Symmetra rework brainstorm here

Blizz is thinking still on ideas on how to buff symmetra, and does not seem to find any good ideas yet, So ive made this post in order to brainstorm sym rework ideas

This is an old one ive had for a while, ill just quote it here


Projected barrier:
-Reduce movement speed by 25%
-Reduce cooldown from 10 to 8

Building menu
-Replaces, Sentry placement as the new shift ability
-Upon opening this, A menu will display with different options,To put a building just click the number under it ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,5 etc) (Comment: This can be changed, to act like the emote wheel in game to be more friendly to console players
-Symmetra now has a build cap, lets say this build cap is 12 each building takes a bit of building resources, once its full symmetra cant put any more buildings without destroying the ones already placed, Or it would just replace the oldest buildings already placed

Building Number 1: Normal Sentry turret (Takes up 1 build resource)

Building Number 2: MK 2 Sentry turret (150 HP, 60 Damage Per second, Takes up 3 Buiding resources, deployable on the floor, Is arround the size of torbjorns turret, Reduces movement speed by 50% each)

Building Number 3: Speed pad ( 150 Hp, Deployable on the floor, Takes up 2 building resources, When a temate walks through it they get 60% increased movement speed, Has a small cooldown of 2 seconds per teammate so you cant get constant speed)

Building Number 4: Jump pad (150 Hp, Deployable on the floor, Takes up 3 building resources, Works like the oasis jump pad, Exept you dont get sent flying that high, Small cooldown of 2 seconds per teammate so teammates arent constantly jumping)

Building number 5: Healing station ( 60 HP, Deployable on the floor, Heals 15 HP per second to anyone near it in a range of 6 meters Takes up 5 building points )

Building Number 6: Repair Station ( 60 HP, Deployable on the floor, Heals 30 Shields/Armour per second to anyone near it in a range of 6 meters Takes up 4 building points)

Building Number 7: Platform (200 hp, Can be attatched to walls and can also be attached to other platforms Takes up 2 building points, Can be stood on, can be built on Note: This can be used to help characters who dont have mobility to get to higher places, placed as stairs, Or to setup sniper spots or give high ground advantage where there normally shouldnt be))

(other buildings might be added with edits)

-Can now be seen through walls by allies
-Once placed, Ult meter will go back to 0 and symmetra will be able to charge up and place a shield generator alongside her teleporter

Shield Generator:
-Can now be seen through walls by allies
–Once placed, Ult meter will go back to 0 and symmetra will be able to charge up and place a teleporter alongside her shield generator

Propose your own and critizise, :stuck_out_tongue:

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i had an idea a little while ago. how about when her barrier passes through an ally, it gives them shields equal to how much she used to be able to give?


She used to give 25 shields, It really wasnt that much enough to make a difference

yeah, but its still a small buff. too much of a buff and she’ll get nerfed into oblivion afterwards. baby steps, man

Please don’t take away her turrets or her photon barrier.

You can do many things.

Allow her to build health packs.
Allow her to build other unique things like bridges.
Allow her the ability to stop turrets from firing until she allows it {Setting up a nest for a squishy…tank runs by it first…give her the ability to hold them off from firing until a squishy runs by} Etc.

Allow teammates to see her ults through walls.
When turrets damage an enemy, they can be seen through walls by fellow teammates.
A little mobility.

Ideas are endless…but just don’t take away her core identity.


i’d move her sentry turret from her shift to 2. as in a secondary weapon like mercy’s blaster or torbjorn’s hammer. that way her shift could be a new ability
as for a new ability i got 2 ideas
first idea is a jump pad like the one in oasis. it could help he allies get into high places like a ana who wants to snipe from afar
my second idea is a light bridge. i’d be like reaper’s teleport when she choose’s a spot to place to end of the bridge and the starting point would be where she was. it could help her allies get across gaps

:eyes: All these building options are wonderful, however we need to find a perfect balance between doing “enough” and not doing “enough”.

What I mean by that is, we can’t have Symmetra do too many things; since it would make her a must pick, but we need her to do enough to be a good pick.

