Symmetra losing her purpose hurts a lot

But Sym 2.0 was a consistent flanker counter which means she was disgustingly overpowered and the devil herself and deserved to be thrown in the trash along with Brigitte, naturally.

Although I will say

This is wrong in my case. Maybe for others it’s true, but Symmetra is my best most consistent DPS even now in 3.0, I can out DPS pretty much everything on the roster except a pocketed-built around Bastion or Junkrat >w<

Sym was my most played hero and now I never touch her. she is just lame now. I don’t care if numerically she is slightly better, they destroyed everything special, unique and cool about her, she lost all her spirit and identity. I don’t know what blizzard were thinking.

Couldn’t agree with you more. 2.0 made sense, I knew WHAT I was supposed to be doing, and I was good at doing it. Now? 3.0 is a hot mess at best. You can capitalize on confusion, but that’s not the same as actually making high level plays that you thought up, that’s just… Pouncing on opportunity, that’s not what Sym was about.

In my opinion:

I rarely feel like I have a reason to use Teleporter.

Symmetra 2.0 was a support but did better damage than 3.0.

Symmetra 3.0 is a dps but is more reliant on teammates.


Symmetra seems to be more about adding damage to existing damage, and facilitating plays to enable damage, and less about doing big damage herself.

Sure, her 120 orbs dish out a mean punch, but they’re not reliable enough with their handicapped travel speed.

Her beam can be devastating if allowed to ramp up, and she’s pocketed enough to utilize it, but she’s a glass popgun unless her turrets are actively engaging the same target she is.

Her shield wall is a boon when it is effectively used by teammates, and properly placed by the Symmetra, however alone it doesn’t create a situation of area denial, only an area of inconvenience for the enemy team.

Area denial is done much better by heroes like Wrecking Ball, Ashe, Mei, Junkrat, Hanzo, etc.

Her teleporter, while potentially useful to a team, loses its functionality due to poor placement mechanics, slow ramp up time and small interaction radius. It can’t be used to get out of a bad situation unless preemptively placed, and it’s far too predictable.

That having been said: Can she be made to work? Yes, she can, but you’d almost always be better served playing another character.


You can prop up any terrible character if you surround them with enough good characters, basically! Couldn’t agree with your summary more.

One thing that Symmetra is now is an IQ test. If your team refuses to follow you when you have a portal past the choke point, buckle in. Your team has decided that they would rather walk into choke and die than bypass and survive. Not saying she’s great, but she does have a litmus test trait to her.

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Yes, but by the same token, who’s IQ is the one that’s higher, the one picking the Symmetra to try to enable the choke bypass, or the character who picks a character who can effectively achieve the same purpose without the gimmick?

IE: Hanamura, first choke

Symmetra could put a TP down, either directly to point, or to the right room.


Wrecking Ball could sail through the window and get to point and spin around it to keep the enemy team busy while your team mops up those trying to make for the point?


Winston jumping to point…


Sombra invising to point.


Any other character capable of bypassing the choke to get on point… It serves the same purpose. The enemy team is distracted, called into action to get on the point to prevent its capture, thereby relieving the stress at the choke on them.

All Symmetra does is get the team bypassed quicker, with coordination. With uncoordinated groups, the distraction mechanic works almost as well as the teleporter.

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The teleporter that’s constantly disappearing, takes forever to set up, and gets destroyed all the time. Love it.


Revert back to release symmetra.

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You mean Mei? As someone who mains between Bastion, Mei, and Symmetra, I can assure you if you’re trying to argue those points for Sym, then you’re going to hit an Ice-Wall in Mei’s viability. She’s far better at area control, more deadly at close range, more of a tank buster, her primary slows targets (without relying on Sym’s turrets), arguably better back line defense (Ice wall for defense and ice gun to pick off headshots), and unlike Sym, she can shoot at Pharah. The only things Sym has going for her in comparison is the teleport for mobility (only helpful for getting up places you couldn’t before because it’s so slow to deploy) and her shield eating primary.

That was the case with all symmetra variations ,there isn’t a time where you could justify picking symmetra over something else, there was always ,and I mean ALWAYS ,something better than symmetra in almost any given situation

It hurts so much it makes you wanna tear out your soul and throw it in a cage…
I hate myself for somehow Shoving this reference in here. :frowning:

I agree she is kinda bad right now, but 2.0 was literally a walking turd, and those are facts with real evidence.

I just think that by trying to make her “better” they made her trash for the people who enjoyed playing her, and made her even more unnatractive to players that didn’t enjoyed her in the first place.


I replied to that earlier.

I miss being acknowledged. :cry:

I keep using her to make Bob totally useless. She’s even better at it than Sombra since her barrier lasts longer than Bob does. Though I do have to keep telling my team to not bother shooting at Bob since he can’t do anything from behind the barrier.

Bastion, even with teleporter, is too hard-countered by virtually everything, which is why he is never played.

Orisa and Reinhardt are anchor tanks who cannot afford to move around too much, as they need to stay coordinated with their teams. Where would a Reinhardt want to teleport to? Up on a roof?

Fewer turrets for diminished area control, and she herself is not a defender any more than Pharah is.

Yes, they do. With half as many turrets going around, enemies have less of a conflict about which ones to destroy. It’s a better investment for a lot of heroes to quickly take down a turret. In 2.0, they could destroy one, but not both, provided Symmetra didn’t place them on top of one another.

2.0’s M1 is just flat-out better. In exchange for a +50% max DPS and a bit of a range increase, it got -50% charge speed, -30% ammo capacity, and it lost its autolock. Also keep in mind that the autoaim removal and the charge speed penalty stack multiplicatively, resulting in a charge speed decrease of 75% on 50% accuracy, for example.

Even if you leave the -massive- increase in charge time out of the picture, Symm 3.0 needs to get an accuracy of at least 66% to play -even- with Symm 2.0. 100% accuracy is unbelievably valuable.

The orbs just got sidegraded, becoming easier to use, but losing a unique ability. The turrets got mostly sidegraded, their easier deployment is a boon, but the compression into three turrets is not, as it makes them -more- vulnerable against most of the roster.


Yes! 2.0 was so much better than 3.0, i say this all the time!
Symmetra was changed because of people that DIDNT play her and they completely ruined her for people that actually played her.
I bet she was also changed to make her more “fitting” in OWL…
The devs never admit they made a mistake and just say the rework was a success when ALMOST EVERY THREAD is about Symm and her flaws.
Revert her!