Symmetra secondary fire rework to end dual sheild

Secondary fire

  • Orb requires 3 ammo per second to hold
  • AOE damage on orb is reduced, but direct is increased
  • symmetra can now hold an orb indefinently
  • after holding an orb for 4 seconds or more it pierces shields, after passing through a shield it deals 50% damage,
  • every time the orb passes through a shield its damage is multiplied by 2.5, EX: 1 shield --> 70 damage, 2 shields --> 175 damage, 3 shields --> 437 damage
    Sheilds that multiply her damage don’t include… bubbles, and Mei Wall. Orb damage does not double proc by hitting a shield twice (EX: both sides of a winston bubble)

The most possible damage that could be done using this would be 2734, if the enemy had two shield tanks, a symmetra, and a brig… Realistically, you might see 175 damage at most.


4 seconds of holding an orb, do that multiple times.

no thanks.

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What does this even mean

It means doing a four second charge time multiple times is pretty dang long.

Many fights are over in less then 8 seconds.

The last thing Sym needs are more delay based abilities.


correct ^

20 characters.

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Honestly, her secondary should just be changed to no longer require a charge and just have a fire rate applied to it. That way she has one weapon she can use as a reaction.


Yeah but you’d be using this outside of fights.

Putting this on any shorter of a charge time would be absurd, especially considering the buffs that come along with it

The fact that you are firing at an enemy means you are in a fight. You may not be a in a BRAWL but you are certainly engaging the enemy.

That is why it is not a very good idea. It has so many over complicated formula’s and effects that it just becomes so niche to the point of not helping her at all.

personally I’d take peircing orbs over non peircing orbs.

what about poke wars at chokes.

If anything i would just suggest a damage reduction on m2, but allow it to pierce shields.

You can certainly prefer it. But it does not change the fact that being able to pierce barriers has significantly less value the longer you have to charge to do it. Four seconds is not going to be a reasonable time frame to use it consistently.

It will do nothing but feed ult charge to supports as neither sym or anyone else would have the ability to consistently follow up.

That is a fight. You are engaged with the enemy.

Honestly, given the choice between her current orb and your idea I would opt for the current orb in a poke war so I can at least do consistent pressure rather then a random burst that just feeds healers.

What about make her secondary a hitscan weapon like what Ying from Paladins have? I really need to be able to deal with Pharah as Symmetra, even Torb stands a better chance at killing Pharah…

no one needs to follow up

after going through 2 shields the orbs would do 175, pair that with a Mercy boost and you’re oneshoting people, effectivly removing dual sheilds as a viable strategy without trashing sigma, rein, or Orisa, only trashing the combenation of them when against a symmetra

you can still use the current orbs.

I recommend placing turrets higher up so they’ll tag pharah, slowing her down, making it easier for you to hit her with m2.

It actually works…


EDIT: I call them anti air turrets.


the amount of times I’ve gotten double kills against pharahmercy’s is embarrassing.

Fire that bad boy through amplification matrix and you put it up to 5468 damage, babey!!

In seriousness, I think that it’s a little too niche of an ability and that making one character counter shields will either be too situational or too strong. I wouldn’t mind bringing piercing back, but I don’t think it really needs this complicated multiplication of damage. It’s just too difficult to convey to the player well that it’s what it does and it’s impossible to really know how much damage you’re dealing as the player in any different circumstance.

THANK YOU. I’ve been saying this since 3.0. Give me one reactionary ability so I don’t have to be clairvoyant and have everything set up 10 seconds before the actual engagement happens.


Double barrier is not performed by putting both up at the same time. They are performed by staggering and giving the other barrier tank a break.

But even if you get the lucky break of having it pass through two barriers AND you have a mercy boost you would need to hit a target worth the value of not doing damage for FOUR SECONDS.

The fact of the matter is that your idea requires a ton of things to line up that no one can feasibly plan for and perform consistently. Essentially your argument is “She’ll get lucky from time to time.”

You are missing the point. I am saying I would NEVER use your idea. It would be a loss of so much value in hopes of a lucky break that two barrier tanks messed up and put both up at once in such a way that it passes through them and kills someone.

I appreciate that you are trying to come up with something for Sym. I really do. This is just not what she needs. Her entire kit right now requires for thought. Which having some abilities on a character with that requirement is not bad. It just becomes to much when a character has no reaction based abilities.

Adding another “wait for it!” mechanic just isn’t going to cut it.

I use to be opposed to the idea but I have slowly come around to the conclusion that Sym having a charge mechanic on orbs really does not fit her anymore.

I see this as a hard pass. Her secondary fire is already strong, its not meant to be a spam machine.
It needs a few tweaks, but Changing its core function i see not a good idea

aight ima just bump this solid idea right here don’t mind me :smiley:

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