Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

If they have to do a change I’d prefer a tighter initial lock on, but keeping a looser continued lock on so that she could still deal with high mobility characters.


Anything happening to her deployed barrier?

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This sounds like an insane change. My only other question involves her teleporter and/or ult. Really curious to hear what yall are brewing for that part of her kit. :slight_smile:

What’s the point of making another hero extremely good vs shields? Rein already had a rough time vs Symmetra and the matchup is potentially going to be much more in her favor.

Are you ever going to look into Reinhardt again after yet another Reinhardt counter is getting a significant buff?

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It’s probably to combat tank meta.

Given that we’re probably about to head into tank meta with Brigitte in GM scrims, this is a very good change.

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any hints on what may be new for her ultimate

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Does anyone know where can can watch some of them?

That generating ammo concerns me. Reinhardt is already in a really tough spot with his bugs, reaper buffs and Brigitte addition to the game and this just adds another counter. Really hoping Reinhardt buffs come along with her rework otherwise hes going to be in a terrible spot.

The proposed primary and alt fire changes make her sound super similar to Zarya.
I liked that she had super unique fires that followed different rules. :confused:

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Primary fire change sound awesome, alt fire changes sound a little concerning considering there is already so much spam in this game, but I’m willing to see how they play out.

I just also want to note, by adding another hero that is really effective against shields, Reinhardt is going to be impacted by this. So far Sombra, Reaper, Mei, Doomfist, and Hanzo have been buffed in ways that make them more effective against Rein. Brigitte’s inclusion has also hurt him and it’s really starting to become concerning. I hope you guys keep him in mind.


Sept Moira exists now, and is a more fair version of how her gun works currently.

That description looks a lot like Zarya’s gun, but the unique shield interaction may be interesting. I think it will make her less lethal against her usual peeling targets (Tracer, Genji, etc), because they can rely on mobility to prevent her from shooting at them, while current Symmetra can slow them down with turrets and sure kill them regardless of mobility.

Just one question, though. Since her power-up will requires 2 seconds, will her depowering also starts at 2 seconds interval, or will it decay at 1 second interval like today?

Now, this, I really, really, REALLY do not like. My entire playstyle revolves about lining her orbs to hit a lot of enemies in straight line, and using it to beat shield stacking. You are kinda giving her Pharah rockets, and if I wanted to play with explosions, I would play Junkrat or Pharah.

Her orb was pretty much the only spammable ability that ignored shields at long range (Firestrike and Biotic Orbs ignore, but are not spammable), that was her main strength, and it made her very relevant on attack because she could force people to give up their position, or be pestered by orbs full time. While her primary can help with shield busting, it will not help against an entrenched Bastion/Torb behind double shields (Symmetra was one of the few reliable responses to that), and will not help her hold a choke against a grouped people rushing through a small path (If the enemy team don’t have a or Genji, I can single-handedly hold the Anubis point A sidepath).


Hello new Stylosa video.

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What is happening to her barrier and her shield gen? Are there any changes being made to them right now, or is the team focused on the turrets and the gun atm?

So this is to the Alt fire right… So I guess the Teleporter is replacing the Turrets.

(Also hoping the Barrier Stays, one of the useful addition to her kit)

Personally Don’t think Turrets shooting while in air should be her thing. (Just let them land)

Cause thats more Moira thing.

OMG this sounds amazing and so much fun! Im liking the direction of this rework so far! Also, generating amo on a barrier? Such a cool idea!

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No, the turrets are staying.

Calm down Satan, Moira requires little aim which is why she only deals 50 dps. He is saying as of now the beginning is 65 dps with the potential of building up to 195. If someone is going to deal 195 dps, they NEED to require actual aim. If the orbs were to go through characters and barriers at 30m/s and 1 second charge for max, that would be the actual end for rein and deathball.


Oh no… The only thing I was worried about with a re-work was them getting rid of her damage orbs.

I just got the hang of using them too. They quickly became my absolute most favorite part of her kit.

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Everything else sounds fine and all but that primary fire beam sounds awful.