Symmetra mains. What's your verdict on this buff?


It’s a good start, but is it enough? I don’t think it is for Symmetra sake. I will give it a test though as we speak.

Plz give Mercy her own category

Looks neat, but can it contend with Mccree or Reaper up close?


You forgot to add the ice wall charge buff


Once Symm’s beam is level 2 she goes from 0 to 100. I think the charge buff is gonna really help her.


It’s a good start. It was definitely needed as a baseline change for the weapon. Also it charges off Mei walls again so this + tping past her walls keeps her a good answer to mei stall comps on 2cp point a.

We’ll see how this plays out but I do believe we’ll need a bit more in the future.


i mean, we will see if its enough, due to trends im seeing in the patches, if this isn’t enough they will give her something again


Wait what?? They brought that back??

Well she totally needs help in the turret cool down department. Fire orb spam splash could be better, but for now I have to test this primary fire.


I still don’t think it addresses her primary issue - her survivability. She is still a 200hp glass cannon with no escape ability, no mobility and no ability to close the gap in any way. It’s better than nothing I guess.

Just too situational, she still takes a DPS slot and her utility is kind of gimmicky. Give her back the shield generator as an ult and we would be talking a different story.


She needs a lot more but this is a pleasant and surprising tweak. Too bad it took them this long to try something


I think it’s a great buff. A lot of players felt like she needed drastic buffs, but I feel like after they get used to this change they’ll see sym differently. I’d definitely say she still needs buffs, but this makes her so much more solid as a hero all around


again, they are probably watching stats to see how are character is doing, and well, obviously in the last dev update when they were happy with them, they meant it in another meaning


Agreed because Sym 2.0 had didn’t get anything. 3.0 got 2 buffs, but they keep ignoring her survivablity.


Does Symmetra’s primary fire works on Mei’s Ice-Wall just as how it works on barriers? That Symmetra doesn’t lose ammo?

If it is, then Symmetra might become a good pick against Ice-Walls, because right now can only Bastion and Ultimates destroy it.


I think her surviveability for the most part is fine actually. she’s the only squishy with shield HP, and she’s also a flanker because of her TP, which means she needs to be punishable.

She should have high impact on account of her squishiness, not the other way around


really? complaining about it not being enough BEFORE YOU EVEN TESTED IT?!
come on, you can’t be serious.
you’re just complaining for the sake of complaining at this point.


Patch finished downloading, time to go test it out!!


I think we need to test it before we see how it helps her. But pushing into theory for a second, I think this will help her, but I doubt it will fix her issues, she will still be pretty bad, just not as bad

Better, but not good

But I’ll take it


Anyone who has tested it know how long it takes to go from 0 to tier 3 now?

I can’t imagine that it would. Barriers and walls are totally different entities.


I like the buff, but I wish we had gotten a TP setup time change as well


It will help but her tickrate is still 20/s