A suggestion I have from the top of my head is to slow down the shield a little bit and make it slightly bigger; it would allow her to walk with the shield without it going too far into the conflict.

Although, I really like the idea of a Jump Pad; however I feel like could however be a little too powerful on occasion, an example I think of from the top of my head is a Torbjorn using it to place a turret in an unintended location.

Another Idea I can think of is “reinforcing” the ultimate; what I mean by that is add additional charges to her teleport or add an additional shields to the shield generator. (But not too much, we don’t want 300 HP Tracers running around; and another problem that could arise from this idea the max health potential of the game would increase)


Let her stop her barrier in motion
That way she can place it and help subsidize the tanks
If we aren’t just outright reworking her this is a good way to buff her current place.

Also perhaps we need to give her some way to grant temporary shields. Turn her into Overwatchs discipline priest as I always say, perhaps have her orb attack latch out at allies as it moves and grant them temporary shields.


Give her more utility


  • Primary attack : Regular shield, but it’s slowed down by 25%
  • Secondary attack : Photon Field. A larger Rectangular barrier that does’t block damage but instead reduces damage of projectikes that go through the field by 25-50% it travels at the current speed of the barrier.


  • Primary Attack : Regular turrets damage increased by 5 slowdown reduced to 20%
  • Secondary Attack : Sentry Turrets. Grants X-Ray in a 3m radius around the turret.

Probably much scarier to have Soldier on an unintended high ground. The turret can only sustain if Torb sticks with it.

I love the ‘help people get to high ground’ idea for Sym. It’d be so cool to have a shield ramp to play on/around/through. Although the community seems weary of barriers anymore… :thinking:

I’d be most disappointed if she lost her secondary fire.

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Eh. The problem with suggesting anything to them is if we don’t know what they’re doing we really don’t know what new we could suggest.

Personally I’m hoping they’re completely reworking her primary and secondary fire since it’s the weakest (also most problematic) part of her kit.

Also would be nice if they gave her turrets 5 shields instead of the 1 hp thing. But that’s more of a QoL change. (Would make it so they’re not easily destroyed by stray fire, while also at the same time making them super vulnerable to EMP.)

I think the only thing that is fine about her kit is her primary and her secondary fire lol


Here would be my ideas.

  1. Instead of Sentry Turrets Symmetra can apply temporary (deteriorating) shields to an ally of her choice. While the shields last it also applies a damage boost to that target. That allows her to clutch “heal” an ally of her choice and help her allies to really utilize risky ultimates like death blossom, high noon or justice from above.

  2. Let her have a passive where each ally withing an aura has 25 shields centered on Symmetra. That allows Sym to be have her shields even before her ultimate.

  3. Move he builder aspect within the ultimate. She can build 3 structures. The teleporter (classic), the shield amplifier (which buffs her new passive to shield generator levels, the car wash (basically the equivalent to 6 sentry turrets with more than 1 health point). As you pointed out she can build her ultimate charge while having a structure deployed.

her sentry turrets are an iconic part of her kit and it wouldn’t make sense to remove them


There’s so much “hero power” that could be allocated to making Symmetra actually useful tied up in that stupid auto-aiming gun she has.

Have you read my post til the end?

How? Her primary fire doesn’t do consistent predictable damage so it’s either really weak or really strong, her range is too limited to justify nerfing the damage in anyway, the lock on mechanic is too strong and really should be replaced by with the same kind Moira has but again her range is too limited to justify that, and her secondary fire takes too long to charge up and is too slow, its only benefit is its ability to pass through shields but anyone who sees it coming can just side step it with ease.

Her weapon needs a complete rework. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they do.

Well that and nerf Shield Generator so people will SHUT UP, SHUT THE HELL UP, I KNOW THERE IS A SHIELD GENERATOR, JUST GIVE US A DAMN ICON THAT INDICATES THERE IS A SHIELD GENERATOR JUST SHUT UP!!! (I really hate the voice line spam caused by shield generator.)

I think you have a little shield generator there stuck on your pants

Why would I give them a hand when they just said

“Lol we don’t know what we’re doing”

they can’t rework her weapon’s completely there pretty iconic to her kit and its pretty fun to use

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