Symmetra secondary fire rework to end dual sheild

Or we can do this:

Honestly jokes a side I think some buffs here and there would be enough. Increase her range or shield damage and it should be good enough.


“She create, She destroy, she is here to annoy!”

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Give me Sym 2.0 at this point please

She was way more fun and engaging

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Reduce Secondary Fire damage from 140 to 125.

Increase projectile speed from 25 to 30 meters per second.

Reduce recovery time after shooting reduced by 10%

BOOM! It’s now 2x as consistent and reliable!

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I would love to be able to hold the orb for one extra second to make it go slow and piercing as before. Yes, both.

You can choose to shoot her current orbs for mid-range fights, or you can go back to slowly filling the space in the choke where shields will not protect you, making this strategy a lot less safe.

Piercing orbs are by far my most missed feature from Sym 2.0.

Unnecessary complexities are unnecessary.

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her current orb recovery time is 0.25s according to the wiki :eyes:

We sym mains already do have it on demand bc we built the habit of charging and reloading constantly. It adds to her skill ceiling the ammo efficiency and timing aspect. It’s so rewarding to gib tracers when they blink into your team because you anticipated it

but 4 seconds charge time is really bad. 1.5 or 2 at most will still be ok

Thats not on demand. That’s spamming with the hope of having it at the right time.

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The downtime for reload is v low compared to the charge and hold uptime

If this is an issue, would projectiles in general be an issue?

No, because other projectiles are on demand. The only thing to predict is the travel time. Where as a charge based projectile has to predict hold time and travel time.

Two delays instead of one.

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I still feel like the downtime is minimal tho

as a sym main with 650 hrs on her, this has never felt like a problem for me and would be the last thing id think to change about her

I don’t think itd be bad necessarily but just probably kinda irrelevant

way more impactful would be a tp cd reduction and/or wall/turret nerf revert. We also wouldn’t have to relearn the gunplay for a third time

And now I want a Symmetra “DBZ Spirit Bomb” spoof spray.

Come to think of it, a fully charged orb should be enough to one-shot Frieza Mei.

It isn’t minimal. Despite how you feel.

It takes a full second to charge and 0.25 seconds to recover from a shot before you can start charging the next. Not to mention the reload time.

You can only hold an orb for an extra second. So the best you can do in order to to reduce downtime (in the context of having a prepared shot for a specific target) is have 1 second of uptime (max amount of time you can hold a fully charged shot) compared to 1.25 seconds of downtime ( charge plus recovery time).

Essentially more then half of your time is already spent preparing a shot. But this does not account for reload or for doing any other action such as placing turrets, teleporters, and barriers.

I understand why you are attached to it. I use to feel the same way. However, the truth is that as long as all of Sym’s abilities have delays and require pre-planning she will never get out of the slump she is in.

She needs an on demand damaging ability. Something she can use at a snap to defend herself.

There are certainly other things to look at but no matter what she needs a reaction based damage ability. Every damage hero has SOMETHING they can use to do damage or create a threat via reaction. Save for Sym.

IMO, the delay was acceptable when she was a support for two main reason.

The most important one is that, as a support, it was not her job to actually “do stuff”. Her job was to enable and empower her team, and zoning is a terrific tool for that, alongside all the utility she brought to the table with Shield Gen, TP and Photon Shield

The other reason is simply that her kit was strong enough for the delay to be worthy. Since her last rework, they focused too much on increasing her damage, but the rest of her kit is flimsy. It’s much easier to counter, harder to replace, and unless your whole team is with you on very specific strategies, not enough utility even when not countered.

As a DPS, she need damage consistency. As an utility hero, she needs versatility as well. Currently, she lacks both. Blizzard need to stop balancing her as a non-healing support and embrace her DPS status, or move her back into support and ramp up her utility.

I agree in concept,
but I think that just a fully charged orb passing through shields for 50% of normal damage would be absolutely fine.

This is about the only part I fully disagree with. I don’t believe 2.0 sym was strong at all. Despite the fact that I played a ton of sym 2.0 the most limiting factor for her was that no matter what slot she took (tank, dps, or support) there was almost always a better choice then her.

I can’t imagine how bad she would have been had 2-2-2 come out with 2.0 still available. Despite her struggles in 3.0 I still believe she is a much better spot now then for 2.0.

Partial agree. I believe she offers a super amount of versatile utility. The damage is the issue. Not the amount of damage just the means in which she places. I am actually planning on doing my first (at least in a long time) thread on what I would do to bring her in line with the other dps while not overshadowing them due to better utility.

I know my opinion on this matter is unpopular even within Sym mains (new and old), but I actually hold the opinion that Sym 2.0 was between balanced and slightly overtuned. The only changes I think she deserved were some QoL stuff, like visible Shield Gen radius, or turrets having an HP value above 1 to prevent “sniper” from clearing them.

Mostly, because I think her kit strength was inversely proportional with the amount of coordination happening in the match. If the enemy team was very coordinated, it was relatively easy to ignore the advantages her Shield Gen offer, and to swap attack routes as soon as someone detects which one was protected by turrets. If your team was highly coordinated, they don’t need your zoning, TP was useless (you should wait to regroup anyway), and her gun made it hard to focus fire on demand.

But take her in an environment that was not highly coordinated (like 95% of ladder matches), and her kit was designed to glue together a lot of lone wolves running in seven different direction. Securing escape routes, giving the enemy team another priority target on your ults, Photon Barrier helping you win shield wars, and so on.

And that’s not nostalgia talking. I’ve been saying that even before her 3.0 rework was even a possiblity.

I see them as two different characters that were developed around the same theme. Kinda like Ashe/Widow and Genji/Doomfist.

That’s also why I don’t want a revert. I want Sym 2.0 and 3.0 to coexist. I don’t want Sym 3.0 fans to feel like I felt when my main got deleted.

I discovered this is true. But that was also her major flaw. The moment even a duo or trio stack was in your game was the moment she stopped working at all.