Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

My problem with those changes make her not feel like Symmetra. What if you make her primary fire a soft lock like Moira? As for her alternate fire, what if it only exploded upon map geometry and still went through characters and barriers?

Hope this helps.

Edit: I forgot to add this, decrease the damage on her primary fire if it gets a soft lock.


that kinda sucks that it can’t lock on since it kinda made her unique. it just feels like your giving her zarya’s beam now :frowning:


Wow, I must say that is a lot of interesting changes. So much so that I’d assume you are looking to say, replace her shield (thrown shield) ability with something else as well? Perhaps that teleport thing that was teased some time ago?

Also, I love the idea of making another Zyra type attack-weapon- character. (though I’m sure the animation will look quite different)

ooh, I’m definitely excited now, I always felt her weapon limited her rather than helped her, thanks for the reply!


can she still carry objects with her primary weapon or is that being removed as well? Edit: also is she skill gonna have her proton barrier?

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I like this change, it’ll make Symmetra less frustrating to fight against at close range.


I’m not a fan of these changes. I really liked her piercing orb.
Also I would prefer a stricter initial lock on, but with a similar lock. I thought she was supposed to be strong against mobile threats


do you think shes’ll still be able to carry objects with her primary weapon?

Since you have mentioned her turrets, primary, and secondary fire, is there any chance you could touch on her Photon Barrier ability, Ultimate Ability, and Teleporter (as it seems you guys hinted that may be an ability now)?

If it is more like a Zyra beam now, most likely not. No more easy baskets guys.


I like the change to her gun. This seems like it’ll give her a pretty good use on defense and offense, and it will take (slightly) more skill to use effectively.

My concern though, is that 195 DPS is a lot of damage.


Please, please, please do not remove the lock-on. So many players rely on it. I know the changes overrall make it better but I really hope this isn’t final.


is she gonna keep the animation of her summoning her turrets? because it appears in her highlight intros and her select screen animation and its very fluid and elegant which fits with her character.


Sym is finaly back :star_struck:


Can they be deflected by genji? The thrown turrets?


Zarya’s fully charged beam does 195 DPS.

Look at this Genji how he is afraid about the new Sym :star_struck:


It also doesn’t give her ammo when hit shields and is hard to keep at full charge.

I’m not overly concerned about it. Just putting out that I could see it as a potential issue.

I’d be okay if the lock on was comparable to Moira’s lock on. Right now it’s so frustrating to fight against a Sym at close range because she literally just has to keep you on her screen to melt you. At least Moira has to keep her crosshair on your player model.


The reason I loved how Symmetra’s primary and alt fire work on live is that they function as zone control, for the area around her and down a sightlight respectively.
I’d be very disappointed if she lost this feeling to her gun.