Symmetra's beam is awesome on the ptr

Wouldn’t an easier fix for Sym’s beam to give back her wind up like her old version where you couldn’t spam click it and remove that tick check or whatever it is called?

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Josh Noh <3 Thank you!!! Omg!!

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Not Sym related, and more console related (sorry) but I’ve been having this odd issue where despite having a fully drawn Hanzo arrow and hitting a headshot, it leaves the enemy with what looks like less than 25 hp.

This isn’t just a game issue, it happens while practicing in the training area as well against bots. Wondering if this is a known thing and whether it’s being looked at?

Thank you! :smile:

I didn’t even knew this bug existed. :open_mouth: How long was this in the game?

For sym, since winter wonderland event.
Not sure about zarya.

Weren’t you also the guy that finally gave us the ‘it’s 195, not 180’ clarification?

If so, really sorry about the way your colleagues are treating you, sending you into the lion’s den to announce a fix that’s a year late.


Bummer. Thanks for the fix tho

keep in mind that with 222 forced she’s supposed to be a valid pick among dps heroes

I think I speak for all Sombra mains when I say…

What the actual #%^$%Q$ and we can’t even get a 10% damage increase?

A bug fix because the weapon wasn’t working properly does not equate to asking for a damage buff on a character.


And who defined the bug to begin with, because I’ve played Sym, I’ve played Zarya, I had no problem ramping up damage let alone melting gengoo and tracers

That would be people who made the code for the game. Idk why you’re upset, we are getting symmetra reworked for basically the 3rd time


I repeat, I speak for all Sombra mains, when I say, we ask for something, and get ripped apart, because what we asked for was NOT what we have currently.

Sym gets buffed a 4th time.

She was reworked 3 times, and buffed 4 times on the 3rd rework.

What’s next? Mei gets buffed again too?

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Yay for beam buff, but no to the horrible symmetra tp “buff”


Sombra is used all the time in OWL. Symmetra isn’t?


Mei and sym were hard nerfed this patch


rewarding bad aim once again, nice to see I guess? haha

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Just stop.

You have no idea what you are talking about.

If you did you would know why what you just said how ignorant it really is.

It’s a fact, sweetie.

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