moving platforms or on to moving objects much. That could be why I don’t recall those situations. I DO remember a few teleporters being destroyed for seemingly no reason when 3.0 was first released. These were not on moving platforms, but if I remember correctly were to high grounds. I noticed this a ton when Sym 3.0 first hit live servers. Now I still tp to high ground all the time, but I couldn’t tell you the last time my tp destroyed itself.

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When the boundary patch went in (mainly for Sombra’s translocator issues) it also fixed the destruction of the teleporters. The Skybox would interact with the top of the teleporter graphic, and since the skybox was shorter than the top of the graphic, it would destroy it.

Now I believe the graphic goes red and shows that you can’t place it.

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There we go! That totally explains it. Hopefully they add a refund to the CD for the other situations like you suggested.

I think the lion’s share of the blame should actually rest with Blizzard on this. It’s a UI design flaw. Something that can readily be fixed by putting teleporter interaction on Jump or combining the weapon swap and Interact mechanics into a single “Special action” button. And making the teleporter duration infinite (until recast) and increasing turret flight speed (so using it for turret bombs isn’t so necessary).

If users don’t use a feature, then you really need to take responsibility for that as a developer and figure out why the feature isn’t appealing to users.

I think the OP just didn’t phrase this part well. I actually don’t think they meant to say Mei’s secondary was bad a close range. Rather, that each of Mei’s firing modes performs well for a specific purpose.

I know I’d be content if Symm’s beam was as useful as Mei’s primary. Piercing, forgiving target recognition, CC, and 250 hp + cyro so she can fight at close range… Not that I’d want that exact set of utility on Symm’s beam, but I do want them to shift her design more towards Mei’s utility sort of role. Lots of cool thing they could do with the beam to accomplish that. When I play Mei, I don’t give a crap about getting kills. I like disrupting the enemy’s plans; freeze them, zone them, wall of a nuke ult and save some allies, etc. Symm would be a lot more fun for me if she was a better control hero.


What makes me mad is that honestly it doesnt take a genius to see what she needs. Blizzard said they would keep am eye on her but clearly they have left her in the dark using the rework as a scapegoat to not have to actually balance her.


This. Her two modes of fire cover each other’s less favourable situations where as syms does not

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I can’t get my head round that the Devs still haven’t addressed Symmetra’s issues. Especially after changing her primary fire so drastically and leaving Symmetra in this God awful state she is in.


We all know her primary is bad, no sym mains and sym mains do

Yet nothing is done



Sym suffers from reduced serviceability (loss of photon shield) and a limited impact ult.

  1. bring back photon shield by binding to a hold on deploy turret vs a tap. Costs 2 turrets to use. (Gives sym a way to use stored turrets while also meaning she has to decide does she deploy more turrets or save for photon shield.)

  2. Let her charge her primary off her own shields. This means she’ll be able to charge her primary off photon barrier and her ult. Meaning she can take 4 seconds during her ult to charge up a full powered beam and wreck like any other DPS character should be able to do

Edit: mixed up photon barrier with photon shield. Fixed

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It’s really annoying as a Sym main because other heroes get reworks or tweaked and are not forgotten about. Look at Sombra. Huge changes. Nerf. Then more huge changes. Sym? Nah.


Well sym got two huge changes

But they don’t do anything

Sym gets changes that suck

Other heroes get changes that are great until they need them

Both things are dumb and sad


Is this what you are referring to?


Tell that to bastion ;(

had no idea Bastion was underpowered.

Good number of players consider he is.

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I wanna talk to the guy who was like “You know what a no-mobility, no-shield-ability 200 HP character needs to be good at? Meleeing tanks!” because that’s what they’re basically asking Symmetra to do these days. Her dumb charge up gun takes so long to get any kind of damage it’s only valuable in the clusterf*ck end fights where everyone is freaking out and not paying attention to you while they kill the characters who can dish out reliable damage, but don’t worry honey, they’ll be coming for you soon because their team had healers that were providing use and your team had a Symmetra and she was desperately struggling to be viable but couldn’t due to a fundamentally broken kit. Sad trombone noise.


exactly. Before when she was Support her only Support was her ULT. Now she’s damage (this amalgamation of the defence and DPS category) The only defence she has is her ULT. If her Teleporter was faster at deploying then yeah, maybe I could see it being viable for survivability but in its current form you can’t anticipate danger and deploy it fast enough to save yourself from anything other than Meteor Strike or a RIP tyre.

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